Nov 3, 2018

A Never-been-done-before Outdoor Workshop for Parent & Child!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - one of the most important things that Parenthood has taught me is the best place for a kid to learn is outside.

Because if you have been reading my blog long enough, you will know that I am a strong advocate for experiential learning - the process of learning through experience - for kids. Which explains why I am always looking for places and activities in Singapore to keep my monkies occupied whenever the weekends roll along.

In fact, that was actually how this blog evolved into its present state of sharing fun activities with all parents. Back when the monkies were younger, I couldn't exactly stay cooped up with them at home for long so better that they go crazy outdoors than bounce off the walls at home with all their pent-up energy! 😂

And for a child, it is always more fun to be outdoors because being outside is vital to a kid’s growth, and his/her emotional and mental development. Kids learn better through these experiences which cannot be replicated in the classroom.

Unfortunately for today's kids, the competition for attention with television, electronic devices and video games is tremendous. From playing on iPads to watching YouTube videos, kids tend to be spending more and more time indoors, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle.

On the other hand, playing outdoors is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Outdoor play is important because kids really gain a sense of mastery and competency of skills from outdoor play.

Which is why I have set up Masak Masak with two other partners.

Masak Masak presents the great outdoors as its classroom and imagination through drama as its curriculum. We strive to gift your children with the best being outdoors has to offer - quality and purposeful playtime that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development.

And with that, we have designed an inaugural workshop that will be taking place on 18 November 2018, Sunday!

MASAK MASAK PLAYTIME! is a never-been-done-before OUTDOOR programme, specially designed with productive and constructive parent and child bonding in mind.

Yes... true to our beliefs, the workshop is held outdoors - at the scenic Labrador Nature Reserve.

Recommended for kids aged from 5 to 12, the workshop will be taking place from 9.30am to 12.30pm, with the bulk of the activites held at Berlayer Shade at Labrador Nature Reserve.

But rest assured there will also be plenty of exploring around the park together with your child! Oh yes, the workshop is for parent and child in case you did not know... which is why I had said it is great for parent-child bonding, away from any distractions!

So what will the workshop entail? There are 3 parts to it:

PART 1: We begin your morning with Drama games that encourage face to face and real time interaction with other Parent-Child pairs. You and your child will be asked to design a flag depicting the values that represented a your family. You will be grouped with other pairs and together, your individual family flag will be joined with theirs to create a Battle Flag which all of you will need to win at the end of Part 2.

PART 2: In your Battle Flag Family, you and your child will be presented with 4 different restrictions, one at each of our 4 check-points within the park. You will be required to navigate to your designated stations within the physical and verbal limitations. Once you have arrived, you will be asked to complete a task of scoring points at a local game. Upon completion of all 4 stations, your group will be presented with your Battle Flag and your mission will be complete. 

PART 3: With use of Drama techniques you have learnt in Part 1, each Battle Family will devise a skit that highlights 2 challenges parent and child has faced in the course of the Battle of the Flag. Each skit will be presented in a given style of Theatre and watched by the rest of the participating families. With the help of our trained facilitators, all participants will then be asked for solutions to those challenges that have been presented.

And who will be the facilitators?

Well, I will be there but I will be only playing a supporting role.

The Chief Facilitator is Zachary Mosalle, who is a faimiliar face on television. Your kids will probably recognise him too as he had appeared on many kids' programmes on OKTO.

Zachary is a certified Speech and Drama Consultant. He holds a CertLAM in Speech and Drama, a Diploma in English Language and Literature and a BSc.(Hons) in Information Technology.

He uses modern technology coupled with drama pedagogy to enhance the creative learning process through speech and drama for students from Primary to Secondary level.

He is also a registered MOE trainer/instructor. For two decades, Mr Zachary has been a familiar face on TV and stage. He has acted, voiced and taught Oral Communication, Public Speaking and Speech and Drama with several local theatre companies such as Act 3 Theatrics, The Necessary Stage, Imaginarts, ITheatre and Voiceworks International just to name a few. He believes that every student is different in his and her own right and he strives to help his students discover and overcome their fears and shortcomings by building their confidence not only in themselves but in working with others as well.

Through the workshop, imagination is being ignited and encouraged through use of drama techniques such as role-playing with the help of Storybook and Forum Theatre. Local children’s games will be included to the fun as well. Kids will be taught games parents had enjoyed while growing-up and get to experience and appreciate the benefits of being outdoors.

At the end of the session, both parent and child will have gained a deeper insight that would enrich their bond based on these three attributes; Trust, Communication and Empathy. Kids will learn how to express their wants and needs in a way that conveys their best intentions to loved ones. Parents will gain invaluable insight into the minds of their children at the same time.

The fee for the workshop is $120 but for early birds, it is $99 currently! It is for one parent-child pair and includes a Goodie Bag worth $30. Psst, the goodie bag also includes a copy of my book, 'Got Kids, Go Where?' so you have 550 more ideas for activities with your kids after the workshop!

So will I see you there? SIGN UP AT! 😊

Useful Information

Date: 18 November 2018
Venue: Labrador Nature Reserve, Berlayer Shade
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
Price: $99 (Early bird) | Usual price $120
Sign up at

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