Apr 18, 2011

Travel Tales #1 - Sunway Lagoon Day 2

As we awoke the next morning, we were filled with great anticipation!

Hmmm... think mei-mei too hor? Hee hee...

We were FINALLY heading to the Sunway Lagoon theme park for some serious water FUN FUN FUN!


Sunway Lagoon consists of FIVE parks actually - Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park.

Well, I don't the think the last 2 parks are suitable for us kiddos yet... so we would do well to just stick to the first 3 ones.

But for now, we definitely wanted to zoom in on the WATER PARK!

We targeted the wave pool first, for obvious splashing reasons. Heh.

Cheekiemonkie Tip: It's definitely much better to head down to the water park early in the morning when the park opens at 10am. 'Cos it gets really crowded in the later part of the day... and erm, more people & water don't eactly go well together. :P

We soon got tired of the wave pool, and so there was only one thing to do...

We hit the water slides area!!!

Definitely loads of fun and thrills on the slide, as you can see.

We then plunged back into the wave pool after that...

... all because it was mei-mei's turn to make her first-ever contact with the pool water!

And the verdict? Mei-mei simply loved the it!

As much as we did pulling Daddy along in the water. Hahahaha...

Soon, the adults signaled it was time to head back to the hotel to wash up and also for our lunch.

And since the adults figured that we kiddos might be a little tired from all the morning's water fun, we ordered room service and had our fabulous lunch in the comfort of our rooms. Hee.

A short rest duly followed, and then we were back on our feets once again... this time ready to conquer the Amusement & Wildlife Parks!

Yep, in our Angry Birds tees no less!!! And don't you think di-di's facial expression is super duper cute in the above photo??? :D

Mei-mei has her own Angry Bird tee too, but it's still too big for her... so she just has to remain content with her chewy giraffe. :P

And with that, we were soon on our way in the Amusement Park... dictating which rides we want to go on first.

Ahh, our perennial all-time fave - the Cowboy Boot ride!!!

All 5 of us must have gone on it at least FIVE times each!

Well, we loved the other rides too... like the rollercoaster...

... the spaceship ride which lifeted us high up into the sky...

... the spinning cups...

And all these while, mei-mei was sitting comfortably in her throne with the adults fawning over her. Pure bliss lor...

We repeated on some of the rides, and what do you know... it was time for the park to close. :(

But we did have loads of fun lah... and there was still time for the adults to do some more shopping before we had dinner and headed back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.

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--andy-- said...

we love Sunway Lagoon too, but my real question is where did u get those super cute Angry-Birds apparels?

Ash,Ayd&Ale said...

Hi Andy,

A friend got them from a pushcart stall at Changi Airport T3.

fatIn nanAd said...

hello.... could u tell me where can i get those angry birds shirt??? pleasee tell me.. i really want that shrt for my little brother for his birthday~ :) pls text me the info. this is my number 0143695747

Ash,Ayd&Ale said...

Hi there,

We got it in Singapore, at Changi Airport T3. It's from a pushcart stall at the basement, near to the foodcourt.

coach to sunway lagoon said...

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Cheekiemonkies said...


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