Aug 16, 2019

Enter Jurong Bird Park for FREE this September school holidays!

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This September school holidays, Jurong Bird Park is offering FREE admission to local residents!

Jurong Bird Park - Asia’s largest bird paradise - displays 400 avian species, of which 20% are threatened and is also home to the world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian hornbills, and native and threatened songbirds such as the Strawheaded bulbul, White-rumped shama, and Greater green leafbirds.

The complimentary admission into Jurong Bird Park is open to local residents (Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders). While the park will be free to enter, there will be eight sections that will be gated and priced between $2 and $4. Coupons in sets of $10 can be purchased on site for entry to these gated areas.

There will be special activities conducted within the gated areas:

$2 per area, per pax

Indoor Penguin Coast

Meet the Baby Kings!
Get introduced to the newest members of the penguin family - Percy, Brix and Arlo. The adorable king penguins are less than a year old and are excited to meet visitors in this exclusive keeper’s talk. Happening daily at 10.30am and 3.30pm.

Wings of Asia

Wings of Asia Scatter Feeding
Join the park's Asian birds in the central walk-in aviary as they enjoy their lunch, and have the opportunity to feed various threatened species. Happening daily at 11.30am.

Lory Loft

Feed the Lovely Lories
Explore the 9-storey-high aviary that offers a 360º view of lush greenery. Buy a cup of nectar and have our friendly lorries feed right out of your hands. Happening daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Waterfall Aviary

Waterfall Feeding Frenzy
Come up close and personal to an array of colourful birds as conures, parrots and peacocks flock down to feed on their favourite foods. Happening daily at 2.30pm (Extra slot at 10.30am on weekends).

Parrot Paradise

Blue Macaw Keeper Chit-chat
Say “hello!” to the park's Hyacinth macaw in this exclusive keeper chit-chat. Find out more about some of the world’s most unique parrots and how Jurong Bird Park contributes to their conservation. Happening daily at 1.30pm.

$4 per area, per pax

High Flyers Show

Marvel at the natural talents of our star birds and experience a free-flying performance featuring a grand finale of colours and excitement as one of the world’s largest number of birds take centre stage. Happening daily at 11am & 3pm, at Pools Amphitheatre.

Kings of the Skies Show

Get ready for a display of agility and sharp-eyed accuracy as nature’s best flying hunters unleash their predatory instincts in simulated hunts. Happening daily at 10am & 4pm, at Hawk Arena (Extra show at 1pm on weekends).

Birdz of Play (Water Playground)

Get ready for big splashes of fun at the bird-themed water playground! Get soaked by our giant tipping bucket and zip across the dry play zone on the Flying Fox. Opens daily from 9am to 5.30pm. *Two adults can enter Birdz of Play free with every paying child. Proper swimwear is required for guest safety in this area.

Just for comparison sake, a ticket to the park costs $25.50 for an adult and $17 for a child so the good thing about individual gated pricing is you pay for only the attractions that your family wishes to visit.

But even though there are eight gated attractions which require paid admission, there are still plenty of other areas within Jurong Bird Park that can be accessed for FREE!

Places like the:

Flamingo Lake and Flamingo Pool
Pelican Cove
Dinosaur Descendants
Birds of Prey
Window on Paradise: Birds of Paradise
Hornbills & Toucans
Swan Lake
Breeding and Research Centre

So it is still possible to enjoy a leisurely stroll throughout Jurong Bird Park and see the birds without paying a single cent! 🤣

If you have kids who love birds and want some fun for free, Jurong Bird Park is the place to be this September School Holidays!

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Aug 14, 2019

6 Ways The Lab makes it different for kids compared to other Coding Schools

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Let's face it - coding is the new language of the future.

If you didn't already know, all upper primary students (Primary 4 to 6) will attend compulsory coding enrichment classes from next year onwards. The 10-hour Code for Fun programme will teach students computational thinking (this is a HUGE thing and I will get to that in a bit, I promise), coding concepts and problem-based learning.

For Ayd, he has always wanted to pick up coding. In fact, he even tried learning on his own through YouTube videos with varying success. I think it was because there was no structure and curriculum so he could not exactly keep track of what he has and hasn't learnt.

So when The Lab came calling, he was over the moon. Ale was also keen to try coding so together with Ayd, they were signed up for their coding sessions.

The Lab is a coding school with coding programmes for kids aged 4 and above. They are the first Coding and Robotics school in Singapore that runs an adaptive learning management system to personalise each and every student based on their learning abilities and behaviours.

All very good on paper but how about in reality? Ayd and Ale have been attending coding sessions at The Lab for three months now and I have to say I am mightily impressed - by both its curriculum AND learning environment. I have been able to keep track of their progress through The Lab's portal and one of the projects they have completed so far is to write a coding sequence for a motion sensor. For once, they know something that I don't! 😂

So if you are considering to send your child to pick up coding, here are 6 ways The Lab makes it different for kids compared to other coding schools:


The Lab is big on cultivating an innovative learning environment to foster ideas among its students. Hence, the entire premise is modeled on the idea of a playground where there are no walls separating one kid from another, i.e. there is no classroom setting!

And what do kids do best at a playground? They children move and explore, they invent games and stories and they collaborate with peers and negotiate conflicts. Of course, they are also supervised by adults throughout, but they lead their own experience.

And this is exactly what The Lab is all about.

The open concept layout empowers kids by giving them the responsibility towards their own learning progression. Tables are structured in groups of 4 and 8 to increase collaboration with peers.

And unlike in a clasroom setting, The Lab practices flexible seating which allows kids to choose where they work and with whom. Ayd and Ale could be sitting at one table for one session and at another for another week, depending on the project they are working on. Or even on the floor!


Every child is different in his or her own right. Some will pick up coding faster than others, while some will show more interest in various aspects of coding. But if all kids are lumped together in the same classroom and sit through the same coding class, there may be a risk of some kids being not able to catch up... and eventually, lose interest in coding completely.

It is entirely different at The Lab.

What I love about its sessions is kids of various ages can be attending the SAME session together. That is the beauty of the school whereby it has classes for all ages running at the same time.

So Ayd and Ale could be attending the same session at The Lab, but they will be totally doing different things. It all depends on their individual progress, and teachers will be present to provide any assistance if they should require it.

And parents will be able to keep track of their kids' progress remotely, thanks to The Lab's parent portal.

Just log in weekly to get an update of your kids' weekly projects - I can even see the time taken and number of attempts needed to complete each individual challenge, all while sipping my coffee while waiting for them to be done. 😆

And beyond all these data, each student is stringently assessed by a cutting-edge technology system powered by data analytics, supported with highly qualified facilitators. They closely monitor the progress of the student to ensure that he/she is learning in the most efficient way.


For kids who are aged between 10 and 16, the fees are perhaps the most worth it in my opinion. Pay just $280 per month (on a 12-month term) and the kid can attend the coding sessions as many times as he or she wants in a month. Want to go every alternate day to finish your challenges quickly? No problem!


The Lab is the first coding school in Singapore, if not in Asia, to formalize a Computational Thinking and Programming curriculum for students aged 4 and above.

Wait, so what is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking teaches you how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems. It allows you to tackle complex problems in efficient ways that operate at huge scale. It helps you go from specific solutions to general ones.

In short, it is an ESSENTIAL skill for the new world that our kids are growing up in. So even if one does not work in the IT industry in future, developing computational thinking skills teaches you a new way to think about the world.

At The Lab, the student not only learns to be proficient in Python, but also builds skills in computational thinking, logic and problem solving, analytical skills, and information processing. Students who learn how to think computationally increase their ability to think logically, solve complex problems and to think creatively. These skills facilitate and increase a student’s analytically power to better solve traditional school subjects such as Science and Math.


Most coding schools' programmes are not curriculum based and do not have clear learning objectives against which to assess student progress. But The Lab has clear learning objectives and formalized assessment. From the time taken to finish a challenge, to number of attempts taken, all these are captured and recorded in its cloud database, which parents can easily access via the parent portal.

And even better, The Lab’s curriculum is an experiential one as it removes students from traditional classroom setting and allows them to immerse themselves into real-world problems. Its curriculum is well-documented and reviewed by Dr. Oka Kurniawan, who is the Senior Lecturer for Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Kids will learn core computational thinking concepts such as decomposition, pattern recognition, and abstraction as well as programming tools such as flowcharts... stuff which had Ale initially stumped but she gradually picked it up and was writing flowcharts easily. And that really got me impressed!


Equipping a child with coding skills is only one side of the coin but enriching his/her emotional, social, artistic and creative attributes will serve to prepare each child to meet the challenges of the real world. The Lab has in place various programs that aids in student development:

Monthly Members’ Competition
The competition is designed to enhance teamwork and collaborative skills amongst members. The competition requires little coding skills and hence includes members of all levels to learn coding in a fun and competitive way.

The Lab Leaderboard is to introduce excitement, energy and enthusiasm from students. Gamification is introduced into the curriculum to cultivate a fun learning environment for the students.

Participate in National Competitions
The Lab participates in Robotics and STEM related competitions that places a student’s credentials at an advantage, particularly for DSA-SEC (Direct Secondary Admission – Secondary).

Student Industry Tours
The Lab organizes student industry tours. The Lab ethos behind such tours is to expose the students to a different landscape, variety of people thereby encouraging interaction, ignite career inspirations, exchange of ideas and to acquire the knowledge about the basic functionality of a company.

Mentorship Program
The Lab engages established industry veterans to act as Mentors to guide its students in charting a career path ahead in technology. They work to provide insights to aspiring students on specific career sectors, how to get ahead and gain tips to navigate the job market.

On top of it all, The Lab makes it FUN for kids to attend its classes. Ayd and Ale keep bugging me to remember to register them for the following week's session and are genuinely disappointed when they have to miss a session due to some events on certain weeks - which I guess is great testament to the great job that The Lab is doing!

Let your kids try out for one session at The Lab for FREE! Register for the free trial class at Enter the promo code CM$50OFF when you sign up for the free trial to get a $50* off one-time membership fees!

*Not to be applied in conjunction with other discounts

Useful Information

The Lab
Address: Katong V, 30 East Coast Rd #03-15/16, Singapore 428751
Wisteria Mall, 598 Yishun Ring Rd #01-35/36, Singapore 768698 (Opening in Nov 2019)
Tel. No: WhatsApp chat (+65) 8767-4557

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Aug 10, 2019

Just like that, I have one more Teen in the house: Happy 13th Birthday, Ayd!

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According to the dictionary, the definition of 'Teenager' is actually pretty straightforward:  “a young person between 13 and 19 years old”. But as all parents of teenagers know, the reality is much more complex.

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between that ages of 13 and 19, for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years. 😂

And now, I have TWO teenagers in the house!

Yes, Ayd turns thirteen today and boy, what a ride it has been.

It has been 3.5 years since Ayd turned down the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) offer and I have to say things have turned out mightily fine. He got into his secondary school of choice and he is happy... which is what really matters most to the wifey and me.

So Ayd has grown up, but not too grown up yet... stuck in this weird phase between being a little boy sometimes and beginning a new phase as a teenager. Just like his older brother. Kids' menus also don't do it for him anymore and he counts as an adult at buffets, on the plane and in hotels. Still developing and maturing; he still hasn’t quite become a young man, but is quickly getting there.

And with all these, it comes a little more freedom, a lot more responsibility and a big lump in the Papa’s throat.

Thirteen freaking years old.

But beyond the changes in his body chemistry - strange hair emanating from the skin, strange pitches emanating from the voice, and strange aches emanating from the bones as they grow - Ayd is still the kind, goofy, lovable and generous boy that I have known for the past 13 years.

So what I want him to know is this:

Ayd, as you grow and your responsibilities increase, there will be peaks and valleys in life. You are smart, wise, talented and honest (almost to a fault) – these qualities, and so many more to get through anything. And of course, you will always have the greatest support in your Papa and Mummy no matter what happens.

It has truly been a pleasure to watch you grow and mature. And I cannot wait to see what is in store for you. Keep being you, and I will always be your greatest fan.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love you as much you love noodles. Happy 13th Birthday, son!

P.S. I may annoy you now sometimes but there was a time you wanted me to be around so much that you begged me to watch you poop. Remember that.

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Aug 7, 2019

35 Activities for Kids this National Day Super Long Weekend 2019


It's the super super long weekend as National Day is this Friday and Hari Raya Haji falls on a Sunday! FOUR FULL DAYS of holidays as Singapore celebrates her 54th birthday will loads of activities happening this weekend.

No tickets to NDP 2019? No worries, there are other FREE activities lined up on 9th August as well as on other days too. So head out and have fun! 😀

Jalan-Jalan With Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends
6 Aug - 8 Sep 2019
Various Malls

Stroll through streets of magic, from a Mickey-inspired trishaw experience to a Minnie-themed cable car photo opportunity. Plus, get a chance to meet Mickey & Minnie, shop brand-new Disney’s Mickey Go Singapore merchandise and join craft workshops.

Bedok Point
6 to 11 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Main Atrium, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 11 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Causeway Point
6 to 11 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Main Atrium, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 10 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

YewTee Point
12 to 18 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Main Atrium, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 18 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

The Centrepoint
12 to 18 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Main Atrium, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 17 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

20 to 25 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Atrium, Basement 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 25 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Changi City Point
20 to 25 August 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Open Plaza, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 24 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Northpoint City
27 August to 1 September 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | South Atrium, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 31 August 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Waterway Point
3 to 8 September 2019 | 12pm to 8pm | Village Square, West Wing, Level 1
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Meet & Greet: 7 September 2019; 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

KidZania Go! to Our Tampines Hub
8 - 12 Aug 2019; 11am - 8pm
 Our Tampines Hub – Gate 1
Free Admission

Come on down for 5 days of role-play fun at Our Tampines Hub and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be whoever you want to be in the kid-sized City! For more details, vist HERE.

Get Active this National Day
8 - 12 Aug 2019
KidZania Singapore
Admission charges apply

Take part in a variety of activities to commemorate Singapore’s 54th birthday and forge new memories through fun sporting and craft activities.

National Day Parade 2019 Fireworks
9 Aug 2019; 8pm
Marina Bay area & Singapore River


9 Aug 2019; 10am - 9pm
OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Free Admission

Celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday at the Sports Hub National Day Fiesta with the first-ever live dual screen National Day Parade telecast and a range of activities designed to showcase Singapore’s culture. Singaporeans and the wider community can join in the fun at OCBC Square on 9 August from 10am to 9pm.

There is something for everyone in the family, from the young to the young at heart, with the return of Singapore-themed cardio-fusion dance fitness session Sports Hub Workout Lah!, the nostalgia-infused OHANA Games featuring elements of Singapore’s heritage and many other activities. Fitness enthusiasts can also look forward to the bicentennial edition of functional fitness test Red-X Challenge, while those who are looking to celebrate the nation’s birthday are encouraged to come dress in red and enjoy the live dual screen National Day Parade telecast at the OCBC Square or by the waterfront. Visitors can also enjoy the dazzling fireworks from the celebration at Padang! For more details on programmes, visit HERE.

National Day Parade Event @ Marina Barrage
9 Aug 2019; 1pm - 10pm
Marina Barrage
Free Admission

Come celebrate Singapore's National Day whilst also learning more about sustainability as we head towards zero waste. During the event, there will be a variety of activities lined up for you to keep you entertained such as:

- A Sustainable & Lifestyle Marketplace
- Food Trucks
- A Sustainable Trail
- Upcycling Sessions
- Short Films Screenings
- Live Screening of the National Day Parade
- Photo opportunities for the fireworks

National Day Open House
9 Aug 2019: 10am - 9pm | 10 Aug 2019: 10am - 7pm
National Museum of Singapore
Free Admission

Come dressed in your best red-and-white outfit and get ready for two days of fun activities featuring Singapore’s icons, exciting performances and art installations, plus a live screening of the National Day Parade at the NMS front lawn on the 9th! Look out for the friendly Museum Hosts and staff who will be on-site to direct you to the various programmes. For details on various programmes, visit HERE.

Sentosa Celebrates National Day 2019
9 - 12 Aug 2019, Various Timings

Merlion Magic Nights
Dates: 1 Aug - 15 Sep 2019
Magic Lights Timing: 7:45pm-8:05pm | 8:20pm-8:40pm | 8:55pm-9:15pm | 9:30pm-9:45pm

A compilation show of Sentosa's Merlion Magic Lights will be up and running during the National Day festive period to entertain our guests on island.

Auburn Daze
Dates: 9 - 12 Aug 2019
Set Timings: 5:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm

Formed with a fiery passion for music, Auburn Daze is a 3-piece band based in Singapore. Drawing influence from the wide variety of music each member adopts. Expect to be greeted by a medley of hit music in their sets.

Stilt Walkers
Dates: 9 - 12 Aug 2019
Set Timings: 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm

Msukumo Percussion Band
Dates: 9 - 12 Aug 2019
Set Timings: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Msukumo is a collective of energetic and enthusiastic percussionists. Their beats and rhythms are sure to keep you grooving!

Movies by the Beach @ Sentosa
9 - 12 Aug 2019; 8pm
Sapphire Pavilion, Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Free Admission

Join us at our FREE outdoor movie series by the beach, on selected Saturdays! Gather your friends and come on down to Sentosa for an unforgettable evening of entertainment under the stars with delicious food and drinks, and an engaging theatrical line-up combining popular favourites, classics and Hollywood blockbusters.

9 Aug - Spider-Man: Homecoming
10 Aug - Black Panther
11 Aug - Ant-Man and the Wasp
12 Aug - Captain Marvel

National Day Heartland Celebrations 2019
10 Aug 2019
Various locations
Free Admission

There will also be one-day celebrations will be held at Bishan, Geylang Serai, Jurong East, Punggol and Woodlands on 10 August 2019.

📍Bishan: Open field opposite Bishan Circle Line station

📍Geylang Serai: Beside Wisma Geylang Serai

📍Jurong: Open field next to Jurong East MRT station

📍Punggol: Open field next to Punggol Waterway Point

📍Woodlands: Open field opposite Woodlands Bus Interchange, between Woodlands Ave 5 and North Woodlands Link

Each heartland celebration will have a unique feature ranging from family craft activities, interactive game booths, food stalls, exhibitions, and stage performances for Singaporeans from all walks of life to come together in the spirit of National pride. Residents can look forward to drone gaming and laser tag at Bishan, formation performance with umbrellas by residents and students at Woodlands, or even relive nostalgic moments from the past at Punggol through traditional games and old-school treats! Meanwhile, art-lovers can head over to Geylang Serai and Jurong East for whimsical photo-worthy spots with PAssionArts visual art pieces and participate in hands-on art experiences.

Besides the carnivals, Singaporeans can experience up close and personal with photo opportunities with the Mobile Columns that will also be parked at the five sites.

NDP Mobile Column @ Heartlands
10 Aug 2019
Various locations and timings
Gathering points have been marked for those who want to get up close to the vehicles on Saturday. The details of the Mobile Column routes are shown below:




National Day Celebrations @ SAFRA
9 Aug 2019
Free Admission

Celebrate National Day with live screening of the parade, fun-filled activities and giveaways at five SAFRA clubs (except SAFRA Yishun): SAFRA Jurong | SAFRA Mount Faber | SAFRA Punggol | SAFRA Tampines | SAFRA Toa Payoh.

For more details of activities at the respective SAFRA Clubs, visit HERE.

Heritage Hurray!
9 & 10 Aug 2019; 10am - 5pm
Wan Qing Yuan - Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall
Free Admission

Celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday with a weekend of fun-filled activities at the Memorial Hall and immerse yourself in our shared heritage this National Day. Join one of our heritage trails around Balestier and discover the lesser known stories of the precinct or shop till you drop at our first ever cultural bazaar featuring both local and overseas artisans. Younger visitors can enjoy storytelling sessions by veteran storytellers, while others can unleash their inner Picasso in a series of thematic craft workshops! For more information on various programmes, vist HERE.

National Day 2019 @ Indian Heritage Centre
9 & 10 Aug 2019; 10am - 5pm
Indian Heritage Centre
Free Admission

Visit Indian Heritage Centre’s permanent galleries (located at level 4 and 3) and learn about the history of the Indian Community and their contributions to Singapore’s nation-building through artefacts and interactive displays. Take the heritage quiz related to the gallery themes and redeem a free National Day 2019 Fun Pack. Fun Packs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to one Fun Pack per individual.

Other programmes include:

Youth Invasion at IHC - Design your National Day Badge! (10.00am – 3.00pm)
Unleash your creativity this National Day! Design your very own NDP themed badge in this fun craft activity facilitated by student volunteers from River Valley High School.

Youth Invasion at IHC - Traditional Games (10.00am – 4.00pm)
Paramapatham (Snakes & Ladders), Bambaram (Spinning tops), Pallanguzhi, and Carrom. Experience, explore and enjoy Indian and South Asian heritage and culture through these traditional games facilitated by students from ITE College West.

Guided Tours (2.00pm)
Join our free guided tours of the IHC’s permanent galleries, and enrich your understanding of the history of the Indian and South Asian communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Stories to Celebrate!
9 - 11 Aug 2019; 11am
Various locations at Esplanade
Free but pre-registration required

What stories did our forefathers bring with them to this island? What are the stories of Singapura? Go on a roving storytelling tour of Esplanade and discover myths and folktales from India, China and the Malay Archipelago. Follow the storyteller’s clues to find the next location and try to listen to all of their stories! Directed by master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran, these site-specific storytelling experiences are deeply rooted in Asian and regional folklore. This activity consists of three storytelling sessions and will require you to walk from one place to another around Esplanade. There will be breaks in between each session. To register, visit HERE.

SCO Music Oasis 2019 – Our SINGapore Songs
10 Aug 2019; 6pm - 7pm
Singapore Botanic Gardens, Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage
Free Admission

Join us in celebrating Singapore's 54th birthday with Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. An evening of nostalgic and patriotic songs, SCO brings you evergreen favourites such as We are Singapore, Stand Up for Singapore and Voices from the Heart. Feel the musical heartbeat and let’s come dressed in red to celebrate the nation’s birthday!

SSO National Day Concert
10 Aug 2019; 7pm
Esplanade Concert Hall
From $15

Celebrate Singapore’s National Day in this all-Singaporean showcase of homegrown musical flair. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra joins forces with the Singapore Symphony Chorus and Youth Choir directed by conductor Joshua Tan, for a jubilant evening of familiar favourites and new inspirations. This is home, truly, and our music will tell us so.

PAssionArts Festival 2019
Now until 25 Aug 2019
Various timings & locations

The nationwide PAssionArts Festival returns this year from 6 July to 25 August 2019. As part of a special-edition national-level art initiative presented by PAssionArts this year, some 200 “gardens” will pop up around the island at open spaces in residential estates from July till September! These 200 “Garden of HeARTs”, located at community locations, will bloom with 4,000 multi-coloured big, medium, and small hearts hand-painted by residents and young families, capturing their hopes and dreams. For the full event schedule, download the programme booklet HERE.


Our Heartstrings @ South East
10 Aug 2019 | 5pm - 8.30pm | Wisma Geylang Serai

Whimsical Arts Wonderland 2
10 Aug 2019 | 3pm - 8pm | Open field beside Circle Line Bishan MRT station

National Day Concert @ Gardens by the Bay
10 & 11 Aug 2019; 4pm - 9.30pm
The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Free Admission

Come celebrate our nation's birthday during the National Day long weekend! Join in the fun for two days of exciting performances by Singapore's best, including Dick Lee, Kit Chan, Jasmine Sokko, Kumar, Aisyah Aziz and many more! Don't miss fun family activities, food trucks, a chance to get up-close and personal with your favourite local celebrities and so much more! You can also get a free gift while stocks last. Dress in your best red and white attire too! For more details on schedules, visit HERE.

Weekends in the Park: Workshops
10 & 11 Aug 2019
9am - 6pm
East Coast Park, Parkland Green
Free Admission

Come together with friends and family of all age groups to experience sustainable upcycling, makers’ movement, and learn something new. Every monthly edition focuses on a new skill to learn, accompanied by different upcycling and crafting activities. This month, the focus is on Pottery!

*All activities are on a first-come, first-served basis. While stocks last.

AIA Family Fest 2019
10 & 11 Aug 2019
10am - 10pm
The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Free Admission

Look forward to a jam-packed programme for the entire family along Singapore’s glorious waterfront. This year’s festival will reminisce the best of yesteryears, getting active with the AIA Singapore Premier League teams, having a go at the Spartan Kids’ obstacles and participating in adventures that will be the blueprint of our future! You might even come face-to-face with our very own ex-National football players and AIA Buddy! Check out specially curated workshops for those seeking to learn a craft or two, or simply chill with us over a movie marathon under the stars. For more details, visit HERE.

Celebrating Our Nation's Pride with Lion City Brass Band
11 Aug 2019; 3pm & 6.30pm
Esplanade Concert Hall

Enjoy an exhilarating performance as the Lion City Brass Band, led by Music Director Ignatius Wang, presents an exciting concoction of virtuosic brass music, local tunes and National Day Parade favourites!

KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities
Now until 18 Aug 2019
Tues - Fri: 4.30pm, 8pm | Sat: 4.30pm, 8pm | Sun: 1.30pm, 5pm
Under the Big Top, Bayfront Ave, Beside Marina Bay Sands
From $95

Cirque du Soleil comes to Singapore with its most acclaimed touring show, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities. Kurios celebrates the greatest inventions of the 19th century, as audience members are transported into the Curio Cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimensions in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible become invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is turned upside down. For tickets, visit HERE.

PLAYtime! 2019 : Us
10 - 25 Aug 2019
Tue - Fri : 9.30am & 11.00am | Sat - Sun : 11.00am* & 4.00pm
*11.00am show is not applicable for 24 Aug 19 | No Shows on 12, 19, 20 & 23 Aug 19 
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Discover courage, empathy and kindness as your kids navigate life’s big firsts with PLAYtime! 2019! Peek into the lives of two best friends as their world is turned upside down when another friend wants to play too. Through movement, music and fun, join Us as we explore loneliness, understanding, empathy and love. Discover the importance of friends and how simple acts of kindness can change the world. For tickets, visit HERE.

This is Home, truly
Now until 31 Aug 2019
Singapore Zoo, River Safari & Jurong Bird Park
Admission charges apply

Come party with your extraordinary fellow Singaporeans at the wildlife parks in celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday this August. Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Singapore Zoo will run themed activities around Singapore’s native species through August.

What do the Asian small-clawed otter, crab-eating macaque and oriental pied hornbill have in common? They are part of our native wildlife so you can consider them your fellow Singaporeans too. Learn more about them and other wild Singaporeans at our Love Your Neighbours activity booths. Earn yourself a well-deserved exclusive animal pin when you complete the activities.

Singapore Zoo is not just home to the animals under its care, it serves as a rich habitat for local biodiversity as well. Sign up for a guided nature walk and take the opportunity to see Singapore Zoo before its opening hours. If luck is on your side, you may even spot native animals like the Sunda colugo, spotted wood owl or straw-headed bulbul. For more details on activities, visit HERE.

PROMOTION! Local residents visiting Jurong Bird Park, River Safari or Singapore Zoo can get a second admission at 54 per cent of the original price with every paying adult. Promotion is valid from 1 – 31 August except 9 – 12 August 2019.

Now until 31 Aug 2019
11am - 10pm
Marina Foyer (area along McDonald's till Desigual), Marina Square

Photo opportunities galore! Specially created photo stations will put visitors in enviably fun scenarios. Strike a pose among the clouds with unicorns and rainbows, get behind mermaid icons in an underwater scene, transform yourself into a popular poo emoji™, and climb aboard oversized floats in a fun-filled ball pit. There will also be 15 life-sized 3D emoji™ in the world’s favourite expressions and a full-size know-your-emoji™ panel that’ll help you put a name to your favourite icons. Without doubt, it’s a full immersion into an emoji™ world IRL!

Now until 31 Aug 2019
Science Centre, The Annexe
$18/ adult, $15/ child, $52/ family

Discover how different fields of science work together in a real-life dinosaur expedition at Science Centre Singapore’s latest exhibition, DinoQuest. Also, find out more about the science of palaeontology and the process of fossilisation.

Curated by world-renowned palaeontologist Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, DinoQuest spans across seven thematic zones that promise a multi-sensory experience like no other. An ambitious gamification creation that blends the latest multimedia technology, from holographic mapping to augmented and virtual reality environments, with dramatic fossil displays and ancient backdrops, be transported into a long extinct world. Embark on the quest to find out if you have what it takes to be a Palaeontologist extraordinaire! For more details, visit HERE.

Circle of Life Festival
Now until 31 Aug 2019
Singapore Zoo & Night Safari
Admission charges apply

Hakuna Matata. It’s time to put your worries away and join us for a fun-filled day! Welcome to the Circle of Life Festival. This day-to-night wildlife experience promises to take you on an extra wild adventure to explore what shines in the light and what lurks in the dark. Meet the real animals seen in all new Disney's The Lion King like Mufasa, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, the laughing hyenas and other favourite characters from Pride lands. For more details on Singapore Zoo's and Night Safari's activities, visit HERE.

Now until 1 Sep 2019
Tue - Fri: 7.30pm | Sat: 2pm & 7.30pm | Sun: 1pm & 6.30pm
Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands
From $68

From the producer of The Lion King, the beloved story of Aladdin comes to life in this spectacular new musical. Breathtaking sets, mind-blowing special effects, over 300 lavish costumes and a fabulous cast bring the magic of Disney’s Aladdin to life on stage. Featuring all the songs from the classic Academy award winning film, including “Friend like Me”, “A Whole New World” and “Arabian Nights”, prepare to experience the unmissable theatrical magic that is Aladdin. For tickets, visit HERE.

Singapore Night Festival 2019 Curtain Raiser
8 Aug - 8 Sep 2019
8 - 22 Aug, 1 - 8 Sep 2019: 10am - 7pm
23 - 24 Aug, 29 - 31 Aug 2019: 10am - 12mn
25 - 28 Aug 2019: 10am - 10pm
National Museum of Singapore
Free Admission

Even though the actual festival begins on 23 August 2019, THREE installations will be opened to the public on 8 August 2019, at the National Museum of Singapore... and they are FREE to visit! Ofthe three, WHISPERS is the one not to be missed. For more photos and details, visit my previous post HERE.

Fantastic Mr Fox in Mandarin了不起的狐狸爸爸
Now until 8 Sep 2019
Weekdays: 10am | Weekends , 12 Aug : 11am & 2pm
9 Aug, 17 Aug & 25 Aug: 11am | 8 Sep: 11am & 2pm | 28 Aug: 10am & 2pm
KC Arts Centre
From $26

Watch Fantastic Mr Fox in Mandarin! Fantastic Mr Fox is a classic tale of goodies and baddies. It is an inspiring story about the brave and clever Mr Fox who, with the help of his family and friends, outsmarts three farmers’ nasty schemes in order to provide food for the animal community. Filled with humour and packed with action, this is a fantastic show to be enjoyed by children of all ages. For tickets, visit HERE.

From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience
Now until 15 Sep 2019
Time Traveller: Monday: 0830 – 1730 | Tuesday – Sunday: 0830 – 2200
Pathfinder: Monday – Sunday: 0830 – 2230
Echoes: Tuesday – Sunday: 1900 – 2230
Fort Canning Centre (5 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179620)

As the centrepiece event of the Singapore Bicentennial, this multimedia sensory experience brings you back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299. It comprises of two parts - Time Traveller and Pathfinder. The first is an indoor cinematic, immersive journey which requires pre-booking of time slots while the latter is an outdoor exploratory trail featuring eight interactive pavilions and installations with no pre-registration required. Read more about my experience HERE.

Orchid Extravaganza
Now until 15 Sep 2019; 9am - 9pm
Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
Admission charge applies
*Singapore residents enjoy $4 off admission rates to Flower Dome from 5 to 31 aug 2019!

This year’s Orchid Extravaganza celebrates Singapore’s pop culture with a creative spin on familiar icons, as seen through the eyes of multi-talented Singaporean singer-songwriter Dick Lee. Melding floral artistry and pop art, the orchid display features landmarks and objects that have become part of local culture. From housing to recreation and food, these have been given a playful makeover under the creative direction of Dick Lee and designer Yang Derong, to reflect Singapore’s unique blend of tradition and modernity. They stand out amidst a colourful landscape of over 15,000 orchids, comprising more than 80 varieties including heritage orchids such as Aranthera Anne Black, Aranda Bertha Braga and Dendrobium Tay Swee Keng.

Now until 22 Sep 2019; 10am - 7pm daily
ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm daily
From $15 per Adult & $11 per Child for Singapore residents

Wonderland is a playful and interactive exhibition for all ages, based on Lewis Carroll’s timeless stories of Alice and her adventures. Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind exhibition which follows Alice’s journey through popular culture and reveals how artists and filmmakers have portrayed Alice and her story for over a century. Visitors will step into an enchanted world that draws together a remarkable selection of over 300 artefacts and objects, including first edition books, drawings, original costumes, films, magic lantern projectors, and more. Developed by Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), this immersive exhibition makes the first stop of its global tour at ArtScience Museum. Visit the Website for more information.

Floating Utopias
Now until 29 Sep 2019
10am - 7pm
ArtScience Museum
From $15 per Adult & $11 per Child for Singapore residents

Floating Utopias is a playful and poetic exhibition that explores the social history of inflatable objects, showing how, over the decades, they have been used in art, architecture and activism. Floating Utopias reveals the impact inflatables continue to have on our collective imagination. The exhibition juxtaposes historical and contemporary works, featuring over 40 artworks by international and local artists, as well as hands-on workshops and interventions in urban space.

Inflatables invite us to be playful and to reclaim public space; they help to forge communities and promote participation. Their disruptive, ephemeral presence challenges power structures, by reminding us that after all, everything is temporary. For more information, visit HERE.

Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder
Now until 29 Dec 2019
Sat–Thu: 10am–7pm | Fri: 10am–9pm
National Gallery Singapore
Free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). Ticket prices start at $20 for others

Back for the second edition, the Children’s Biennale has opened at the National Gallery Singapore from now and will run all the way until 29 December 2019. This year’s exhibition is themed ‘Embracing Wonder’ and invites kids all all ages to experience a new dimension of creativity and open themselves up to wondrous surprises. Through 11 imaginative artwork installations, kids can embrace a fantastic, magical world by composing their own tunes, braiding giant tresses, wandering beneath massive lanterns, popping into a dome, and more. And the best part? It is all FREE for for Singaporeans and PRs! Read more about our experience HERE.

I-Opener by Playeum
Now until 26 Apr 2020
Tues - Sun: 10am - 6pm (Closed on Mondays)
$22 per child (1-12) | Accompanying adult: Free | Additional accompanying adult: $10

I-Opener features the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds co-created by individuals with various disabilities, and also without. It invites kids aged 1 to 12 to explore their senses through play and the arts.

As we all know, the senses - sight, touch and hearing all play an important role in a child’s discovery of the world as well as their social-emotional development. But more than that, this exhibition DIFFERS from Playeum's previous exhibitions in that instead of just introducing the art of play to kids, it allows kids to step into the world of those with special needs and experience the way how they interact, play and sense the world around them. Read my review HERE.

200: A Natural History
4 Jun 2019 - Jun 2020
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Admission charges apply

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum's Bicentennial exhibition, ‘200: A Natural History’ will showcase more than two centuries of Singapore’s natural history.

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