Oct 4, 2013

Things my monkies remind me

(Daddy reflects)

It’s amazing what our children can teach us. We spend so much effort in helping them to understand the world around them. Sometimes, the most important things we learn are simply reminders…even those from our children.

When I hear music I love, I self-consciously sit still to listen as I will probably be too embarrassed should I go out of tune or rhythm should I sing and dance. My monkies love to sing and boogie to the music, and even if they don't know the lyrics, they make up their own words.

When I see a puddle, I go around it. I see wet shoes and dirty carpets in my car. My monkies jump into it. They create splashes, get their shoes wet and squeal with laughter. Because it is harmless fun.

When I find empty cardboard boxes lying around in the storeroom, I see piles of junk and envision cockroaches having a field day scurrying through them. My monkies see tons of fantastic art and craft materials and celebrate these little things in life as the best days in their lives. Ever.

When I feel wind on my face, I feel it messing up my hair and making my eyes squint when I walk. My monkies close their eyes, spread their arms and fly with it.

When I see a pile of twigs lying in the park, I see ants, dirty hands and accidental poking of one's eyes. My monkies see swords, guns and other creative stuff one can only imagine.

When I hold my monkies' hand, usually it is because we are crossing the road or in a crowded place. My monkies just simply long for the sense of comfort felt through the touch of someone's hand.

So I do sometimes really wonder - am I blessed with my monkies to teach or to learn from?

Often I'm humbled by the lessons that my monkies dish out. They stop me in my tracks, make me appreciate the moments in life and remind me to embrace the relationships and all other blessings that come along with it.

To my monkies, Happy Children's Day. Continue to enjoy the little things in life, stay healthy and happy, but most importantly, be the most special individual in the world - you.

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