Jul 12, 2018

Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG 2018: Kids will get the feeling of stepping into a giant Slimy video game in the biggest and Slimiest sports festival ever!

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The monkies sure do!

For some reason, getting covered in gooey green Slime is an ultra fun activity in the eyes of the kids. Well, they are in luck because Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG 2018 will be back at City Square Mall for the SIXTH consecutive year on 21 & 22 July 2018!

Dubbed as the Slimiest Sports Festival ever, this year's edition will be even bigger, better, Slimier and more fun than before.

Wait what?!!? Does that mean that this year's activities will actually top ALL of the fun stuff the monkies got to enjoy last year?

Already the monkies went crazy at the giant inflatable while pulling themselves in a pool of green Slime. Of course, the other activity stations sure upped the fun factor too.

From what I had gathered, this year's edition will be inspired by video games, and augmented with immersive activities like a Slime Sewer Obstacle, Capture the Slimy Flag, and a giant Slime fall arcade machine!

Yup, it will be stepping into a giant Slimy video game with some of the kids' favorite Nickelodeon games brought to life. So you know what that means, don't you? It doesn't matter if you had brought your kids to previous editions because this year's games will be completely BRAND NEW!

Here's a sneak peek what to expect:

Brand New Game Stations

Slime Sewer
Paddle, crawl, and dive through the Slimy sewer to hit the gong.

Goo Lagoon
Ride the waves until time is up.

AR Dodgeball
Battle fellow players in an Augmented Reality arena.

Slimy Arcade
Capture your Slimiest Player moment at Slime Cup by stepping into the Nickelodeon Slime arcade machine!

Capture the Slime
Dive into a Slime pool and race against an opposing team to grab the flag.

Sky Whale
Scale the Donut Wall and grab as many 'donuts' in 10 seconds.

Photo-taking Sessions

Take part in stage games and win passes to pose with your favorite Nickelodeon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Leo and Donnie, and Shimmer and Shine! And I have got all the Meet  and Greet timings listed down for you. You're welcome. :)

Pine-APP-ple Pit 2.0

Back by popular demand, the new and improved Pit features apps like Nickelodeon Play, SpongeBob Game Station, Nickelodeon Football Champions and PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight!

Trick Eye - Slimillusion

Capture your Slimiest day ever at the Slime Cup trick-eye photo backdrop!

Slime Salon

Get a makeover at the Slime Salon! Kids can deck out in temporary Nickelodeon tattoos, dress up as Shimmer and Shine, and get their hair done Sunny Day style!

Unlock a Mystery Gift

Be the first 300 lucky players each day to unlock a mystery gift by playing the ‘Capture the Slime’ game on the Nickelodeon Play app! Simply capture three Slime Canisters before the time runs out and bring the screenshot to the Mystery Gift redemption counter to redeem a mystery gift! Limited to one gift per kid. While stocks last.

Free Goodie Bags

Earn XP (Experience Points) when you play at the game stations and use them to redeem free goodie bags. While stocks last.

Opening Ceremony

Free on Saturday and also a Singtel customer? Head down to City Square Mall at 12pm for the Opening Ceremony which includes a rare appearance by six Nickelodeon characters on stage!

If you are planning to bring the kids down, do remember to bring a change of clothes and towel too. There will be wash stations where kids will be able to rinse off the Slime. Also, wear covered shoes as players may be required to wear covered shoes for certain games, and remove their shoes for other games.

Oh, and wearing ORANGE to the Nickelodeon Slime Cup will be a huge bonus too!

So mark your calendar for the Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG 2018 taking place on 21 (Exclusive for Singtel subscribers) and 22 July (Public) 2018, 11am to 7pm at City Square Mall!

Can I just say that the monkies CANNOT wait to be get all SLIMY!

And maybe, just maybe, I might want to join in the Slimy fun too. :P

Useful Details

Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG 2018
Venue: City Square Mall
Date & Time:
Saturday, 21 July, 11am – 7pm – Exclusively for Singtel subscribers*
Sunday, 22 July, 11am – 7pm – Open to the public
*To gain entry on the first day of the event, Singtel subscribers must present their identity card and show proof of their Singtel service e.g. Singtel bill, Singtel operator logo on their devices or My Singtel App etc. at the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Registration counters to get access to the games and activities. One identity card admits up to four people. In addition, be the first 200 Singtel subscribers to show your proof of subscription at the Singtel Booth on 21 July and stand a chance to win exclusive early bird goodie bags!
Admission: FREE
Website: www.nick-asia.com/slimecup

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Jul 11, 2018

[NEW Outdoor Playground] Jurong Spring Playfields Opens with 3 Play Structures for Kids!

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If you are living in the western part of Singapore, REJOICE because there is a NEWLY-OPENED playground at Jurong West!

Looks massive huh? The Jurong Spring Playfields officially opened last weekend and is the first Sport-in-Precinct (SIP) and ActiveHealth collaboration between SportSG, Jurong-Clementi Town Council and the Jurong Spring Division local community in Singapore.

Instead of just the usual kids' playground and fitness corner found at most HDB estates, the Jurong Spring Playfields incorporate playgrounds, fitness corners, a basketball court and open green spaces to encourage residents as well as families to go outdoors and keep fit together.

For starters, kids will not be disappointed as there are a total of THREE playgrounds to choose from!

The ever-popular Vertical Playground is here, in all its cheery yellow glory... and with a slight twist too. Kids will be able to climb up to the top of the structure and descend quickly via a tube slide.

Just beside it lies a giant rope structure which promises to offer lots of climbing fun for kids.

There is a trampoline too, for kids to reach that 'high' feeling... literally.

Younger kids need not feel left out, thanks to a smaller playground designed just for them.

And while the kids are kept busy at the playgrounds, parents can work up a sweat storm too at the fitness corner which consists of resistance bands and even weights!

I love how the Playfields cater to all ages, with its playgrounds, sheltered playing areas and multi-use courts.

I heard that come every Friday evening, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions are conducted there while there’s a Qigong group that brings seniors together every early morning.

Located jsut in front of Block 549 Jurong West St 42, it is definitely worth a visit if you are staying or around the vicinity. You even get to learn more about Singapore's history during World War II!

Useful Information

Jurong Spring Playfields
In front of Block 549 Jurong West St 42, Singapore 640549
FREE Admission

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Jul 5, 2018

The DBS Multi-Currency Account is a Foreign Currency Wallet which charges NO foreign exchange fees!

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When it comes to spending overseas, there are only a few options to spend in foreign currency – going to the moneychanger and carrying thick wads of cash, swiping credit cards or withdrawing cash from the country's ATM.

There is one problem – all of the above involve some form of transaction charge such as additional FX fees (on top of credit card spread and ATM withdrawal fees).

Moneychangers probably offer the lowest spread of the lot; about 1% to 1.5% spread if you make the effort to visit and queue at a good moneychanger offering a competitive exchange rate. But therein lies a conundrum – is it safe to carry so much cash in a foreign country?

Credit cards, on the other hand, offer the convenience of paying without the need for cold hard cash. But do you know that when you pay with your credit card overseas, you are hit by three different kinds of fees?

1. Platform fee charged by Visa/Mastercard/AMEX
2. Banks foreign currency transaction fee
3. FX conversion fees 

Think you can avoid it by paying in SGD? Think again – by paying in SGD via Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), you will incur even higher charges of 7% to 15%.

And withdrawing from an ATM? Expect to incur a flat fee that banks charge for ATM withdrawals on top of the currency conversion fee. Not to mention there is risk of card skimming at overseas ATMs too.

Which is why I decided to open a DBS Multi-Currency Account (MCA) before our trip to Europe in December last year.

Ok, before I continue, let me just put on record that I signed up for a MCA last November on my own accord but DBS only approached me for a collaboration in April this year. So yes, I had a first-hand experience in utilising the MCA for our Europe trip and how utterly convenient it was!

So what is the MCA? As its name suggests, it is an account that offers you the possibility of zero foreign currency transaction fees while enjoying the convenience of buying forex on-the-go. It currently supports 12 different foreign currencies: Australia Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Yuan (*not available for debit card payment) Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Kroner, Sterling Pound, Swedish Kroner, Thai Baht and US Dollar.

How it works is pretty straightforward: Once you had opened the account, you can choose the currency you would like to exchange and perform a funds transfer to lock in the rate in the MCA. You can also set and receive FX rate alerts on digibank. Once your preferred rate is met, simply log in to digibank and transfer your desired amount from your SGD funds into the MCA. Super simple and convenient!

It is like having 12 baskets of foreign currencies in your pocket. If you are travelling to Europe and Japan, you can choose to 'top up' your Euro and Yen baskets by converting funds from your DBS/POSB account into the relevant currency at a FX rate that you feel comfortable with. No more running to the moneychanger on the eve of your holiday!

For all shopaholics – you can also enjoy these features when you shop online on international sites. Just link your existing Visa Debit Card with MCA to enjoy direct foreign currency payments in 11 foreign currencies with no additional/hidden fees.

Which was what I did during our trip to Germany in December.

For example, I only booked the Stadium tour at Bayern Munich FC when we were in Germany via its online platform using my DBS Visa Debit Card. Tickets cost €19 per adult and €11 per child, which came up to a total of €71. Paying with the DBS Visa Debit Card linked to my MCA, I saved 3% in FX fees and 7 to 15% in DCC charges which amounted to about €8, a conservative estimate. It may not seem like much but it was enough to offset a nice afternoon tea in a quaint cafe in Frankfurt.

But the MCA does not only come in handy during travelling. The DBS Visa Debit Card can also be used for online shopping transactions... which (unfortunately) the wifey is a huge fan of. But I digress. The main point of online shopping, especially if you make your purchases from overseas sites, is to enjoy the attractive discounts and sales offered. But more frequently than not, the savings will be whittled down, no thanks to the high conversion fees incurred from our credit cards.

My solution? I use the DBS Visa Debit Card that’s linked to my MCA when I am doing my online shopping from overseas sites. Like from Better World Books, a UK-based store that sells both first & second-hand books.

The site transacts in USD so all I have to do transfer some of my funds to my MCA USD basket and I am able to pay for the books in USD! A spending of US$100 saves me about S$4 - it does not seem a lot on its own but add that to the numerous shopping transactions over the course of one year AND the savings on our overseas trip and I think it will be pretty substantial!

Personally, I love the convenience of having the MCA with these 4 main benefits:

Buy and save currencies at your preferred rate, 24/7
I am able to enjoy full control and access to 12 foreign currencies and the Singapore Dollar online, anytime and anywhere. When the rates are favourable to me, I can buy it, lock it, and *save it for later spending on my DBS Visa Debit Card.

No conversion fees or extra charges
No more time wasted queuing at money changers, or searching for the best exchange rates. When I buy a US$100 item, US$100 is debited from my USD account. Even for refunds for an US$100 online purchase, the US$100 is credited to my USD account – no extra conversion fees incurred!

Receive alerts on the rates I want
I can set my ideal currency and preferred rate on digibank and DBS will send me a notification as soon as it becomes available. This allows me to apply a Dollar Cost Averaging approach when it comes to converting SGD to a foreign currency for my upcoming overseas trip. For example, I wish to change S$1,000 worth of Euro so what I can do is to choose to transfer $200 every month from my SGD account to the MCA Euro basket over 5 months.

Avoid bulky cash when you travel
My DBS Visa Debit Card makes it a safer and more convenient way to pay for items or withdraw cash when I am abroad. No need for me to carry around large quantities of cash. Ever.

Better yet, you now get to enjoy 5% cashback when you spend in foreign currencies either shopping overseas or online with DBS MCA and DBS Visa Debit Card from 5 June to 31 Aug 2018!

Signing up for a MCA is a breeze too. Existing DBS and POSB customers can do it instantly online. Log into your DBS iBanking and select Apply; Deposit Accounts; DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Account. You can also apply for the DBS Visa Debit Card if you don’t already have it. Link it to your MCA so that any transactions will be debited from it. New DBS customers can also apply online as well.

For me, my DBS Visa Debit Card that’s linked with my MCA is the first card that goes into my wallet every time we head overseas and I do not have to make a mad dash to the moneychanger too. With just a few taps on my phone, I have all the funds that I need for my overseas spending at the best possible rates. It is like having a virtual foreign currency wallet and this one is for keeps.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Insured up to S$50k by SDIC.
For more information, visit HERE.

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Jul 3, 2018

Singapore Zoo's Rainforest Lumina is such a Fun & Easy Night Trail for Kids (& Adults)!

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Media Invite

The Singapore Zoo closes its doors at 6pm every day but from now until the end of this year, it will welcome visitors with a mesmerizing night-time walking trail in an interactive luminous setting. 

And my word, it is certainly a spectacular way to celebrate the Zoo's 45th birthday.

Rainforest Lumina transforms into a dreamy whimsical landscape against a symphony of light and sound when night falls, and consists of a easy 1km walk with various interactive light and sound installations dotting the trail.

Consisting of 11 zones - of which 3 are interactive and will prove extremely popular with kids (& adults) - the trail will allow visitors to meet the Creature Crew, a group of unlikely animals heroes who will take visitors on a whimsical adventure along the paths of their enchanted world.

But first things first - there are NO real animals featured at Rainforest Lumina. Instead the experience is centered on virtual animals.

I may been been to the Zoo countless times in the day but entering the Zoo during night time is has a completely different feel to it. For sure, it feels way cooler and less humid but on top of that, the darkness that envelops the surroundings adds a certain mysterious element to the trail.

The trail kicks off with the first stop at the Garden of Virtues where we picked a wristband according to the trait or animal which we related most. Or something like that, because the wifey picked PATIENCE for me... she reckoned I really needed that trait in me. Oops.

The wristband comes with a QR code which will come in handy at the final zone of the trail.

If you are looking for the most Instagram-worthy zone of the lot, then Luminous Pathway has got to be it.

Streaks of green light peppered down on us, making the entire area seem to be awashed with plenty of fireflies! Definitely captivating stuff.

'Sing Like an Animal' is the first interactive installation for visitors where they can sing, speak or whisper into standing microphones to activate colourful splashes of  animation onto the backdrop of the White Tiger enclosure.

Each set of standing microphones - they can be adjusted to suit a child's height - comes in a pair and both need to be sung into in order for a particular animal to appear. Lovely!

After taking a stroll among lighted huts and shimmering lights, we were wowed with a projection show.

Titled 'Call of the Wild', it tells the narrative of how the Creature Crew bands together in times of adversity to overcome all challenges in an astounding visual performance.

If you are afraid of getting lost in the dark, you need not be because there are ample lighting signs and staff members along the way to guide visitors. Just follow the enchanting light installations and you will be fine.

The most FUN interactive installation honour goes to 'Play Like an Animal' which will quite literally unleash the playful nature of the kids!

Jump on the pads on the ground and watch the virtual animals launch high up into the air! It is perhaps inevitable that the monkies were competing to see whose animal flew the highest.

For the record, mine did. HAHAHAHA!

The final interactive installation, 'Wall of Fame', allows visitors to leave a photo memory at Raniforest Lumina.

Remember the wristband we took at the beginning of the walk? Scan the QR code at the machine, snap a photo and watch your face appear on the large screen.

It was definitely a refreshing experience for the family, and the entire multimedia experience allowed us to see the Singapore Zoo in a totally fun and new light!

If you are planning to bring the kids down to Raniforest Lumina, here are a few things to note:

- This is a standalone attraction and costs $22 per adult and $16 per child and does not include entry to admission to the Zoo in the day time. Purchase online to enjoy 10% savings on Regular days (Mon-Thur & Sun) and 5% savings on Peak and Super Peak days (Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday).
- Opening hours are from 7.30pm to 12 midnight daily but during the purchase of the tickets, you are required to pick one of the seven entry timings. Last entry is at 10.30pm.
- The 1km trail takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
- Rainforest Lumina will run until December 2018.

Useful Information

Rainforest Lumina
Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Dates: Now until Dec 2018
Opening hours: 7.30pm - 12am (7 entry timings)
Tickets: Adult $22 | Child $16
 Purchase online to enjoy 10% savings on Regular days (Mon-Thur & Sun) and 5% savings on Peak and Super Peak days (Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday)

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