Jan 9, 2013

Gymnademics Giveaway

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Ale had previously attended a session at Gymnademics back in late October, and I too have posted my thoughts on it HERE. Subsequently, Gymnademics had kindly invited her back for a 10-week school term which we are currently more than halfway though it. And Ale have been looking forward to her class every week without fail!

Just to recap what Gymnademics is all about.

Gymnademics is an enrichment gym which uses the Glenn Doman flashcards program. In fact, it is the only enrichment gym in Singapore affiliated with the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP). The curriculum is based on many years of intensive research by founder Glenn Doman, whose methods focus on a child’s brain development and how to develop a child holistically through science.

To be frank, the wifey and I are not the flashcard-kind of parents. In fact, the 2 boys weren't subjected to any flashcards when they were younger, let alone Glenn Doman flashcards. But of course, we are always game for anything so we decided to let Ale try it out for herself.

It turned out that both Ash's and Ayd's interests were piqued too when they requested to sit in together with the class while I go about my photo-taking.

During Ale's first few lessons, she was rather inhibited and shy... perhaps due to the new environment and mind-boggling array of class activities. For a 75 minute class, I would have to say it certainly has a chock-ful of activities ranging from academic, gym to art and craft. But once she got used to the routine, she would almost always be among the first to volunteer for the activities. Heh.

The class usually begins with a recap of words that were taught in the previous week. Kids would be given flashcards bearing the various words and tasked to match them with the pictures that were laid out on the floor.

This particular lesson which I attended had the theme of Christmas and the kids were taught words like 'Shiny Bauble', 'Candy Cane' and 'Fir Tree'. If I may be completely honest, I didn't think kids who are 2-3 years old would be able to comprehend or even remember them. So imagine my utter amazement when Ale managed to recall and mouth those exact same words the following week!

One thing that I love about the Gymnademics programme is that throughout the class session, the academic and physical activities are alternated. This is definitely welcomed by Miss Ants-in-the-Pants who just can't seem to sit still for a prolonged period of time. Come to think of it - this applies to every child, no?

So undoubtedly, the gym activities rank as one of Ale's most favourited segments of the class!

Every week, an obstacle course will be set up just for the kids to try out their balancing, climbing, crawling and sliding skills. And this is where Ale will let her inhibition run loose and attempt every single obstacle on her own.

Although in this particular session, she was a bit more enthusiastic than usual... maybe she was trying to show off in front of her 2 older brothers.

In addition, the kids are taught a gym skill every week, be it a forward roll, backward roll or handstand.

The gym activity segment culminated with a generous dose of adrenaline - in the form of a swinging trapeze, which even had both Ash & Ayd begging to have a go at it. Too bad for them though, as they could only watch their little sister have all the fun.

The music appreciation segments - complete with bells and musical instruments - were especially good for calming the kids after the flurry of physical activity  and they come in the form of a singing session which adhere to the specific theme of the week. The little ones also got some hands-on experience on the mini piano while learning some basic musical notes at the same time.

The other segment which got Ale purring was the Art and Craft session, where in keeping in line with the Christmas theme, the kids got to decorate a Christmas Tree!

Well, it wasn't exactly very arty or crafty this time around but more like a hands-on session where kids got to demonstrate their creativity as they went about dressing the tree. With some help of course.

The other activity which I didn't get to snap any photos was the Fruit Relay segment. Kids were given the job of transferring plastic fruit from one container to another which were some distance apart. As simple as this activity may be, it actually trains and improves the child's ability to run in a straight line. Or in Ale's case, her concentration because half the time, she was busy choosing which fruit to transfer!

The class usually ends with a Mandarin segment where the Mandarin words of the week in the form of flashcards would be taught. And this is the segment which usually has Ale lying on the floor. *shakes head*

But overall, Ale definitely enjoys her class loads and proud of the fact that she has a school to go to, just like her 2 brothers. The wifey - who has been the one accompanying her for the past few lessons - loves the many activities that are packed into one class session. This keeps the children's focus as their attention span is always very short.

One final bit which we love about the class at Gymnademics - the learning journey extends beyond the classroom. Each week, the teacher will email a 'Parent-Child Bonding Package' to the parents and the pdf file is HUGE! Comprising about 50 pages, the package contains both English and Mandarin words that were taught, complete with pictures and also lyrics to the songs or rhymes that were sung in class. In addition, there are suggestions of Bonding Activities that parents can do together with their child which will further reinforce the learning theme of that particular week.

So... if you too want your child to have a taste of the Gymnademics experience, here is your chance. Gymnademics is giving away a trial class (worth $48) each to THREE readers! 

Here's how to participate:

Just form THREE words with this - GYMNADEMICS

The words have to made up of at least three letters, so 'MANY' is one example you can form with GYMNADEMICS. And don't worry - even if someone has come up with a particular word, you can repeat it.

Participate by leaving your answer either in THIS BLOG POST, or in the FACEBOOK POST of this article.

Three entries will be picked and each winner will receive one trial class session at Gymnademics. Winners will be determined randomly and contest is open to residents in Singapore only.

Contest ends 13th January 2013 (Sunday) at 2359 hours, so good luck! :)


Useful Information

SAFRA Toa Payoh
293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-01
Singapore 319387

Tel: 6259 0307 | 8518 7910 | 9651 9331
Website: http://www.gymnademics.com/index.php
Email: info@gymnademics.com
Location: View Map
Click HERE for a list of courses suitable for toddlers ranging from 5 months to 5 years old.

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