Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doodles and Doodles of Fun

Product Review

Playing Pictionary may remind you of Charades, but with drawing on paper instead of acting out the answers. And the monkies always love a game (or two) of Pictionary. Even more so now that the game comes in a refreshed Singapore Edition!

The rules remain the same though - one team simply tries to come up with the answer that the designated drawer is doodling before the timer runs out. When any team lands on the 'All Play' square (marked by 4 pencils), chaos ensue as every team will be drawing the same clue and striving to be the first to guess the correct answer.

But the part which probably stood out for me was the inclusion of words and terms that only true-blue Singaporeans would know. Words like these.

You can’t get more uniquely Singapore than that! In fact, the monkies were not familiar with some of the words like 'Mee Siam' and 'Kueh Lapis' which provided the perfect teaching moment. And speaking of the monkies, they could not wait to get started on the game!

Yes, even Ale joined in the fun as well. She can't really draw out the words but she definitely can guess the answers. In fact, I teamed up with her to take on the boys and she was out-guessing the boys effortlessly. Oopsy.

Okay, so maybe my drawings made more sense than the boys' but then again, bad drawings and wild guesses are half the fun in Pictionary.

The great thing about the Singapore Edition of Pictionary is it comes with 2 levels of clues - a set of 1,200 words for adults and another 800 easier clues for children. Yup, double the fun! And that can only mean one thing - there is no running away from yet another round of Pictionary when the weekend comes around.

Pictionary Singapore Edition is available now at most toy and departmental stores. Follow PictionarySG's drawing adventures on its Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Monday, September 15, 2014

GunPla Expo World Tour 2014: World of Gundam

Media Invite

I have fond memories of putting together countless Gundam model kits during my school days... and not so fond memories of my mum screaming at me for adding more toy stuff to my room on top of my Transformers and Star Wars action figures. 

So when I heard that GunPla Expo World Tour 2014 would be heading to Singapore this September, I was more than eager to relive some of my Gundam childhood memories.

Gundam is one of the world’s most popular media franchises, telling the story of giant robots and their human pilots fighting wars. And being the biggest Gundam exhibition in Asia, GunPla (or Gundam Plamodel, which is essentially Gundam model kit building) Expo World Tour 2014 will provide all Gundam fans plenty of excitement during its 12-day run.

As it turned out, even those who have never heard of Gundam before were clearly excited too.

It was Ash's and Ayd's first time coming into contact with the Gundam franchise and with all boys (like me), any stuff to do with huge kick-ass robots never fail to intrigue.

For the Diva though, something cuter caught her eye.

The Expo features exhibits for Gundam's two upcoming series - Gundam Build Fighters Try, and the new Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G - as well as a Gundam Build Fighters 3D Mapping Booth.

I guess the bottom-line is this: there are absolutely tons of Gundam model exhibits to drool over and I had a field day gawking over them.

Ditto for the boys.

Of all the exhibits, these two new kits stopped me in my tracks. The Nightingale and Hi-v Gundam. 

Ok so I lied. This giant Neo Zeong which stands at 86cm made me linger around it for an even longer duration.

As part of the GunPla Expo, Singapore’s best modelers will be also displaying their entries for the GunPla Builders World Cup 2014 qualifiers. The winners of these qualifiers will be heading to Tokyo to represent Singapore and compete for the most coveted prize in GunPla, the GunPla Builders World Cup.

And my word, the work on these model kits are just outstanding.

The above kit is my personal fave, and is titled The Nightingale.

A special screening of the epic conclusion of Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Episode 7 will also be part of the Expo, with limited edition GunPla model kits going on sale too.

Definitely loads of activities for both young and old alike!

Click on poster to enlarge

Inevitably, all the viewing of so many model kits on display made the boys' fingers itch and there was only to be one outcome - making their own Gundam model kit for the first time!

If you have kids who are itching to do the same, the highlight of the GunPla Expo World Tour 2014 will be the the GunPla Caravan Sessions - a coaching workshop for kids aged 6 years and above to assemble a model kit on their own.

Each Caravan session is lasts for 1 hour, and costs $5 per participant. Participants will get to bring back their model after assembly.  Do note however, that the sessions are only available on WEEKDAYS (Mon to Fri). More details on the sessions' timings below.

We could not make it for the Caravan Sessions but seeing how much the boys were craving to assemble a model kit of their own, Sheng Tai Toys and Bandai were happy to oblige.

After less than an hour, the boys' first-ever Gundam model kits were completed!

And they were mightily proud of them too.

And just for our dear readers, Sheng Tai Toys and Bandai have 5 Caravan session slots to give away! But you have to be quick for this because only the FIRST FIVE persons to email Sheng Tai Toys will enable your child to attend one Caravan Session for FREE!

Email with the following details: 

1. Name and Mobile Phone number of Parent/Guardian
2. Name and Age of Child
3. Preferred Date and Time Slot (Refer to the Caravan Sessions photo above)

Remember, only the first 5 emails received by Sheng Tai Toys will receive the free Caravan Session!

Useful Details

GunPla Expo World Tour 2014
Bugis+ Atrium Level 2
10 - 21 Sep 2014
Sun - Thurs: 10.30am - 10pm | Fri & Sat: 10.30am - 10.30pm
FREE Admission

Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Ways to Make the Most of your Time at Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Sentosa

Media Invite

WHAT? People actually pay money to stand in front of painted walls - or even lie down on the floor - just to take pictures of themselves???

Erm, yes. And they love it. Or at least the monkies in my family do, especially after their experience in the Made In Penang Interactive Museum during the June School Holidays.

So when Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa came calling, it was an invitation that the monkies could not say no to.

In case you are wondering, Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the clever use of optical illusions. there is nothing to to bring along into the museum, except your camera and a huge dose of imagination.

And for Ayd, it seemed that he could not wait to get started even while waiting to enter.

I am pretty sure that you would have read or seen most of Trick Eye Museum's illusions floating around on social media so while I will not give a detailed review on the museum, I will provide five tips on making the most of your trick art experience in Trick Eye Museum.

1. Take your time
There are six family-based zones: World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Star of Circus, Dreams of Fairy Tale, Love in Winter and Adventure Discovery. We were somewhat overwhelmed by the numerous illusions that seemed to be bombarding our senses every time we stepped in a new zone.

As a result, we took most photos rather hastily without giving much thought. By the time we came to the last zone, I was not too satisfied with the photos so we re-traced our steps and made our way through the zones again. This time, the monkies gave more thought to the poses they wanted to portray and the results were much much better.

2. Touch everything
Trick Eye Museum is not your typical museum, where 'Do Not Touch' or 'No Flash Photography' signs are littered in every corner. Everyone is free to touch everything and most importantly, interact with the exhibits so that the become part of the illusions!

3. Dress for it
Some of poses required us to lay down on the floor, while others had us needing to stand on the display.

So a pair of pants, coupled with a pair of slip-on shoes, are definitely most welcomed. Cute socks or underwear optional.

4. Brace yourself for the crowds
Weekdays are fine, but if you are there during the weekends, expect a million people running around to snap the best photos and sometimes that means waiting in lines. Because some of the illusions are placed opposite each other, there are times when other people unknowingly wander into our photo and that took up some time too.

So we found it useful to skip the ones we did not like so as not to waste our time. We picked and chose the best scenes that the monkies loved and walked back to the ones that we had missed previously.

5. Have the right attitude
A little imagination while posing with the illusions goes a long way in ensuring that the photos taken stand out and rank higher in the fun factor.

Yes, even at the expense of making myself look silly and drawing curious stares.

But that is all part of the fun, isn't it? Any activity that is mildly out of our comfort zone and one that makes us look silly will require us to have the correct attitude and embrace the novelty.

Even if it means grabbing some beer beforehand. *hic*

I think it is plain to see that I enjoyed coming up with poses for the illusions at Trick Eye Museum MORE than my monkies. And I make no apologies for that.

By the end of our session though, it was evident that the monkies were getting rather good at this 'trick art' posing business too.

Oh, and going in a large group helps too because quite simply, the more people you have, the more ridiculous your poses will end up being.

Useful Information

Trick Eye Museum
Resorts World Sentosa
Click HERE to view location of museum
10am - 9pm Daily
Adult $25 | Kids (age 4-12) & Senior Citizen (age 60 & above) $20


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