May 29, 2023

The Seletar Mall has Arcade Games, Giant Inflatable, Sure-win Capsule Machine for this June School Holidays 2023

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The June School Holidays are in full swing and all parents in Singapore will know what that means - how to keep the kids occupied for 4 weeks!

No worries, because The Seletar Mall has got you covered... be it shopping, dining or entertainment. It’s a one-stop destination for all things fun and fabulous!

Sir Little’s Adventure Park

Dates: 2 to 18 June 2023

Location: L1 Atrium

Kids and their parents get to embark on an interactive adventure with Sir Little & Friends where they will get to play a variety of arcade machines and even a bouncy castle!

Variety of game stations include: 

- Mario Kart

- Bishi Bashi

- LED Air Hockey table 

- Arcade Basketball

- Inflatable Soccer Goal (Score all 3 balls to win!)

- Unicorn Wonderland Bouncy Castle

There’s nothing quite like a massive, colossal inflatable that will have the kiddos bouncing around and having an absolute blast! It’s bound to be an epic adventure of bouncing, laugh-out-loud time!

To participate, simply spend a min. of $40 in a single same-day receipt to redeem a pass.

S³ Rewards Members Exclusive! GOOD NEWS! You get to redeem TWO passes with the same minimum spend.

Blazin’ Rewards

Score Blazin’ Rewards when you shop, dine or play at The Seletar Mall from now till 25 June 2023!

Tier 1

Spend a min. of $60* for a token to play the sure-win capsule machine for attractive token prizes, tenant vouchers or S³ bonus points.

S³ Rewards Members Exclusive! Spend a min. of $50* for a token.

Limited to the first 100 redemptions per day.

Tier 2

Spend a min. of $90* to redeem a $5 CPM Voucher.

S³ Rewards Members Exclusive! Spend a min. of $80* to redeem.

Limited to the first 50 redemptions per day.

*Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day. Max 3 same-day receipts. Inclusive of FairPrice Finest receipts. While stocks last. Other T&Cs apply.

Summer Bonanza Lucky Draw

From now till 25 June 2023, spend a min. of $40* (inclusive of FairPrice Finest receipts) for one lucky draw chance.

S³ Rewards Members Exclusive! Spend a min. of $40* to get double the chances!

Prizes include:

1st Prize: OSIM uDivine V Massage Chair worth $5,199

2nd Prize: OSIM uGlow Beauty Series worth $536

3rd Prize: OSIM uSqueez Hand Massager (Black) worth $299

4th Prize: OSIM uMist Aroma Humidifier worth $199

5th Prize: OSIM uPamper Lite Handheld Messager worth $199

*Max. 5 chances per shopper per day, max 10 chances per S³ member per day.

Max. 3 same-day receipts. Other terms and conditions apply.

The Seletar Mall x Dignity Mama

Summer Book Donation Drive

In partnership with Dignity Mama, a social enterprise, you can donate your preloved books to support adults with special needs to help them gain basic entrepreneurial skills and lead independent lives.

To donate, you can drop off your pre-loved books at the Information Counter located at Basement 2 from now till 25 June 2023.

New S³ Rewards Member Sign-Up Perks

If you are not an S³ Rewards Member, sign up now to earn rewards!

From now to 25 June 2023, sign up as a new S³ Rewards Member with the promo code <TSMJUNE23> and not only will you enjoy exclusive perks (like the ones I mentioned above), you will also receive 500 bonus points.

Simply scan the QR code below to download the app.

Better hurry, as the new sign-up promo code is only limited to the first 500 new sign-ups! 

Other terms and conditions apply.

Get ready for an unforgettable June Holiday experience at The Seletar Mall, where you’ll find a delightful array of play activities, fabulous spend-and-redeem promotions, and incredible prizes up for grabs! It’s the ultimate destination to make your June Holidays an absolute blast like no other! 

I know where I will be - and yes, I have already signed up as an S³ Rewards Member (that means there are only 499 more new sign-ups up for grabs)! 😆

Visit HERE for more details!

Follow The Seletar Mall's Facebook & Instagram page to stay updated!

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May 10, 2023

Tourist Shuttle Bus from Taipei to Shifen with 6 DIY Tour Itineraries + Travel Packages GIVEAWAY!

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If you are planning a trip to Taiwan this or next year, read on because there's now an easier way to get around - PLUS, you may just win a travel package too! 😁

The last time we visited Taipei, Taiwan was in 2008 and I've got the photo to prove it. 

This was taken more than 15 years ago - and Ale wasn't even born then!😱

Since then, a lot have changed but some of the attractions within Taipei and New Taipei City remain popular with tourists... like Jiufen, Yehliu Geopark, Wulai Hot Springs, Pingxi, Shifen and many more!

But truth is, if you are not self-driving, it can get a little tricky to get to the outlying areas in New Taipei City. Visitors, especially families with kids, usually hire a private driver or join a day tour. So it is not really straightforward to move around on your own.

BUT GREAT NEWS! Did you know there is now a Tourist Shuttle Bus service that takes you from Taipei all the way to Shifen? Plus, it makes stops along the way at major tourist attractions too!

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 (台灣好行795) lets tourists conveniently board at the bus stop at Muzha MRT Station (Exit 2) and they will be able to hop on and off the bus at various stops like Jingtong Keng, Pingxi Old Street, Tianzi, Qinghe or Shifenliao (Old Street).

How convenient is that???

Some of the highlights that Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 stops at include:

A2 Shenkeng Old Street

Shenkeng Old Street boasts a hundred-year-old tofu culture and is famous for “The Tofu Town” and the distribution center of Tamsui-Kavaian South Trails.

A3-1 Wenshan Coal Mine

Located at Zhong Min village of Shiding district, Wenshan Coal Mine was a famous coal mine field of Greater Wenshan area. From Wenshan Coal Mine along Shi Ba Zhong stream, you can walk about 300 meters and arrive at Sun Gertain Eco Farm B&B and Fireflies’ Bookhouse.

A5 Jingtong Keng

Head to “Jingtong Sky Lantern Pavilion”, where a 9-metre tall Sky Lantern-shaped awaits. Made of glass and using 200 thousand LED lamps, travellers write down their wishes on cards and watch them appear on the sky lantern during the 7-min sky lantern show.

A6 Pingxi Old Street


Featured in the movie, "Your Are the Apple of My Eye" (那些年,我們一起追的女孩), Pingxi Old Street exudes old charm, complete with the stone-covered roads. You will also find the oldest mailbox in Taiwan here!

A9 Shifenliao


During the Pingxi mining period in the past.Shifen was the earliest and the largest village. Not only is Shifen Old Street popular with tourists, it is also popular with those who are looking to release sky lanterns.

A10 Shifen Visitor Center


The most famous attraction here has to be “Shifen Waterfall Park”, otherwise known as the Taiwan version of Niagara waterfalls.

And the most convenient thing about visiting all of these attractions is you just have to hop onto the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795!

Head to HERE for the bus timetable.

6 Tour Itineraries of "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 – Muzha Pingxi Route"

To further enhance your experience, the New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau has introuduced 'TK Trails' which consists of 6 package tour itineraries titled [穿越淡蘭—悠遊深石平].

The various tour itineraries will take travellers to explore different cultures and enjoy a leisurely discovery of the towns of Shenkeng, Shiding, and Pingxi in partnership of 39 local partners.

Of the six tour itineraries, I highly recommend the following two:

Danlan Tea Road Travel Package ― Crossing the Southern Route of TK Trails


Explore the ecology of Shiding and cross the Southern Route of TK Trails with a 200-year-old Tea Road History!

Tour Recommendation

▌ Starting from Muzha Station of Taipei Metro (✽ Recommended departure time: 8:00-10:00 am)

 • Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 to depart.

▌ In the morning, go to A3 Shuangxi Station, walk 5 minutes to Danlan Suspension Bridge (✽ Recommended stay time: 3 hours)

 • Experience TK Trails Shiding section and explore the tea culture of Danlan South Route through the context of tea ceremony, leisurely wander through the Shiding mountains, forests, and streams, and go to Shiding Old Street. 

• Experience Sock Fish DIY at HA SOCK Sock Doll Shop ( Reservation required: 0906-988266).

 • Stroll through Shiding Old Street and taste local snacks.

▌ In the afternoon, go to A3-1 Wenshan Coal Mine Station – Sungertain Eco Farm (✽ Recommended stay time: 3 hours) 

• Visit the Firefly Bookhouse and care about rural companion reading, environmental education, and ESG sustainable development.

 • Walk barefoot on the grass and enjoy the foot SPA with healing herbs.

 • Enjoy dinner with Ganoderma Medicinal Cuisine of "Danlan Family Feast."

▌ Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 to return.

Danlan Folk Road Travel Package ― Crossing the Central Route of TK Trails

Explore the beautiful TK Triails, Century-old Mining Railway, and Pingxi Sky Lantern Blessing Culture!

Tour Recommendation
▌ Starting from Muzha Station of Taipei Metro
 (✽ Recommended departure time: 8:00-10:00 am)
 • Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 to depart.

▌ Morning: A5 Jingtong Station | Jingtong Train Station
 (✽Recommended stay time: 1 hour)
Stroll through Jingtong Old Street, try the traditional Jingtong Red Treasure Noodles at the Jingtong Hongbao Restaurant
Visit the Jingtong Sky Lantern Pavilion and write a wish card
Write a wish on a bamboo tube and appreciate the 7-minute "Prayer Sky Lantern Show"
Hang the wish bamboo tube next to Jingtong Train Station and enjoy a photo-taking salon

▌ In the morning, transfer to the Pingxi Line of Taiwan Railway and go to A9 Shifen Station (✽Recommended stay time: 1 hour)
Stroll through Shifen Old Street

▌ At noon, go to A10 Shifen Visitor Center Station (✽Recommended stay time: 1 hour)
Experience the friendly trail and walk to Shifen Waterfall

▌ In the afternoon, go to the Xinpingxi Coal Mine Heritage Park (✽Recommended stay time: 3 hours)
Experience the century-old mining tour and the culture of the century-old mining railway  Coal Train Experience-Kiko

▌ Cross the most beautiful TK Trails – the Central Route of TK Trails and hiking enthusiasts can arrange ample time to cross in the direction of Nuannuan.

▌ Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 to Return / Or after experiencing the long-distance trail as a hiker at Nuannuan Station by Taiwan Railway Train back.


Thanks to New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau, I have Tour Packages to give away, with a TOTAL of 18 prizes up for grabs!

They will come in really useful if you are planning a trip to Taiwan as the expiry date is 31 December 2024 (that's next year)!


Crossing the Southern Route of TK Trails - Danlan Tea Road Travel Package [2 PRIZES]
(valued at NTD1,580)

🟢Classic Shiding Eco Voucher @ Shiding―Sungertain Eco Farm B&B
- Ganoderma Medicinal Cuisine*1 set
- Herbal Foot SPA*1 set

🟢TK Trails Easy Card
- Includes NTD100 Traffic Fee
- Show “TK Trails Easy Card”and get a 10% discount on the recommended tastes of co-op partners
- Get one set of Roasted Wheat Flour of Jingtong Miners Canteen and Foot Bath DIY of Shiding Sungertain Eco Farm after showing the above card mentioned

🟢Cultural & Creative Gifts
- Postcard*1 piece
- Pocket Map*1 set
- Envelope*1 set

🟢Shangde Teahouse from a century-old tea farm: 
- Baozhong Tea*2 packets 

Crossing the Central Route of TK Trails - Danlan Tea Road Travel Package [2 PRIZES]
(valued at NTD1,480)

🟢Xipingxi Coal Mine Heritage Park Voucher @ Xipingxi Coal Mine Heritage Park
- Guided Tour
- Coal Train Experience –Kiko*1 person

🟢Refreshing Pingxi Blessing Voucher @Jingtong Sky Lantern Pavilion
- Sky Lantern Show*1 set
- Wishing Card*1 piece
- Wishing Bamboo Tube*1 set

🟢Refreshing Pingxi Blessing Voucher @Jingtong Miners Canteen
- Roasted Wheat Flour (Taiwanese local snack)*1 set

🟢TK Trails Easy Card
- Includes NTD100 Traffic Fee
- Show “TK Trails Easy Card”and get a 10% discount on the recommended tastes of co-op partners
- Get one set of Roasted Wheat Flour of Jingtong Miners Canteen and Foot Bath DIY of Shiding Sungertain Eco Farm after showing the above card mentioned

🟢Pingxi Six Door Teahouse
- Pingxi Tea*1 packet 

🟢Cultural & Creative Gifts
- Postcard*1 piece
- Pocket Map*1 set
- Envelope*1 set

Pingxi Sky Lantern Blessing Travel Package [2 PRIZES]
(valued at NTD1,080)

🟢Classic Pingxi Sky Lantern Blessing Voucher
- @ Pingxi Six-Door Teahouse: Pingxi Tea*1 set, Tea Snack (brioche and dried fruit)*1 set & Classic Sky Lantern Releasing Experience*1 set
- @ Mei Yun Hakka Printed Clothes Workshop: Classic Sky Lantern Releasing Experience*1 set
- @ Mei Yu Sky Lantern: Mini Hand-made Sky Lantern*1 set

🟢Taipei Fun Pass|Transportation 1-Day Pass
- Unlimited rides on MRT, city buses, and five Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes within the period of validity
- Get a 10% discount on the recommended taste of co-op partners
- Get one set of Roasted Wheat Flour of Jingtong Miners Canteen and Foot Bath DIY of Shiding Sungertain Eco Farm after showing the above card mentioned

🟢Cultural & Creative Gifts
- Postcard*1 piece
- Pocket Map*1 set
- Envelope*1 set

Shiding Firefly Bookhouse Charity Giftbox [2 PRIZES]
(valued at NTD880)

🟢Giftbox includes Ganoderma Coffee and other secret gifts

Taipei FunPASS - Transportation 1-Day Pass: Unlimited rides [10 PRIZES]
(valued at NTD180)

🟢Taipei Fun Pass gives you unlimited rides on MRT, city buses, and four Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes within the period of validity


To participate, all you have to do is the following:

1. COMMENT in the corresponding FACEBOOK POST HERE with "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 795 +1".

2. BONUS CHANCE #1: TAG 2 of your friends in the comment for one bonus chance!

3. BONUS CHANCE #2:  SHARE the Facebook post for one bonus chance! 

*Giveaway ends on 17 May 2023, 2359 hours.


Useful Information




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Mar 29, 2023

[MUST-GO!] Walk Barefoot through Water & over Mirrors at teamLab Planets TOKYO

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 [Media Invite]

Some call it a museum. Some call it an art gallery. But no matter what you call it, visiting teamLab's Planets when you are in Tokyo is a must-go, must-see and must-experience attraction! Simply because you go through the entire exhibition BAREFOOT. Wait, what?

If teamLab sounds familiar, that's because they are also the folks behind the 'Future World: Where Art Meets Science' exhibition at ArtScience Musuem right here in Singapore. A worldwide art collective that blends art, science, technology, and the natural world, teamLab is famed for creating digital artworks that offer an interactive and immersive experience for visitors.

Located in Toyosu, Tokyo, teamLab Planets TOKYO houses seven multi-sensory, full-body immersive art displays that utilises almost every of one's senses - touch, sight, sound and smell. Sprinkle in a dash of creativty and what you get is an experience unlike any other.

Here's what to expect at teamLab Planets TOKYO:

*You don’t have to worry about spoilers because even if I reveal every nook and corner at teamLab Planets TOKYO, my words will not be able to fully describe how you will actually FEEL when you are immersed within the artworks. 

First things first,

1. You will be barefoot for the entire experience.

Lockers are provided onsite for you to store your belongings and footwear.

2. Water levels can rise up to knee height.

That's right, you have to walk through knee-height water at certain portions. So what this means is it's better to wear shorts instead of pants/jeans to the exhibition. Else, ensure that your pants can be rolled up easily.

3. Do not wear dresses or skirts.

Certain installations are mirrored from top to bottom - where the entire floor area is also mirrored. So unless you wish for your underwear to be reflected (and turn up in other's photos and videos), it's advisable that dresses and skirts are not worn into the Planets. Else, shorts are available for free rental onsite as well.

teamLab Planets TOKYO essentially consists of TWO sections: the Water Area and Garden Area.


Your first taste of the water experience begins right at the beginning, where you have to walk along a slightly inclined pathway with water cascading down.

Walk through a huge 'koi' pond

Titled 'Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - Infinity', this installation is probably one of the most fun of all. 

Depending on how tall you are, be prepared to immerse in shin-deep or knee-deep water with swimming koi and flowers being projected onto the water.

Not only is the movement of the koi influenced by the presence of people in the water, you can touch the koi and watch it turn into flowers!

Fun fact: The projection is rendered in real time by a computer program. What this means is my interaction with the installation will never be similar to another person's!

Immerse yourself in the Infinite Crystal Universe

(yes, it's super IG-worthy too)

If you have been to Future World at ArtScience Museum, you will be familiar with this exhibit. But while the one at ArtScience Museum has a linear path, 'The Infinite Crystal Universe' at Planets is probably more than 5 times larger which means one is free to walk around and snap away!

Once inside, you will be surrounded by countless of hanging LED lights that change colour and pattern constantly. It is visually stunning and definitely the installation that most people loiter around the most - in search for that perfect shot! 😆

What makes it even more fun is one is able to influence the pattern of the 3D lights too! Simply download the teamLab app into your phone, select your desired pattern and release them into the artwork.

Experience 'Floating' in a universe of flowers

Enter the 'Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers' and just chill.

Housed in a planetarium-like room, flowers are projected on the walls in a 360° manner. You can choose to stand, sit or even lie down to enjoy the installation.

I never knew this before my visit, but there is something really very relaxing in just lying down and simply watch the flowers 'dance' all around me.

Like the koi pond, this artwork is NOT a pre-recorded light show that plays on loop. It is created by a computer program that continuously renders the artwork in real time... so this means that previous visuals are never replicated.

Play with giant colourful balls

Okay, so the installation is more complex than just playing with colouful balls but I had to catch your attention. 😁

To be honest, the title of the installation is quite unsexy - 'Expanding Three-Dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - Flattening 3 Colors and 9 Blurred Colors, Free Floating'. But luckily, this room is full of riotous fun.

Consisting of suspended and free-floating spheres, they emit a sound and change colors when touched. And because different spheres are touched by different people at the same time, this creates an explosion of colours which resonates throughout the room.

Interestingly, when the spheres glow in the same colour, the once three dimensional perception of the spheres turns into a flat view of the whole space, which is what the title of the exhibit means.

Download an ever-changing NFT artwork

At the 'Matter is Void - Fire' digital installation, anyone can download and own the artwork itself. 

That's because the letters of the words in this artwork are continuously revolving and rotating. This means that each artwork is exclusive and authentic.

** There are 2 other smaller installations in the Water Area that I did not disclose as I feel the experience will be better if it came as a surprise. 😊


The Garden Area may only consists of two installations but they are both visually stunning and amazing.

Revel in a Floating Flower Garden

Enclosed in a top-to-floor and wall-to-wall mirrorred room, the 'Floating Flower Garden' is as whimsical as it sounds.

Think a huge garden space with more than 10,000 natural orchids hanging from above with mirrors all around AND the flowers move UP AND DOWN according to people's movement! It's a stunning piece of work, if you ask me.

For obvious reasons, the garden makes for a great photo spot but beyond that, what is amazing about it is the flowers react to the visitors. The flowers gradually start to rise up as I got closer to them, as if they were welcoming me!

Push shiny big rocks at the Moss Garden

In the 'Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms - Solidified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset, installation, huge silvery ovoids fill up the entire room.

They depict mosses which were said to be the first terrestrial organisms to appear on Earth, where there was no life on land yet. These ovoids in the Moss Garden are reactive to the actual sunrise and sunset, the touch of a person, and even the wind when it blows.

With sunrise, the ovoids begin to reflect the world around them. When pushed down by a person or blown by the wind, the ovoid falls back and then rises, releasing a resonating tone. The ovoids around it also respond one after another, continuing to resonate with the same tone.

As the sun sets, the ovoids shine by themselves. When an ovoid is pushed by a person or blown by the wind, it shines brightly and emits a sound tone, as it rights itself. The ovoids around it also respond one after another, emitting the same light color and sound tone that continues to resonate out.


Even without paying to enter teamLab Planets TOKYO, one can also enjoy some cool FREE stuff there!

Right in front of the main building sits a tall obelisk. The 'Universe of Particles Falling from the Sky' interacts with vistors, with its fire particles will reacting to your position when you stand in front of it.

Also, if you download the 'Distributed Fire' app, you can harness that flame from the art and connect it with others who have done the same thing too!

Kids will love the 'One Stroke Bench', which like the stroke of a brush, this bench is a continuous bench that turns and loops through itself. The bench is open to the public and can be used as a bench for having lunch, a playground for children, and even a lounging area for relaxing.

Want a snapshot of what to expect? Here's a short video I did:

As teamLab Planets was not intended to be a permanent exhibition in the first place, it will CLOSE officially by the end of this year (2023) so if you are planning to visit Tokyo this year, be sure to include it into your travel itinerary!

Everyone in the family - from the young to the mature - will love it. Because teamLab Planets TOKYO is an awesome experience for all ages that will astound you not only visually, but also immerse your other senses as well!


teamLab Planets TOKYO

Dates: From now until end 2023

Address: Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo [MAP]

Opening Hours: All days 9:00 - 21:00

* Extended opening hours: Saturday, April 1 - Sunday, April 2; Saturday, April 29 - Sunday, May 7 9:00 - 22:00

* Last entry 1 hour before closing time


[TIP: Pre-book your tickets through KLOOK to secure your time slot and at a slightly cheaper price!]


Adults (18 Years and above) JPY 3,200 | Junior high school / High school JPY 2,000 | Children (Ages 4-12) JPY 1,000 | Under 3 years of age FREE | Disability discount JPY 1,600


Adults (18 Years and above)  JPY 3,500 | Junior high school / High school JPY 2,300 | Children (Ages 4-12) JPY 1,300 | Under 3 years of age FREE | Disability discount JPY 1,900


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