Aug 28, 2015

How PNKids Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Made Me a Happy Parent

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If you have been regularly following my blog, you will know that my child feeding mantra has always been simple: it is better to put the good stuff in than keep the bad stuff out. In other words, even though I would forbid my monkies to consume all things sugary (or overly salty) in an ideal world, everyone deserves to indulge once in a while. BUT only if something good goes into their systems along with it. 

One food rule that we have around the household has always been in order to earn dessert, you have to finish your vegetables and/or fruit. You just have to eat the good stuff in order to eat the bad stuff. If you opt to skip the good stuff, Daddy eats your ice cream.

But with the monkies starting to form their opinions, it can get ultra challenging sometimes when it comes to making sure that they are getting enough nutrients for growth. And rather than forcing them to devour something they detest, I figured it might actually be better (for my sanity) to provide a balanced diet for the monkies where possible and fill the gap in nutrition with other sources. 

Like the Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup from PNKids.

Ask any parents what are their top 5 parenting concerns, you can guarantee that one of them would be whether their child is getting enough nutrients for growth. Now that the boys are of school-going age and can exercise their right to buy what their heart and tummy prefers in the school canteen – and knowing that popcorn chicken will always triumph over a plate of rice with stewed meat and vegetable – the nagging worry about whether they are getting enough nutrients for their growth will always be present.

But with PNKids' newly launched Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup, which is formulated with 21 essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and lysine in a delicious great-tasting mango flavor and is suitable for infants and children aged 12 months and older, that worry is a thing of the past.

You may have noticed that the syrup comes in either a 'For Boys' or 'For Girls' packaging in the photo above. And while the contents of the syrup is essentially the same, it is the extra gifts that come within each box that is geared towards either girls or boys.

For the record, Ale was so eager to see what was in the box!

Looking at the eagerness of Ale in wanting to try the syrup, I guess PNKids is not ranked Number 1 in Singapore for nothing then - it has been ranked the No.1 Kids MultiVitamin Brand in Singapore in the Western Pharmacy stores in 2014, based on Nielsen report.

In fact, not only has PNKids has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplements category, its wide range of award-winning health supplements are manufactured only from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours.

With the inclusion of 21 Vitamins & Minerals which have been specifically chosen to support optimal growth and development for ‘picky-eaters’ and help in building up their appetite, PNKids' Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup is THE complete nutritional syrup formulation that provides a natural enhancer for your kids' daily nutritional needs and immune system.

Sounds all well and good. But what of the important taste test?

The syrup comes in Mango flavour, and its taste has been tuned to the tastes of South East Asian children - which can only mean one thing: the monkies loved it!

Kids aged between 1 and 3 years old require a daily intake of 5ml while those older can consume 10ml. Yes, even toddlers can have it too and that perhaps is Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup's greatest selling point - it is designed for toddlers who are making their transition from “fortified milk formula” to standard cow’s milk due to its complete nutritional syrup formulation. Definitely a much cheaper option!

All you have to do is to pour the syrup into a glass of milk, juice or even plain water. It can even be added onto food.

The syrup adds a light sweet fruity taste to the drink that - as you can probably tell - all the monkies love.

Already, I can can see this being a great time-saver for everyone in the family. I just have to pour the daily intake of syrup into the monkies' milk or MILO every day and have them down it in a jiffy. Fuss-free and definitely a more economical option.

So you win, PNKids. With Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup, I can rest easy knowing that my monkies are still getting the key essential vitamins and minerals required to fuel their growing years.... while they are still happily tucking into their popcorn chicken.

And if they are happy, I am happy too.

PNKids' Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup is suitable for vegetarians, Lactose-free and Gluten-free with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives. It is retailing in all chainstore pharmacies, supermarkets, departmental stores and speciality stores in Singapore.

For more information, visit or stay updated with PNKids Singapore's Facebook Page.

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Aug 26, 2015

Leaping for Joy at Katapult Trampoline Park with a Jumping Birthday Party

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I got to be honest. There are times during some outings with the monkies that I feel it is the they who are having all the fun and I am just there to wait for them to be done with all the fun. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy when they're happy but it would be a bonus if an outing with them could be just as fun for me as it was for them. Those would be the most ideal, no?

Well, it turns out that trampoline jumping is one activity that will get everyone in the family jumping for joy, literally.

The newest trampoline park in Singapore, Katapult Trampoline Park is nestled in the tranquil surroundings of the family-centric Orto establishment in Yishun. Boasting over 8000 square feet of custom made interconnected trampolines housed in a eco-friendly nature inspired facility, it is one of the largest trampoline park here so when the kind people at Katapult offered to host Ayd's 9th birthday celebrations 2 weeks back, how could I say no?

Located just beside the Longkang Fishing facility, Katapult is housed in a huge warehouse-like building... which you will not be able to miss, given the many large and bold directional signs plastered all around.

The ticketing counter is located on the second level, and it also serves as a viewing gallery for parents who are afraid their bones may shatter from all the jumping.

But in case you are wondering, they WON'T. In fact, according to a study completed by NASA, a 10
minute jump on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run!

Jump time can be purchased in either 1 or 2 hour blocks of time. Socks are obviously required so do remember to bring them! Katapult actually sells pretty good quality grip socks at $2 per pair. Parents who do not wish to jump but want to accompany their kids in the trampoline area can do so by paying a companion fee of $3 (no socks required).

To prevent overcrowding on the trampolines, each hourly session is limited to a fixed number of participants. So I highly recommend buying your tickets online beforehand and to sign the waiver of indemnity form online as well to save time and hassle.

TIP: KidJump time is on every Tuesday to Friday, between 9am to 12pm where junior jumpers below 7 years old get the entire venue to themselves. One accompanying adult also jumps for free! Not valid during school and public holidays.

There is also a mini bar beside the ticketing counter where drinks and snacks are sold to replenish all that expended energy.

If you book a party package at Katapult though, all party guests will be able to skip the queue on the second level and check straight in on the first level.

And not a moment too soon, considering this was the sight that greeted all the kids upon arrival.

Notice the forced smiles all around when I demanded requested for one group photo before all the jumping mayhem begin?

Yes, definitely a lot of pent-up energy for sure... considering there are SEVEN activities at Katapult for kids to go crazy over.

The Main Court of the park features over 30 interconnected trampolines that cover the floors and line the walls. The trampolines are connected with padding, which shield the trampolines' frames and springs.

Jump and bounce from trampoline to trampoline and repeat. Repetitive work has never been this much fun!

At one end of the Main Court lies the Slam Dunk area, where all the aspiring Michael-Jordans-to-be can attempt the perfect throw-down. Okay, so it could do with more practice but small guys can dream big too right?

If you wish to give all the jumping a break, head to the Slackline where it will test your sense of balance to the max!

Transverse between 2 anchored poles along a flat piece of nylon webbing, while maintaining one's balance. Not as easy as it sounds, but it sure occupied a fair bit of the kids' time - especially the girls.

But in terms of offering that adrenaline-rush moment, look no further than Free Fall.

Leap off from the platform at Level 2, and free fall right down into the massive air bag below! Now, this was one activity that the kids repeated again and again and again.

There are 2 different levels to jump from and suffice to say, even Ale was gung-ho to complete the jump!

If falling down vertically isn't exactly your idea of fun, then how about flying horizontally through the air via Bag Jump?

Launch yourself into the air via a trampoline and hurl onto an enormous air bag. There are two lanes to jump from and the kids ended up competing who could land the furthest on the air bag.

It looked so fun that I just had to give it a go too. And no, the air bag did NOT burst.

Oh, I have to a shout-out to all the marshals present at the various areas. They kept a keen eye on the happenings on the trampolines throughout and were quick to warn the kids of any possible dangers. Also, they took time to play with the kids too!

One of the most interesting areas in Katapult is the Wall Run which allows jumpers to run up walls with the use of the high-rebound professional trampolines!

Do note however, that the Wall Run is only permitted for jumpers who are taller than 125cm as this is the area where serious trampoline enthusiasts practise their advance manoeuvres.

But advanced or amateur, jumping is really hard work.

But with only an hour's worth of jump time, there was no time to take a break - not when there is still Dodgeball yet to be played!

"You mean we can throw the balls to hit each other and NOT get into trouble?”, asked a young guest innocently. And that to me, is perhaps the best description of Dodgeball.

Housed in a separate fenced-up area, jumpers can take part in an impromptu game of Dodgeball where two teams line up against each other surrounded by wall-to-wall trampolines. Throw coloured foam balls at the opposing team and if you hit an opponent with a ball, that person is out.

Simple enough, but immensely exciting and fun!

I guess the amount of (yucky) perspiration on all of the kids' heads bears testament to the amount of joy they derived from all the jumping then.

So it was no surprise that the kids were highly disappointed when their one-hour jump time came to an end and were ushered into the party room for Ayd's birthday celebration.

Luckily, there was the sight of tantalising food to distract them!

All party packages at Katapult includes an hour's use of one of the two party rooms. Catering of food is optional and there are a host of food options, ranging from finger food to proper lunch and dinner menus. 

Katapult has partnered Long Jiang Chinos, a restaurant at Orto specializing in sumptuous modern Chinese cuisine, to provide the food spread and my word, what a feast it truly was.

Happy bellies most certainly equate to happy faces!

Katapult also offers an extremely unique 3D Trampoline Park birthday cake, thanks to MooMooBakers.

The 1.5kg chocolate-flavoured cake was such a hit with the kiddos that for once, there was no cake left for me to tapao home.

I have to say planning Ayd's party at Katapult was one of the easiest things I have ever had to arrange. Just a few questions over email and voilĂ ! A super fun party was there for everyone, young and old, to enjoy. The set-up of the party room was nicely taken care of and we even had our own dedicated party host who was equally helpful. A fuss-free way to celebrate a boy turning nine if you ask me!

My only gripe? There are no toilet facilities within Katapult but they are located a 2-minute walk away from the building. Well, less than one minute if you are urgent and run.

Speaking of outside, there is the option of Longkang Fishing in front of Katapult should the kids express no desire to head home after a session of jumping.

Overall, I was most impressed by the huge amount of jumping space in Katapult - especially important since parents would not want kids to keep knocking into each other! Also, I was surprised by how superb the interior ventilation was. It did not feel stuffy or get overly hot with lots of huge fans blasting cool air from all sides of the compound.

I loved that Katapult is appropriate even for younger kids (3 and up) and there are a range of jumping-related activities to suit different age groups. As for the kids themselves, it is safe to say all of them had a blast.. and cannot wait to hop back inside!

Thanks to Katapult Trampoline Park, I have a fantastic promotion AND giveaway to share with my readers!


Book a birthday package at Katapult and receive a FREE family pass (a 5-session multipass worth $89)! Just quote 'Cheekiemonkies' on booking to enjoy the promotion. Limited to the first 5 readers only.


Want to experience the thrill of jumping? I have FIVE pairs of passes to Katapult to give away! Each pass is valid for both non-peak and peak use.

To participate, simply complete the following steps:

1. LIKE Katapult Trampoline Park's Facebook Page HERE.
2. Leave a comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE, once you have done so.

*Important: You have to complete all two steps in order to be eligible for the giveaway.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 2 September 2015, 2359 hours.

Useful Information

Katapult Trampoline Park
81 Lorong Chencharu
#01-11 ORTO, Singapore 769198
Opening Hours: Mon 12pm-9pm | Tue-Sun 9am-9pm | Sch Hols & PH 9am-9pm
KidJump (Exclusive for below 7 year old jumpers): KidJump time is on every Tuesday to Friday, between 9am to 12pm where junior jumpers below 7 years old get the entire venue to themselves. One accompanying adult jumps for free. Not valid during school and public holidays.
Tel: 6754 5188
Non-Peak (Mon-Thu & Fri till 5pm)
1 hour of jump time / add-on 1 hour: $15 / $13
2 hours of jump time: $28
Peak (Fri 5pm onwards & Sat - Sun & PH)
1 hour of jump time / add-on 1 hour: $19 / $16
2 hours of jump time: $35
Companion Fee (Allows access to trampoline arena but no jump time): $3

Katapult Party Package

2 hours party duration comprising of:
- 60 minutes jump time (before food)
- 60 minutes exclusive use of party room after jump time
- Katapult grip socks for all invited jumpers
- E-invites invites for all guests
- Dedicated party host to guide your party
- Party room decoration
- Katapult cooling towel for all invited jumpers
- Complimentary balloons for all invited jumpers
- Complimentary premium Katapult dri fit tee for the Birthday Jumper
- One FREE jump pass for the Birthday Jumper next visit

Non-Peak (Mondays-Thursdays & Fridays till 5pm)
$450 for 15 jumpers | Additional Jumper at $30 per person
Peak (Fridays from 5pm onwards & Saturdays-Sundays & Public Holidays)
$525 for 15 jumpers | Additional Jumper at $35 per person

For more details, and for other add-ons, visit

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Aug 24, 2015

Themed Rooms at D’Resort @ Downtown East to Please Every Kid!

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Remember the good old days of BBQ gatherings with family and friends at the old Costa Sands Resort, Downtown East? Well, get ready to pack those bags (and food) because those days are back with the opening of the new D'Resort @ Downtown East!

And quite frankly, there are tons of reasons for families to get excited about this new resort - especially since it comes with a themed resort room like this!

Okay, I promise I will get to the themed rooms in a bit. Because firstly, you have to know that D'resort is situated on the old Escape Theme Park area and is Singapore’s first nature-inspired resort with an integrated waterpark experience.

At first glance, the resort boasts a sleek new look and does not feel as claustrophobic compared to the old Costa Sands Resort.

The nature-inspired theme is evident in its spacious resort lobby, with rainforest-styled architecture featuring flourishes of dark woods and natural tones.

The resort comprises of 387 rooms divided into nine room types and spread over two blocks: Resort and Chalet Blocks. Depending on one's budget and stay occasions, D'Resort has a room whether you are looking to host a BBQ party, enjoy the views of beach or prefer to have a quiet time away from the crowds.

The resort block features 117 Rainforest rooms, including 12 themed rooms and two suites, and are suited for more private vacationers who are looking for solace as the rooms are located away from the key activity areas.

If you require BBQ access, go for the chalet block which consists of 270 rooms with four room types: the Beach Cove, Beach Cove Duplex (2-storey), Mangrove Walk and the exclusive-to-NTUC-members-only Park View.

I think the 2-storey Beach Cove Duplex will be a hit for large gatherings, since it comes with a living area, kitchenette, a King-sized bed plus a sofa bed, and a patio! The BBQ areas also look more spacious to cater for bigger gatherings.

For the monkies though, nothing was comparable to setting their sight on our Rainforest Family themed room for the first time... which had them jumping around like, well, monkies.

D’Resort has a total of 12 such themed family rooms available. Besides the six Amazonian Jungle ones, five are underwater-themed and one is M&M-themed.

Photo courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia
Photo courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia
So cute, no?

Each family room comes with a queen-sized bed and a colourful bunk bed.

But I think it is safe to say that the monkies were extremely contented with their jungle-themed room.

Actually, me too since the room was clearly done up with families with young kids in mind - from the extra stool in the bathroom so that younger kids can reach the sink, to the cutlery provided for the little ones.

Oh, and parents are not forgotten too with the dash of caffeine in the room for that extra bit of oomph to keep up with the kids' antics!

Also, kids will be able to go on a treasure hunt in the room and hunt for clues so as to unlock a specially prepared treasure box filled of goodies.

Yes, it is similar to the treasure chests found in the rooms at LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel. The monkies had to count the number of three types of animals in the room in order to unlock the 3-number combination lock. And they got to keep whatever was in the treasure box if they successfully cracked the code!

Looks like the room is a hit with the monkies (and me) then!

If you are planning on a stay at D'Resort, here are a few pointers to note:

- Room rates at D’Resort vary depending on the dates and how early they are booked - much like budget airline tickets. One can book rooms at early bird rates up to six months in advance.

- Park View rooms, exclusive to NTUC members, start from $118. Rainforest Family rooms start from $150.

- Entry fee is no longer required for non-guests of the resort.

- NTUC Members enjoy a host of privileges at D'Resort, including Unlimited Access into Wild Wild Wet during stay, Discounted BBQ Pit booking and Discounted car park rates.

- The Resort Block rooms do NOT allow the booking of BBQ pits. So if you wish to have a BBQ party, go for the Chalet Block rooms instead.

- The opening of D'Resort marks the completion of Phase One in the 5-year Refreshing Downtown East redevelopment project with the bulk of dining, retail and entertainment offerings to come in Phase Two (end 2017). Currently, there is only one eatery and one convenience store in the resort. Other food options can be found at Downtown East.

- There is still quite the amount of construction going on, as the current Wild Wild Wet water park will be double in size and expanded to be in the CENTRE of the resort (targeted for completion in the second half of 2016) so the walking distance from the resort to Downtown East is slightly longer than before.

But whether you are looking to continue that Chalet BBQ tradition with your relatives and friends, or to settle down for the night in a jungle-themed or underwater-themed room with the kids, the new D’Resort @ Downtown East will be it.

For more information and to book, visit Stay updated with promotions and offers at its Facebook page.

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