Apr 25, 2018

These Themed Family Suites and Huge Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore will Amaze Any Kid!

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If this room does not get your kids excited, I don't know what will.

My monkies were literally jumping up and down - well, maybe not so much for my 13-year-old but I could see he was trying his best to control his excitement because must look cool, you know - the moment we stepped into our Themed Family Suite at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

Okay okay, so let me rewind a little.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (that's the one at Orchard by the way) has gone BIG on being family-friendly by devoting an entire floor at its Tower Wing to families!

The experience begins the moment you step out of the lift on the 9th floor with cute kiddy furniture adorning the lift lobby. The entire floor is home to Family Suites (which feature built-in beds for kids), along with an amazing 24-hour family pantry and dedicated family concierge.

And one of the main highlights of the 9th floor are FIVE Themed Family Suites, all of which are of a different theme with a unique post box in front of each suite.

I am sure you already know what our Family Suite's theme is, no?

At first glance, our suite looked like the usual hotel room with the standard King-sized bed and seating area.

The room also came with an induction heater, large sink and a large upright refrigerator which was a pleasant surprise - and no doubt useful for parents with younger kids.

But the 'magic' laid behind this tiny door beside our bed.

As you can see, the height is made just for kids because once opened, it led the monkies into a different world.

The Underwater world.


Our Underwater Themed Family Suite came with a submarine-designed bunk bed which sleeps 2 kids.

More importantly, kids will be able to enter the 'cockpit' of the submarine to 'pilot' it or peer through the fully functional periscope. Cue endless hours of role playing fun!

Ale immediately scrambled up to the top of the bunk bed, and proudly declared she was the new captain of the submarine.

That was until her older brother decided to usurp her throne. LOL.

Everything in the kids' room has been custom-made, with complementing carpets, bean bags and even a writing desk and chairs.

If you have 3 kids like me, there is an additional single bed tucked away at the corner of the kids' room. Together with the main room, the Themed Family Suite can fit 5 people comfortably.

In addition to 2 bedrooms, Themed Family Suites have 2 bathrooms too with the one in the Kids' room being stocked with loads of kids' toiletries. The bathroom also features a toilet with a child-size seat and step-stool, including a baby bathtub, child-size bathrobe and slippers, and hooded towels!

Forgot to bring along baby wipes, diapers or even swim diapers? No problem, Shangri-La Singapore has got you covered.

One of the biggest hassles in travelling with young kids is having to lug along plenty of stuff - diapers, stroller, toys, and a million other things.

But if you are staying on the family-friendly 9th floor, you will have access to the Family Pantry which is one truly astounding life-saver for parents.

For starters, there are washing machines, dryers, iron, induction heater, microwave, and a hot/cold filtered water dispenser in the pantry. And that is just the first half of the area.

The other half is stocked with possibly everything and anything you will ever need when travelling with young kids - including diapers and wipes, milk bottles, bottle warmers, baby bath tubs, bath toys, training potties, bibs, thermometers, and an array of cool Stokke products like strollers, baby carriers, and the famed Trip Trapp chair.

Absolutely amazing isn't it? Guests staying on the 9th floor can loan all these at no extra cost... which means you do not have to lug all these items along on your next staycation at Shangri-La Singapore!

Oh, and the monkies were happy to find that there were board games on loan too!

Besides our Underwater Themed Family Suite, there are 4 other themed rooms.

Castle Themed Suite

Space Themed Suite

Treetop Themed Suite

Safari Themed Suite

There is only ONE suite for each theme and I heard that these 5 themed suites are hugely popular with families. Why am I not surprised?

To be honest, we could have stayed in our suite the entire day because the monkies loved it so much. But there was just one other (happy) problem... heading to the newly-opened Buds on the first level of Shangri-La Singapore because one of the major perks of staying in the Family Suite is that it offers unlimited access to Buds.

An interactive indoor and outdoor play space spanning 2,150 square metres in total, Buds by Shangri-La features specially curated installations and themed activity spaces to take kids on a journey of discovery through four key narratives: embracing nature, adventure, camaraderie and independence.

To put it simply, it is ONE HUGE PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS!

The centerpiece of the massive play area is the Explorer Zone which comes complete with a massive ball pit, tons of slides, trampolines, and bouncy nets.

Venture further in and kids will another ball pit, with slides and air blasters that shoot foam balls at targets!

Sensory play comes in the form of the sand pit which is not filled with sand but with a kind of dried rice - much cleaner to play with definitely!

Children under four years old will enjoy the specially designed Toddler Zone inside Buds, with swings and slides, a piano floor, and soft wall buttons that produce animal sounds, and a ball pit.

Oh, and there are even vintage kiddie rides!

While the play areas were indeed fantastic for kids, what really impressed me was the inclusion of activity areas which encourage even more fun learning.

Kids can perform at Stage, and have a karaoke session with friends in front of a giant screen together with costume changes.

Budding artists can pop by Muddy where they can indulge in some artistic work.

Although, I highly suspect no kids will be able to resist splashing flourescent paint on the walls!

There is also Bake, a fully equipped cooking classroom for children and parents; and an interactive Party Room for celebrations.

For parents who need a breather, they can rest their legs at the in-house cafe while the kids run amok.

But Buds is not all about indoor fun - there is also an outdoor element to it!

Situated at a 5-minute walk away, the outdoor play area features a giant pirate ship playground with ropes, slides, ladders and a climbing wall.

And get those swimsuits ready too, because the outdoor play area also has a water play zone with splash pads!

Now you understand why I could not spend enough time lazing in my Family Suite.

Buds is also open to hotel guests who are not staying in the Family Suites and to the public as well. Rates are at the end of this post.

With these latest family-friendly additions at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, having a staycation with the kids means more than just the standard rooms and facilities. Because which kid can say no to spending the night in a Themed Family Suite AND playing yourself silly in a huge indoor & outdoor playground?


Unfortunately, I do not have a Themed Family Suite stay to give away. But what I do have is FOUR Play Passes to Buds!

Each pass admits one child and one adult, and TWO winners will each win 2 passes.

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

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Receive one BONUS chance by SHARING this blog post on Facebook! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 6 May 2018, 2359 hours.


Useful Information

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Website: www.shangri-la.com/singapore

Themed Family Suites
Suites start from S$900 per night, while the Deluxe Family Rooms start from S$430 per night. Guests can make reservations at www.shangrila.com/singapore, by sending an email to reservations.sls@shangri-la.com or calling (65) 6235 1666. For more information, visit HERE.

Buds by Shangri-La
Opening Hours: Indoor Mon – Sun 9am to 9pm | Outdoor Mon – Sun 9am to 7pm
• Complimentary to Shangri-La Singapore hotel guests who book the Themed Family Suite and Family Deluxe Room. Unlimited playtime.
• For other Shangri-La Hotel, Apartment, restaurant and/or spa guests, entry is $28 per child (four to 12 years old), $18 for toddler (below four years old) inclusive of one adult. Unlimited playtime.
• For non-hotel guests, entry is $48 for child (four to 12 years old), $28 for toddler (below four years old) inclusive of one adult, for three hours. Classes and Special activities are charged separately
For more information, visit HERE.

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