Nov 7, 2012

Play is our brain's favourite way of Learning

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(Daddy sits in)

I don't know if girls are indeed more advanced linguistically as compared to boys, but Ale's reservoir of vocabulary far exceeds that of the 2 boys when they were her age for sure. Especially if you count 'OMG' as one of many words she has picked up from her 2 brothers.

Seeing now how her brain is absorbing stuff like a sponge, it seemed fitting that Gymnademics kindly offered Ale a customised session in their spanking new premises at SAFRA Toa Payoh.

Gymnademics is an enrichment gym which uses the Glenn Doman flashcards program. In fact, it is the only enrichment gym in Singapore affiliated with the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP). The curriculum is based on many years of intensive research by founder Glenn Doman, whose methods focus on a child’s brain development and how to develop a child holistically through science.

So expect both English and Mandarin flashcards that adhere to a certain theme every month. To be frank, we had never tried the Glenn Doman flashcards method on our monkies so I didn't exactly know what to expect. Surprisingly, Ale remained rather focused throughout the session when the words were flashed.

Perhaps she was anticipating the activity that came after that.

That's right - far from just training the right brain, Gymnademics believes in the holistic development of a child and physical exercise in the form of a mini obstacle course are interspersed with the session to allow for the development of mobility and balancing competences.

And this was the moment when Ale totally let loose of her inhibition. 

She was quite the shy girl when the class just began but after the warm-up exercises, she was transformed.

They sure have everything covered, with the inclusion of a music appreciation segment as well. Ale got the opportunity for some hands-on experience on the mini piano and learn some basic musical notes at the same time.

Though I must add that she was just bent on creating maximum noise on those ivories.

But she did participate really well when it came to the Nursery Song sing-along.

Or even a little art & craft.

Considering that we spent only an hour there, I can't exactly judge the effectiveness of the programmes. Yet. But one thing is certain, Ale definitely enjoyed herself in her first-ever class session.

In fact, she enjoyed herself so much that Gymnademics decided to invite her back for a full 10-week term!

No wonder happy like bird.

She will be in Pre-Fellowship class, which is for toddlers who are 1-2 years of age. Click HERE for a list of courses suitable for toddlers ranging from 5 months to 5 years old.

Play is the highest form of research. ~ Albert Einstein 

So stay tuned for my blog posts as I chart Ale's progress in her Gymanademics class, as well as a special treat for one lucky reader!


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