Feb 14, 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Increase your Chances of becoming a Singapore PR!


Singapore has been my home for more than 40 years (yes, I'm that old!) and frankly, if I have the choice to choose my country of birth all over again, I will choose this country in a hearbeat... well, even though I wish for cooler temperatures at times! 😆

Because what is there not to love about Singapore? Of course, I wouldn't go as far to say it is the best country to live in the whole wide world but it sure offers the complete package when deciding on a place to call home. It is safe, clean, has excellent medical and transport infrastructure and most importantly, a great place to raise kids.

So if you are a foreigner reading my blog (hello!) and thinking of relocating to Singapore and applying to be a Permanent Resident (PR), this guide is for you!

Firstly, what are the benefits of becoming a Singapore PR?

Singapore PRs hold the key to benefits that are inaccessible to non-citizens.

Visa Flexibility
Once you become a PR, you can enter and exit the country without the need to apply for separate visas for work and travel purposes.

Education Priority
I think everyone knows about the strengths of a Singapore education so if you have kids, they are will be next in line on the priority list - behind citizens - to enter government schools.

Family Proximity
Keep your family unit close together with you as you will be able to apply for long-term visit passes for your parents.

More Job Opportunities
Increasingly, more companies here are committed to hiring only citizens and PRs. In addition, you can switch to a new job without the hassle of applying for a new work permit every single time.

CPF Benefits
PRs get to enjoy benefits of an account under the Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme. Under the scheme, you and your employer will contribute a fixed monthly amount to your CPF retirement fund. These funds can also be used for buying a home in Singapore as well as healthcare and investment.

Property Ownership Perks
PRs can enjoy higher priority when taking housing loans to purchase property. Additionally, although only citizens are eligible to buy new HDB flats, PRs are eligible to buy second-hand HDB flats, which are still cheaper than the average private property here.

Singapore Citizenship
If you wish to own the red passport, you can be eligible to apply for citizenship in Singapore after a number of years of having PR status.

Great, so what is the process for PR application?

Submitting an application is super easy. They are managed by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) within the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). So all you have to do is to submit it via the e-service website.

Ok, so that is the easy part. The not-so-easy part comes BEFORE the submission. The part when you have to put together the documents required and basically, market yourself favorably so that your chances of securing a PR is high.

And that is what usually trips up first-time applicants.

For starters, the tedious paperwork coupled with a strict submission time frame is a huge obstacle. And for first-timers, they are usually unfamiliar with the process and may not be fully aware of all criteria required by ICA. But most importantly, they lack the critical knowledge on how to make their application stand out.

Even for re-applicants who have faced multiple times of rejection, the same problems remain. And to make matters worse, they are usually unaware of the reasons for their previous PR rejection!

How can I make the application process smoother and increase my chances?

Engage a reputable immigration consultancy firm to help fufill your dream.

Or specifically, Paul Immigrations.

Established in 2016, Paul Immigrations is an immigration consultancy firm based in Singapore with over 100 employees.  It specializes in the application of Singapore PR and thanks to the expertise and comprehensive knowledge of its consultants, they have maintained a high success rate over the years... boasting over 15,000 satisfied clients!

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Process

I headed down to its office at Suntec City and the first thing that struck me was how huge the office is! And it was super bustling, with all of its consultation rooms filled with clients.

But more importantly, I got a better understanding about the PR Application Process:

Step 1: Interview via Telephone Call
A consultant will conduct the first round of interviews with the prospective client to ascertain if they are eligible to apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status via a telephone call.

At this stage, the consultant will conduct an interview to find out your:
● Type of work pass (i.e. S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalized Employment
● Family ties with any S’pore Citizens or Permanent Residents
● Pending applications with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

Thereafter, the consultant will conduct a profile assessment, based on a number of factors, including:
● Age
● Length of stay in S'pore
● Salary

Step 2: In-Person Appointment
After the first round of interview, the consultant will schedule an in-person appointment with them to confirm that they are holding the correct work pass, as stated during the telephone interview (The physical work pass is required for verification during the appointment).

After that, the consultant will proceed to review your profile, based on the profile assessment conducted by phone. This is to gauge your likelihood of a successful PR application. Based on the profile, they will go through with you the factors that will affect their PR approval. These factors include:
● Your profile assessment like education qualifications, industries you work in,
and if you have admirable merits and more.
● How difficult it is to attain approval when applying for PR

Upon which, you can decide if you will like to engage their service to improve their chances of getting an approval.

Step 3: Request for Documents from You
After reviewing your eligibility, you will be requested to submit their documents to the immigration specialist. After compiling the documents, they will advise you if your documents satisfy the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by ICA.

Step 4: Completing the Rest of the Paperwork 
The specialist will complete the form based on the information extracted from your documents. In addition, their in-house writer will craft a personalized cover letter based on the questionnaire that was previously given to you as well as the application form. The purpose of the cover letter is to emphasize your commitment to the local community and the Singaporean society as a whole.

Step 5: Submitting the PR Application
After every aspect of your PR application is completed, the specialist will proceed with the online submission of the application.

Step 6: Outcome
ICA takes about four to six months to assess each PR application. Depending on the outcome of
your application (i.e. whether it is approved or rejected), the specialist will guide them on the next best course of action to take.

Truly a fuss-free and throughout the application process, you can be assured to be guided every step of the way.

But don't just take it from me... read these testimonials of these individuals who were successful in their PR application!

Arumugam S, 48, India, Quality Assurance Manager:
"Paul Immigrations has professional experience in guiding families for successful Singapore PR applications. I did try several times in the last 10 years but was not successful. I went to Paul Immigrations last time and me & my family get PR application approved. Thank you very much to Paul Immigrations for the professional service."

Zhang Hao, 43, China, Researcher:
"Thank you, Paul Immigrations, for helping my family to have successfully obtain our Singapore PR approval the first time we apply. The staff at Paul Immigrations has a very good attitude and ardently help us in PR application process preparation. The staff patiently help us to solve the problems we face; thus, our whole family is grateful that our PR got approved within 6 months. With the approval, it solved the problem of our child’s education issue and enable our family to live in Singapore more conveniently."

So how can I contact Paul Immigrations?

GREAT NEWS! You can assess your Singapore PR eligibility on its website now - it's FREE and totally NON-OBLIGATORY. See if you are eligible!

Or you can give them a call at +65 6206 6390 or visit its office at Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03, S(038989) between 9am and 6pm from Mondays to Fridays. Do note that it is strictly by appointment only.

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