Jun 18, 2014

Awesome Prepaid SIM value for your Child

(Daddy calls)

"Daddy, when can I have my own phone?"

So asked the 2 boys who are edging closer and closer to tweendom every day. For parents, it is a tricky situation when it comes to cell phones because it is not just about age. I need to know what I am getting myself into - in terms of both the phone and my monkies' well-being - as well as the potential consequences of letting them have a phone.

But admittedly, you just cannot beat the convenience. Cell phones are a great way to stay in touch anytime, anywhere. In scenarios like when Ash or Ayd is away for classes or if I drop them off at their classmate's birthday party, I will be able to call or text them to find out where they are, what they are doing and inform them of my own last minute plans. It makes me feel safer just knowing where they are. And in an emergency, a cell phone can be crucial if any of them needs to reach me - or vice versa.

But when it comes to getting a mobile line for them, a postpaid plan is a big no-no. I have heard horror stories from friends about their children busting the talk time, SMS and data quotas. So a prepaid mobile line is definitely a safer option for parents who are intending to sign their kids up for a new mobile line. For one, I can monitor their usage which also means that prepaid will be excellent in training them how to budget their mobile credit wisely and adequately. And considering the fact that children have to be at least 15 years old to be able to sign up for a postpaid plan under their own names, a prepaid SIM makes for an even more compelling case.

Which mobile telco to go for then? Although the mobile prepaid SIMs are somewhat similar across all of them, I personally will be going for Starhub when the time comes for the monkies to own their own phones. And I am not saying this just because this is an advertorial.

I became a StarHub customer in 2000, and still am. Granted there had been moments where there were weak or dropped signals but overall, my experience has been a relatively good one and that itself is an ample reason enough.

Need another reason? How about the newly launched Happy Junior Pack from StarHub?

The Happy Junior Pack is a specially designed Mobile Prepaid SIM for children that comes packed with awesome goodies such as FREE Data, FREE Incoming Calls, FREE credits and more!

Besides getting to pick a Prepaid Golden Number for your child and enjoying $30 worth of credits, FREE Data, FREE Incoming Calls and Per Second Billing, your child will receive a FREE 6-month POPULAR Student Card and exclusive Adventure Time premiums too!

What's more, your child gets to his/her number when switching to a Postpaid Line later. Which essentially means that the number stays with them for life!

All these for just $26! No wonder I forsee that the new Happy Junior Pack will ultimately be my monkies' new BFF. 

And rightly so.

If you are interested to find out more about StarHub's Happy Junior Pack, it's HERE!

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