May 16, 2013

Big Day Out, with Gymnademics

Media Invite

Mei-mei has been attending her weekly sessions at Gymnademics since the end of last year and she has since progressed from the parent-accompanied class to a non-parent-accompanied one. Read all about her classroom adventures HERE. 

Since learning is not always confined within the four walls of a classroom, Gymnademics organises an annual event called Gymnademics' Big Day Out which is essentially a giant excuse to have a one-day fun-filled session outside. And thanks to mei-mei, both di-di & I got to tag along for the ride too!

The Big Day Out was held at The Substation and it was titled ' Lights! Action! Sound! An Adaptation of a Classic Fairytale'. I know, it's a mouthful but Daddy explained that the session was all about exposing young kids - that's us! - to the world of theatre and how it really operates behind the scenes.

The session kicked off with a short play - a modern-day tale about Cinderella, but only this time, this 'Cinderella' was a 'he' who had to put up with an overbearing stepsister.

Not sure if mei-mei understood the story, but di-di and I sure did. In fact, mei-mei was more preoccupied with the interactive elements of the show where she was up on her feet most of the time to dance and sing along with the actors, complete with twirling ribbons and light sticks.

The duration of the play was kept to a good 20 minutes, which is fantastic given the short attention spans that we kids are known to possess. Di-di and I found it rather entertaining but it was the post-show session that got us really excited!

Kids and parents alike were given the chance to explore the backstage, where the props, make-up and costumes were kept.

There were other experiential stations scattered around the theatre as well, much like this 'Lighting Station' where we got to mix different light colours to create 'new' colours!

But the most fun and interactive station of all was the 'Sound Effects Station'. We got to use different items to make special sound effects as the teacher was narrating a story. So we used straw pom-poms to create sweeping sounds and coconut husks to mimic the trotting sounds of a horse. Undoubtedly, this station was the fave one for all three of us!

I think all of us enjoyed this little introduction to how a theatre actually works behind the scenes and once again, a big thanks to Gymnademics for inviting us down! 

With that, mei-mei's one term at Gymnademics has come to a close as well. I think she still doesn't know that she's not going back to her weekly class yet, but I reckon she will be quite upset once she finds out. Heh.

For more information on Gymnademics' curriculum, check out their Facebook page at

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