Nov 17, 2018

SuperPark Singapore: Finally, an Indoor Adventure Playground that parents can play together with their kids!

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SuperPark is exactly what its name suggests - an amazing, purpose-built, HUGE indoor activity park with tons of activities for EVERYONE - no matter how young or old you are. It is a playground for all and quite frankly, the monkies LOVED it!

First launched in Finland in 2012, SuperPark was started by a Dad who found that he couldn't enjoy the activities at the indoor playgrounds with his daughter as they are usually built for kids. With SuperPark, it is meant for the entire family – a place where toddlers, kids, teens and adults can all have fun in one park, whether you are scaling walls, jumping on trampolines or smashing balls at one another!

And with over 13 SuperParks in Finland, it has finally come to Singapore at Suntec City!

My first impressions? It is like a gigantic adventure playground, game arena, and sports park all rolled into one for just one single ticket price. And it is awesome!


Spread over two floors, SuperPark Singapore's first level is where all the adrenaline-pumping activities are located while the second level is geared towards younger kids and toddlers. Its activities can be divided into 3 main areas:


Flying Fox
(Level 1)

Whizz away on a zipline and get to smash into a wall of foam at the very end!

Kids' Freestyle Area
(Level 1)

If you have young kids and brought them to trampoline parks, you will know the fear of bigger kids colliding into them is very real. At SuperPark Singapore, there is a dedicated area specially for younger kids and it comes complete with with trampolines, foam pit and climbing walls!

Pedal Car Track
(Level 2)

Racing around the indoor park using leg power? I think it's something kids cannot get enough of. And best of all, the pedal cars comes in both kid and adult sizes!

Sliding Mountains
(Level 2)

Great for young kids, because who can say no to slides???

Tube Slide
(Level 1)

For older kids, there is the more thrilling Tube Slide. Drag your personal tube-tyre up the hill and slide all the way back down! And repeat.

Kids' Adventure City
(Level 1)

Yes, SuperPark Singapore is so big that it even has its own indoor playground! However, when we were there, it was still undergoing final touches so we didn't get to experience it.

Kids' Gym
(Level 2)

Consisting of a mini obstacle course, climbing wall and ball pit, this is heaven for kids aged six and below.

Ninja Course
(Level 1)

Older kids can channel their Ninja Warrior at this obstacle course and clear it in the shortest time possible. I think this was one of Ale's faves!


If you have tweens and teens in the family, this is the area that will get them excited. Both Ash and Ayd collectively let out a 'Woah' when they first set their sight on all the activities available to them.

(Level 2)

Now this is entertaining chaos at its best! Split into 2 teams and try to shoot as many goals before the time is up. I guess this is the only time where kids can legitimately whack their parents with balls without getting scolded. πŸ˜‚

(Level 1)

Try to score bragging rights over this robot goalkeeper!

(Level 1)

Step into the batting cage to practice your swing. And trust me when I say it is definitely not easy as it looks!

(Level 1)

An exciting digital basketball game that can be played by up to 3 people at the same time. Shoot as many hoops as you can before the timer runs out.

(Level 1)

Pinball game where you use your own feet and normal size footballs to score as many points within a time limit.

(Level 2)

It is like the bowling ball game at the arcade, but on a larger scale and with basketballs.Terribly addictive!

Street Basketball
(Level 1)

Just a pure, simple basketball match with friends.


Trampoline Platform
(Level 1)

All the trampolines one can jump... sure beats going to just a trampoline park, no?

Augmented Climbing Wall
(Level 1)

This is NOT your average indoor rock-climbing wall! This wall has integrated digital aspects with different kinds of games to increase the challenge.

Clip 'N' Climb Walls
(Level 1)

No need to wait for your kids to drive you up the wall, do it youself at these colourful walls! LOL. Do note that proper footwear has to be worn for this activity.

Or there is always the good ol' rock climbing walls.

Skate and Scoot World
(Level 1)

SuperPark's famous skate and scoot park, complete with awesome ramps, rails, and kickers... where anything goes. Hone your skills with a skateboard or scooter but remember, covered shoes have to be worn here.

Gymnastic Area
(Level 1)

For those aspiring gymnastswho cannot get enough of cartwheels, tumbles and flips!

And if you wish to take a breather from all the activities, there are always the foosball and ice hockey tables to take that family rivalry up a notch. Heh.

Or dabble in a little bit of parkour... minus the risks, digital style.

Ticket prices start from $22 for access to the park on weekdays (exlcuding public holidays and school holidays) from 6pm to 9pm. A full-day ticket costs $35 on weekdays.

As for weekends, public holidays and school holidays, there are 3 time slots to choose from or you can buy the full-day access ticket as well.

Some points to note if you are plannign a trip down with the kids:

- There is NO price difference for adults and children but children below 3 years old get free admission.
- SuperPark grip socks are always required while you are in the park. Ticket price excludes socks; SGD$3 per pair.
- Do book your tickets online in advance to ensure you enter at your preferred time slot.
- Lockers are available, free of charge.
- There are toilets located within the premise.
- There are no food and bevarage sold within the park.

Can I just say all of us in the family LOVE SuperPark Singapore? I think part of the draw is the fact there is something for every interest of every age. Whether you are a toddler, kid, teen, young adult or a parent, there is sure to be an activity that you will enjoy.

The best part is whatever activity you choose, parent and child can do it together... unlike other indoor playgrounds.

I love how SuperPark offers an opportunity for BOTH kids and parents to get active together, and we don't have to be at the mercy of Singapore's fickle weather! The only hard part? Having to drag away the kids when the time is up!

Useful Information

SuperPark Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 1, #02-477 (North Wing), Singapore 038989
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 9pm | Sat, Sun, Public and School Holidays, 9am – 9pm
Ticket Prices: From $22. Visit HERE for more information.

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Nov 16, 2018

Christmas Shows and Meet & Greets at the Shopping Malls 2018

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Another year, another round of Christmas shows and Meet & Greets at the shopping malls. πŸ˜‚ The queues at the malls during this festive season may be insane but seeing the joy on our kids faces when they see their favourite cartoon characters prancing on stage is priceless, no?

So this year is the 11th year I have been compiling this list. And I dare say that this is the only list you will ever need this year-end school holidays if you are looking for information on the Meet & Greet happenings around Singapore. If you have found them to be useful all these while, do share this post with your family and friends too. 😊

*For other kid-friendly activities happening this school holidays, check out my other listing here:

Tanglin Mall Presents Christmas Winterland!
Now until 1 Jan 2019
Weekdays - Avalanche 7.30pm - 7.45pm | Snow 7.45pm - 8pm
Weekends - Avalanche 7.30pm - 7.45pm & 8.30pm - 8.45pm | Snow 7.45pm - 8pm & 8.45pm - 9pm
Tanglin Mall

SANTA WORKSHOP (1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 & 23 Dec 2018 – Level 2 Atrium)

Santa Meet & Greet / Sing-a-long and Story-Telling session : 12noon, 3pm & 6pm
Santa Claus will be here to share stories and sing-a-long with us this festive season. Take a photo with Santa for a memento with no minimum spend. Limited to first 30 families per session, please bring along own camera.

Christmas Workshops : 1.45pm
Spend $30 to join in the fun craft workshop. Limited to first 20 participants age between 5 to 12 years per session. Pre-registration is required at Information Counter, Level 2.

Tea Party: 8 & 9 Dec | 4.30pm
Spend $150 to join in the fun. Limited to first 15 participants age between 5 to 12 years per session. Pre-registration is required at Information Counter, Level 2.

Christmas Ecuadorian band performance (21, 22 & 23 Dec | 4.30pm – Level 2 Atrium)
KAYNA, a 6-piece ensemble, performing an extensive repertoire that will be bringing out the contemporary Christmas Carols in their own interpretation!

The Trolls' Poppy & Branch MEET & GREET
17 & 18 Nov 2018
12pm, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm
Junction 8, L2 Atrium

Meet the Night King and White Walkers from Game of Thrones
17, 18, 24 & 25 Nov 2018
11am & 2pm
Singapore Zoo, Near Otter exhibit

Feel the breath of cold air, the Night King and his White Walkers are here for his ice dragon. Make sure you have your cameras ready for this rare occasion.

Meet & Greet We Bare Bears
Frasers Property Malls

Bedok Point
17 & 18 November 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, Atrium

The Centrepoint
20, 21, 22 & 24 November 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, Atrium

23 & 25 November 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Basement 1, Atrium

Causeway Point
29 November to 2 December 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, Main Atrium

Waterway Point
6 to 9 December 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, Village Square

Changi City Point
12 & 14 December 2018: 1pm
16 December 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Event Area, Level 1 (near PUMA)

YewTee Point
13 & 15 December 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, Atrium

Northpoint City
20 to 23 December 2018: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1, North Atrium

Christmas @ Greenvich V
17 Nov - 29 Dec 2018
Greenvich V

Gateway To Space @ J8
19 Nov - 2 Dec 2018; 11am - 9pm
Junction 8

Gateway To Space, includes 4 Activities (Space Pass to enter):

Straight Into Space
Strap on for an immersive VR experience and journey through the cosmos. Thrill level customisable at 180ΒΊ/360ΒΊ turns.

Reach For The Stars
Make it a surreal moment to remember as you walk a ‘starlit’ path.

Galaxy Explorers
Look forward to a space odyssey in this VR movie segment.

Instant Cheer
Round up your fun time at our rocket claw machine with $20,000 worth of exciting prizes up for grabs!

Redeem a Space Pass for an out-of-this-world experience when you spend $50.

Hi-5 Christmas Celebration
21 Nov - 4 Dec 2018
Mon – Fri: 2pm & 7pm | Sat & Sun: 2pm, 5pm & 7pm (No shows/ Meet & Greet on Thurs)
United Square

Everyone’s favorite megastars - Hi-5 is returning to town! Join Bailey, Courtney, Joe, Lachie and Shay as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, serenading fans with their high energy dancing and singing. Simply spend $50 in a single same-day retail receipt to qualify for one Meet & Greet Pass.

Pikachu Meet & Greet
AMK HUB: 24 – 25 Nov (Sat & Sun), 7pm; 1 – 2 Dec (Sat & Sun), 7pm;  8 – 9 Dec (Sat & Sun), 7pm; 15 – 16 Dec (Sat & Sun), 7pm; 21 – 24 Dec (Fri – Mon), 7pm

THOMSON PLAZA: 8 – 9 Dec (Sat & Sun), 5pm; 15 – 16 Dec (Sat & Sun), 2pm

JURONG POINT: 30 Nov (Fri), 4pm; 1 – 2 Dec (Sat & Sun), 2pm; 7 Dec (Fri), 4pm; 8 – 9 Dec (Sat & Sun), 2pm; 14 Dec (Fri), 4pm; 15 – 16 Dec (Sat & Sun), 2pm; 21 Dec (Fri), 4pm; 22 – 23 Dec (Sat & Sun), 2pm

Pikachu and Eevee Dance Parade
Come and witness for the first time ever in Singapore the Eevee and Pikachu dance parade! Comprising of a total of 6 mascots, this is a sight you won’t want to miss!

AMK HUB: 7 – 9 Dec (Fri – Sun), 3pm & 14 – 16 Dec (Fri – Sun), 7pm
THOMSON PLAZA: 8 – 9 Dec (Sat & Sun), 7pm &  22 – 23 Dec (Sat & Sun), 7pm
JURONG POINT: 14 Dec (Fri), 3pm; 15 – 16 Dec (Sat & Sun), 3pm; 21 Dec (Fri), 7pm & 22 – 23 Dec (Sat & Sun), 4pm

Thomas' World of Adventure Live Show
30 Nov - 9 Dec 2018
Tue –Fri: 1pm & 7pm daily | Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm daily

NEX Atrium, Level 1

Exciting adventures around the world await you this Christmas at NEX! Come join Thomas the Tank Engine as he make his first Live! Show appearance following the recent feature film, Thomas & Friends BIG WORLD! BIG ADVENTURES!. Redeem a photo pass with $30 spent per receipt. Limited to 50 passes per session. All passes are available 1 hour before each session from the Atrium, Level 1.

Robocar Poli Christmas Live Show
30 Nov - 16 Dec 2018
Tue & Wed: 3pm & 7pm | Thur - Sun: 1pm, 3pm & 7pm (No shows on Mon)
Marina Square, Central Atrium

Jingle all the way around Brooms Town with Robocar Poli and friends at Marina Square this Christmas! Come join us for the best Brooms Town Christmas ever and celebrate the festive season with Poli, Helly, Amber and Roy from the popular South Korean cartoon series Robocar Poli! The first 60 families in the queue at each session will also have the opportunity to meet and greet these lovable characters on stage. Meet & Greet passes will be distributed at the entrance 20 minutes prior to each session, on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Christmas Cheer @ West Mall
30 Nov - 23 Dec 2018
West Mall

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Velocity 
30 Nov – 30 Dec 2018
11am - 8pm
Velocity Mall, Main Atrium Level 1

Be awed by an 8.5m height hot air balloon centerpiece and get a chance to hop on for a ride! To top off there are various interactive zones that will stimulate your senses and you can enjoy ‘balloon-gazing’ within a 6m dome while being surrounded in a field of hot air balloons. A pair of entry tickets can be redeemed at the Customer Service Counter located at L1 near Cotton On when shoppers spend $50. (max. 2 pair of tickets per shopper per redemption per day).

Sylvanian Families Meet & Greet
1, 2, 8 & 9 Dec 2018
1pm & 5.30pm
Square 2

1 – 16 Dec 2018 (except Monday)
Tue - Fri: 2pm and 7pm | Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm and 7pm

City Square Mall, L1 Stage

Our favourite purple dinosaur is back at City Square Mall with a brand-new musical show with BJ and Baby Bop. ‘Tis the season to be jolly so put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a song and dance extravaganza with a line-up of ultimate Barney hits along with some all-time seasonal favourites!

1 – 16 December 2018 (except Monday)
Tue - Fri: 2.30pm and 7.30pm | Sat & Sun: 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 7.30pm
L1 Stage
Get up close and personal with the loveable dinosaurs after their LIVE show when you spend a minimum of $50 at City Square Mall. The first 50 shoppers will get to redeem a Meet & Greet pass, as well as a ticket to dive into the ball pit at the Magical Carnival. Redemptions start an hour prior to each show.

Great World City x HappiPlayground Christmas Meet & Greet
1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 & 23 Dec 2018
1pm & 5pm
Great World City, L1 (in front of Zara)

Take photos with your favourite HappiPlayground mascots with no minimum spend. Limited to first 30 families per session.

Wings of Wonder @ Bukit Panjang Plaza
3 - 9 Dec 2018; 12pm - 10pm
Bukit Panjang Plaza, L2 Atrium

Step into a colourful world of butterflies, featuring a variety of species of more than 80 butterflies including Singapore’s national butterfly (voted by the nation), and a pupa house, all within an indoor aviary! You’ll get to have an up-close encounter with the lovely butterflies and learn more about them from the guides.

Have some fun creating your own Christmas Card with real butterfly wings and Hot Air Balloon Ornament. Plus, take a picture for keepsake at the fun Instagram photobooth. Simply spend a min. of $30 (max. 3 same-day receipts) between 3 Dec and 9 Dec to redeem a pair of entry passes to the event. 

Shimmer & Shine Christmas Show
7 - 20 Dec 2018
Mon – Fri: 2pm & 7pm | Sat & Sun: 2pm, 5pm & 7pm (No Shows / Meet & Greet on Tues)
United Square

Do not miss Shimmer & Shine’s first-ever stage show in United Square as the genies enchant kids and families with a medley of song and dance! Get up close and personal with these loveable genies and redeem exclusive Shimmer and Shine reversible bag or umbrella with a minimum spending. Spend $50 in a single same-day retail receipt at United Square to take a photo with the genies. Limited photo passes will be issued one hour before each show.

7 - 9  & 14 - 16 Dec 2018
1pm; 2.30pm & 4pm
FORUM Mall, Basement 1 Atrium

Come meet magical friends Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash! Don't forget to take a photo for keepsake!

Sesame Street Show
7 - 23 Dec 2018 (Fri to Sun only)
2pm & 7pm
Suntec City, North Atrium

Join in the fun with Elmo and his friends this Christmas! Let the kiddos sing and dance along to infectious and groovy Christmas hits as they share their favourite moments of Christmas onstage. Through original choreography and spirited dance moves, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie will be a hit with the kids.

Dinosaur Train Meet & Greet
8 Dec 2018; 1.30pm & 3.30pm
UE Square

Sweet Season of Joy @ Lot One
10 - 16 Dec 2018; 12pm - 10pm
Lot One, L1 Atrium

Get ready for a sweet escapade this holiday season at the sweet-treats inspired carnival, filled with Insta-worthy themed rooms and fun game stations! Upload your pictures on Instagram and hashtag #LotOneChristmas to get your photos printed for free!

Bring out the kid in you and showcase your hidden talents at the game stations such as Donut-hit, Lolli-hoops and more. That’s not all, you’ll also get to create your very own Christmas bauble and check out the range of Christmas gift items at the carnival too.

Simply spend a min. of $30 between 10 Dec and 16 Dec to redeem a same-day entry pass to the event. Early Bird Special – From Monday to Friday, the first 30 shoppers per day with an entry pass to complete all the event activities will each receive 5,000 STAR$.

Disney on Ice Mickey’s Super Celebration
24 - 30 Dec 2018; 11am - 9pm
United Square, B1 Atrium

Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday! Get ready to be engaged in fun-filled activities which incorporate Mickey Mouse and Friends, Finding Dory, Moana, Frozen 2, Toy Story, Inside Out and Fantasia. What’s more, grab this opportunity to meet & greet Mickey without having to wait in a long line.

I'll add to the list as soon as other shows are made known. So do bookmark this post for future updates.


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