May 22, 2024

[UPDATED!] 25 New Attractions & Places in Singapore that Opened in 2024! (>50% are FREE!)

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Looking for new places and attractions to bring the family? There're 20 25 NEW attractions that opened this 2024 year to visit!

And the GOOD NEWS is MORE THAN 50% of these places are actually FREE to visit! 😁


TL;DR In my 19 years of parenting, I say this is one of the BEST exhibitions for kids. Period. And it’s free for all Singaporeans & PRs!

Children’s Museum Singapore has revamped its entire second floor to showcase “Into The Hawkerverse” which introduces Singapore's Hawker Culture as an important part of Singapore's food heritage and way of life to children.

Children get to travel back in time to the exciting days of street hawkers, meet hawker culture heroes and listen to their stories, step into the big shoes of hawkers, discover the encyclopaedic array of hawker dishes and the careful consideration of hawker centre design, as well as glimpse into the future of hawker culture. Loads of interactive fun, especially the part where they can take orders and be hawkers! 

I love how it introduces Singapore’s hawker culture to kids in a fun, immersive & interactive way - from the street hawkers of yesteryears to role-playing as a hawker in a present day. There’s also a dedicated aread for kids 4 & below, Play Pot which features a masak-masak space with a mee goreng pool!

Address: Children's Museum Singapore, 23-B, Coleman St, Singapore 179807

Opening hours: Time slot-based entry: 9am entry, 11am entry, 2pm entry, 4pm entry

*Each timeslot is for 1 hour 45 minutes visit. 

*To facilitate and manage the crowd flow, please pre-book a timeslot for visits. Tickets are available for booking 30 days in advance. Walk-ins are welcomed but not guaranteed. 

Admission: FREE for Singaporeans & PRs

Foreign Residents / Tourists: Child $10+ | Adult $15+ | 2A&2C $40+



The new Tengah HDB cluster has 11 outdoor playgrounds located within walking distance of one another - and ALL FREE!

All of them have a common theme: paying homage to Tengah’s plantation history. So whether it’s scampering up large pineapples and a fruit truck, sliding down giant bananas, climbing watermelon walls and durian trees, or scaling super tall treehouses, kids will have a field day going from playground to playground. Even toddlers have their own play spaces too!

The playgrounds are concentrated at the Plantation Grange and Plantation Acres clusters (both are located beside one another). 

For the exact locations of all of the playgrounds, please refer to my Facebook post embedded below or click HERE.


Address: Plantation Grange and Plantation Acres, Tengah estate

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE 


*Soft-opening from now to 21 June 2024

*Grand Opening on 22 June 2024, from 3pm onwards

A haven for young adventurers, Kiztopia Prestige is a brand new concept that promises premium experiences tailored for toddlers and preschoolers.

This is one indoor playground that’s made just for kids aged 6 & below! No high slides or deep ball pits here. Instead, padded flooring & equipment with plenty of open-ended play concepts feature heavily here.

Besides the usual slides, ball pit, climbing nets and trampolines, there are a variety of play rooms available.

- Blocks room filled with various building toys

- Toy Station room with a variety of educational toys

- Petite Chef room where kids can ‘cook’ up a storm in the kitchen

- Kiddie Mart where kids can go grocery shopping or role play as a cashier

- Sand Pit filled with beans for tactile & sensory play

- Art & Craft room for craft sessions

- Reading Nook for kids who need some quiet time and get some reading done 

Kiztopia Prestige also offers regular classes and programs in areas like science, music, art and gym for toddlers & pre-schoolers. These classes are payable on top of the admission BUT just for the soft opening period from now to 28 Jun, kids can enjoy free trial classes (subject to availability & admission ticket required)!

See the video below for more!

Address: 58 Kim Yam Rd, #04-01, Singapore 239359

Opening hours: Sun - Thurs 10am-8pm | Fri, Sat & PH 10am-9pm

Admission: 1C&1A: $32 (1hr) | $48 (2hrs) | Extra Adult $18

*Enjoy up to 12% off with Soft Opening promos! (Promo from 25 May to 21 June)



Located in Marina Square, VroomTown is a mega indoor drive-play academy and playground featuring multiple Singapore icons including the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay and Changi Airport!

Kids who are first-time visitors will need to undergo a 10min 'Basic Driving & Road Safety' lesson before proceeding to drive the electric ride-on cars. 

The realistic city driving experience also includes traffic lights & rules and a drive-through for kids! Kids can take a break from all the driving by heading to the large indoor playground with a ball pit as well.

Do note that kids aged 5 and up can drive independently while younger kids will require an adult in the same car. All kids below 8 years will require an accompanying adult into the facility for supervision.

Address: Marina Square, #01-208 to 211 

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs & Sun 10am-8pm | Fri, Sat & PHs 10am-9pm

Admission: One-hour Vroom Learner pass $49, inclusive of one guardian and one child entry, indoor playground access | One-hour Vroom Driver pass $39, for licensed drivers only



The FIRST community node - with the FIRST kids playground - along the southern stretch of the Rail Corridor is open, so now there’s more incentive to bring the family to walk the Rail Corridor!

Located near Buona Vista MRT station and in between The Metropolis and Elementum, this recreational and community space offers something for everyone.

For the kids, there’s the children's playground with biophilic elements inspired by the natural wilderness of the Rail Corridor. There’s a climbing structure with various obstacles and a small ‘hill’ with a tunnel and slide. Offering diverse textures and making use of topography to encourage children to reconnect with nature, the play is most suited for kids aged between 5 and 12.

In addition, there are fitness areas for adults and seniors, which are accessible via barrier-free ramps, a 500 sqm community lawn that serves as a flexible events space, and a plug-and-play space underneath the North Buona Vista Link viaduct for community and sports activities. This one comes with an anti-skid painted surface which makes it great for activities like HIIT exercises!

Address: Near Buona Vista MRT station and in between The Metropolis and Elementum

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE 



Step into Sensoryscape, where a sensory journey from Sentosa's lush ridges to its vibrant reefs unfolds. In this day-to-night experience, each scent, sound, touch, and light display marks the start of an immersive sensory adventure, where every discovery becomes an unforgettable memory.

Spanning 30,000sqm, this landmark connects Resorts World Sentosa to the beaches, offering a seamless journey filled with sensory delights. More than just a passage for respite and wayfinding, this 350m verdant connector comprises six sensory gardens, which combines nature, architecture, and technology to awaken all senses.

Comprising an assortment of semi-enclosed sensory gardens – Glow Garden, Symphony Streams, Scented Sphere, Tactile Trellis, and Palate Playground – each has been meticulously designed to interact with the senses.

  • Symphony Streams (Sound): A haven of tranquility, where you can unwind to the serene rhythm of trickling water.

  • Scented Sphere (Smell): The garden features cantilevers with plants that create an aromatic landscape, with natural fragrances to form a year-round scent palette.

  • Tactile Trellis (Touch): Explore a world of intriguing textures, from the intricate relief of fossilised objects and tree barks to touch-responsive plants.

  • Palate Playground (Taste): Featuring a lush garden, it’s enriched with aromatic herbs and exotic spices.

  • Glow Garden (Sight): Rows of tall flower stalks on each side of the walkway comes to life through an awe-inspiring display of light.

  • Lookout Loop: Head up the spiral walkway for panoramic views of the landscape and glimpses of the sea to the south. Head to ground level to walk through a whimsical space filled with lights and mist.

Address: Between Imbiah and Beach Monorail Stations, Sentosa

Opening hours: N.A. (Night projections happen nightly from 7.50pm to 9.40pm)

Admission: FREE 



A massive play area consisting of FOUR playgrounds that is transport-themed? Yes, please!

Located at the Ubi Grove HDB flats cluster, the 4 playgrounds draw inspiration from the Ubi area, which is home to car workshops and light industrial factories. Kids can hop into a Monster Car, ‘drive’ around a road circuit, scamper onto a cargo truck and even play in a giant toolbox!


This larger-than-life car needs no COE, only lots of role-play & imagination! Kids can climb into the car, stand on the huge seats, and steer the giant steering wheel! There’s a cargo netting to scamper over, crawl into the engine room via one of its wheels, or simply slide on down!


Best suited for kids aged 6 & above, the bright red cargo truck will be the first thing to catch their attention. Climb into the driver’s seat to take the wheel, or navigate to the back of the truck to climb over ropes and wooden blocks. There’s even a big fuel pump-shaped play structure for kids to climb into and slide down!

One of the highlights is the upsized toolbox where kids can climb inside for even more fun play. Not only that, I love how supersized tools are ‘left lying around’ for non-structured play. Younger kids can head to the 2 smaller play structures located beside the toolbox which offer more age-appropriate fun.


Younger kids can head to this playground where a road circuit on the ground sets the tone of the play area. Much like the nearby Ubi Driving Centre, kids can imagine themselves to be cars and vroom along the ‘roads’, complete with traffic junctions & zebra crossings.

Other than a small play structure in the middle, kids can hop onto a jeep & a VW Kombi van, and even refuel at the gas station! There’s also a giant orange climbing net structure for older kids.


For even younger kids, head here for smaller and simpler play structures, like a merry-go-round & mini vehicles. There is a larger play structure in the middle and a jump zone with number mounds for kids to test their agility skills.

Address: Ubi Grove (MAP)

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE


Two brand new playgrounds have opened at Rivervale Shores at Sengkang (the largest BTO project to date) with another one still under construction.

Located on the Landscape Garden (Level 2, above the carpark)and in front of Blk 173C, the Flying Bird Playground, is tailored for young adventurers aged 2-12. Just like real birds that soar high in the sky, this playground includes exciting elements such as flying fox (still not available at time of writing) and bird nest swings.

Kids will have fun scaling up the three colourful bird nests, which are connected via net bridges. There are various  layers within each nest and slides are attached to 2 of them. In addition, there’re hammock swings, cargo nets and other play structures beside the main play area.

Not too far away at Block 173A is a smaller playground for kids aged below 6 yrs old. This consists of a smaller and shorter climbing tower with a slide, large blocks for kids to climb up & down, and play things to make music with.

The final playground is at Blk 175B and is currently still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Once completed, this Land Bird Playground (last pic) targets kids aged 2 12  and boasts features like climbing ropes and tube slides.

Address: Rivervale Shores, Sengkang (Blocks 173A & 173C)

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE


Central Public Library reopens after a round of extensive refurbishments. Themed Singapore: Kaleidoscope, the new space welcomes all to learn and discover in two key areas: All Things Singapore and, Sustainability and Biodiversity.

And there’s a NEW AREA for kids too! The Children’s Biodiversity Library by S.E.A. Aquarium is the first marine biodiversity-themed learning space for children at a public library in Singapore! Developed in partnership with Resorts World Sentosa, the library is filled with marine-themed features:

- The most striking feature has to be the floor-to-ceiling column with coral-like features, coupled with marine trivia at the bottom.

- A cosy space surrounding the corals, with books targeted at 0 to 3 years old placed at ground level all around.

- A collection of marine specimens including shark egg cases and coral skeletons.

- An interactive digital installation where kids can colour an avatar from the National Library Board’s well-loved Book Bugs series and see them appear on the projection screen.

- The Submarine Room, a dedicated space for educational programmes where young learners can discover more about marine biology and conservation.

Various marine trivia can also be found throughout the library, like on the walls above the book shelves, where kids can learn about the multitude of organisms that live on marine shorelines. 

There’re plenty of features for non-kids too- head to Singapore Alcove, an immersive space which integrates the Singapore collection and an exhibition that tells Singapore Stories. Try creating a personalised QR code and use it to scan in various zones to interact with the content.

The Memories Corner is also an area which will bring back nostalgic memories as you can enjoy Augmented Reality content found on the brick walls. It will also display a multimedia showcase, titled The Library of Memory, screened on the 5,000 red bricks retained from the old National Library at Stamford Road from 7.30pm to 9pm every evening.

Address: 100 Victoria Street, S (188064), B1

Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily (Closed on PHs)

Admission: FREE


A community water playground that is free for all to enjoy, the Buangkok Square Park Water Park is a gated area where kids can enjoy splashing about to cool off from the heat. 

The water playground is made up of two areas, a splash pad for children between 6 to 12 years old and a water play area for children between 2 and 5 years old.

Address: Buangkok Cres, Buangkok Square Park

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm daily

Admission: FREE 


Featuring 23 heritage sites and six heritage trail markers, the Changi Heritage Trail will tell the stories of Changi through the memories of its community, trace its evolution across different eras, and shed light on its cultural, social, economic and military heritage over the centuries. Trail-goers will get to explore iconic landmarks and discover the diverse narratives of Changi, from the hardships endured by prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation to the vibrant mix of cultures of the kampongs in the area.

The Changi Heritage Trail features three thematic routes:

● Bungalows and Beaches in Changi (1 hour with public transport), 4km — This route will cover the bungalows, sailing and beach clubs, and chalets in Changi.

● War and Peace in Changi (1.5 hours with public transport), 7.6km — Explore the history of different military buildings in Changi with this route, including Changi Prison, Changi Chapel and Museum, and the former Changi Cantonment.

● Gateways and Communities in Changi (2 hours with public transport), 12km — Find out more about the communities of Changi and the places in which they lived, worked, and played.

Download the Trail companion guide and map HERE.

Address: Changi area

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE 



Following an extensive 10-month renovation period, KidZania Singapore reopnes with an array of new and improved experiences alongside beloved favourites.

Spanning 7,600 square metres across two levels, this reopening marks a significant milestone, with the facility boasting 41 branded establishments, offering a diverse mix of international brands, regional market leaders, and local favourites. 

Among them are Malaysia Airlines, CIMB Singapore, Shopee and global fashion brand, H&M. Well-known local brands include Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips, The Intan Peranakan Museum, The Straits Times, MediaCorp Studios and more.

Address: 31 Beach View, #01-01/02 Palawan Kidz City, Sentosa Island 098008

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm daily (CLOSED ON WED)

Admission: From $60 (excl GST) per child [Dynamic Pricing]



The Clementi Northarc HDB cluster has 6 playgrounds in total - all with interesting play structures like a KTM train, giant whale, bee hive and a huge climbing net frame!

The most interesting of all has got to be the KTM Train playground, which is located just beside one of the entry points to Ulu Pandan PCN (near Blk 209B Clementi Ave 6) so it’s good for a detour if you’re nearby.

For more details of the locations of the playgrounds, please see below or click HERE.

Address: Clementi NorthArc, Clementi Ave 6

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE 

14. M.A.P. (Many Alternative Possibilities) by THE ARTGROUND FREE

*Until 30 Mar 2025

A tinker lab of possibilities for the future of transport and conceptualised by students from Pathlight School in partnership with The Artground, M.A.P. brings the imaginative world of future transport possibilities to life. This project is driven by their love of transport and out-of-this-world imagination shared by a group of youths. This Arts Space acts as a vehicle for the students’ creative passion, showcasing their love for transportation and their inventive ideas.

Admission into The Artground’s Arts Space is free, with a refundable deposit of $15 per group booking when you book online. One EXPLORE ticket (admits up to 5pax) grants you access to the Visual Arts Space - M.A.P on the specific date and time slot that you have chosen. To enhance visitors' experience, The Artground will provide an M.A.P. card to the first 15 families visiting M.A.P. during each Explore and Programme session. A refund will be done upon return of this card.

Visit HERE for more details and tickets.

Address: Goodman Arts Centre: 90 Goodman Road Block J #01-40, Goodman Arts Centre, 439053

Opening hours: Wednesday  - Friday: 2pm - 3.15pm, 3.45pm - 5pm | Saturday, Sunday and Selected Public Holidays: 9.15am - 10.30am, 1045am - 12pm, 2pm - 3.15pm, 3.45pm - 5pm

Admission: FREE (Refundable deposit)

 *All visitors must have a valid ticket before entry as walk-ins are not allowed.

*Non-slip grip socks are mandatory for everyone before entry to The Artground (except for pre-walking babies). 



Even though this isn't an attraction perse but a dining location, I included 1-Flowerhill because its location and ambience is an experience in itself.

An exquisite sanctuary nestled within the heart of Sentosa's Imbiah Hill and housed within a century old conservation house, 1-Flowerhill is surrounded by lush foliage and a rich history.

Embark on a culinary journey within 1-Flowerhill, where three distinctive dining brands—Camille, Wildseed Cafe, and Wildseed Bar & Grill—invite you to savor an exquisite fusion of flavors, each offering a unique and delightful experience within the heart of this enchanting sanctuary.

In addition, it is uniquely situated at the cross road between the spectacular new attraction the Sentosa ’Sensoryscape’ and the Heritage and Nature Trails of Imbiah Hill, which makes it a great place to view Sentosa's newest attraction far from the crowds.

Address: Imbiah Road, Sentosa

Opening hours: Weekdays: 10am - 10pm | Weekends: 9am - 10:30pm

Admission: N.A.



Integrated with Woodlands Health, this healing garden is Singapore’s largest therapeutic garden to date.

The therapeutic garden has four zones offering a variety of experiences:

  • Nature Playgarden: The nature playgarden incorporates natural elements such as sand, logs, and boulders in its design to promote a sense of adventure and discovery for children.

  • Activity and Wellness Lawns: Features a wide array of colourful flowers and unique trees to promote health and well-being across 4 zones.

  • Wildflower Terraces: Lining the pathways from the hospital into the therapeutic garden, visitors can enjoy vividly coloured planting which resemble wildflower meadows and grasslands.

  • Healing Forest: Located at the highest point in the park, it features coloured groves with plants and trees that reflect the various seasons.

Address: 588 Woodlands Drive 17, Singapore 737924

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE



Into the Woods is a slow living glamping experience on Lazarus Island. Retreat into one of the nine  tents, each designed as a sanctuary away from the bustle of city life. Expect luxurious eco-friendly amenities, fresh linen and a heavy-duty canvas tent that opens up to uninterrupted views of the Straits of Singapore. Outdoor activities include swimming, hiking, water sports or even going for a picnic.

Two types of tents are available - Couple tents for 2 pax and Family tents for up to 4 pax. Do note that the tents are not fitted with ensuite toilets.  A communal toilet block (walking distance away) has separate shower and toilet facilities, which are solely for guests’ use during their stay. Towels and hairdryers are provided in the tent.

Address: Lazarus Island

Opening hours: N.A.

Price: From $380++ per night



The biggest Climb Central outlet in Singapore at SAFRA Choa Chu Kang spans across 1,000 square meters of climbing surface! This new facility comprises 40 climbing lanes with top-rope, lead climbing options as well as bouldering areas. 

What’s more, it also houses the first indoor (and air-conditioned!) 15m international standard speed climbing wall in Singapore, a perfect place for competitive speed climbers and speed climbing enthusiasts!

Entry requirements are age 5+, weight > 20kg and height > 1.1m.

Address: SAFRA Choa Chu Kang, #03-02A

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11am – 11pm | Weekend: 9am – 9pm

Admission: From S$32.70 for one youth (Full rates HERE)



The Eastern Corridor is an 18 km route comprising park connectors with half of the route being located along waterways. Whether you are strolling, jogging or cycling, it offers a scenic experience along waterscapes in the east.

Highlights include the following: 

Address: East of Singapore (Refer to Map above)

Opening hours: N.A.

Admission: FREE



Nestled in the heart of Changi at 30 Cosford Road, Cosford Container Park spans approximately 35,000 square feet and offers a unique dining and entertainment experience with 13 diverse food vendors, art, entertainment, and a breathtaking view of the airport runway. 

Cosford Container Park is a one-stop destination for all ages, with a seating capacity for over 340 people for indoor and outdoor dining. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the eclectic culinary choices while taking in beautiful surroundings.

Address: 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11am – 1am | Weekend, PH: 8.30am – 1am

Admission: N.A.



Houbii Spot Singapore swings back into action! Situated just a brief 4-minute walk from KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo and in close proximity to the iconic Ah Meng statue, Houbii Spot has undergone a remarkable evolution and is poised to deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience for adventurers of all ages right within the zoo.

Proudly boasting "Double the Fun", the reimagined rope course has now expanded to twice the size of its former self, promising an extra dose of thrill with twists and turns. The young ones and the young at heart can also look forward to the all-new ‘Tarzan’ obstacle, which allows participants to experience a self-propelled glide, navigating across platforms using their own momentum.

Prepare to test your mettle on the 74 heart-pounding obstacles at ‘The Real Thing’ - a haven for adventure enthusiasts above 120cm! Spanning towering tyres for a daring climb, swinging hula hoops to navigate through, suspended boat obstacles for a thrilling traverse, classic wooden planks and ropes for balance and agility, and a dynamic landscape brimming with surprises at every turn, The Real Thing guarantees an adventure brimming with excitement and "knot" your average achievements!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore Zoo, Singapore 729826

Opening hours: From 10am daily (Last entry at 5.15pm)

Price: Climbers above 120cm: S$25 | Accompanying Adult: S$13

*NOTE: A separate zoo admission ticket is required to access Houbii Spot Singapore



The first Virtual Tennis simulator in Singapore,  Matchpoint Inc's latest state of the art technology can analyze a player’s swing speed, motion and other unique features never seen before. 

Suitable for the young player, experienced competitor or the late bloomer, tennis has become very accessible with Matchpoint Inc.

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, #01-225/231, SG 039594

Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily

Admission: From $65 (excl GST) for 1-hour session



Whoose Playground @ Grantral Mall

Located near Tai Seng MRT station at Grantral Mall, Whoose Party Indoor Playground offers a variety of play options for little ones with the highlight being the LED mega slide. Other play features include a giant ball pit, spray ball machine, trampoline and Crazy Go Kart. More details HERE.

Smigy Playground @ Forum The Shopping Mall

Smigy @ Forum features an epic ball pit, slides, role playing areas and dress up corners, and rooms for birthday parties. More details HERE.

Kidodo Space @ Suntec City

Singapore's premier space-themed indoor playground where kids embark on an interstellar journey through its diverse attractions, from spinning rides, carousels, and electric motorcycles to unique experiences like space trampolines, climbing tree holes, and ocean ball jet shooters. More details HERE.

Yooland Playground @ Westgate

Largest indoor children amusement park in the west! Almost 7,000 square feet of serious funs with most up-to-date equipment, including a super LED Cyclone Slide within the ballpit! Two decks of play space in total, with role-play options on the upper level. More details HERE.


*NOTE: At time of writing, only the indoor playground is open. The Cat Interaction Zone will open in due course.

Nekoland is a cageless adoption centre seamlessly integrated with a delightful children's playground. Enjoy endless fun in Nekoland's exciting playground featuring many different zones. Or relax, chill and learn about cats while bonding with the cats* looking for a forever home!

At the playground area, navigate through a mirror maze and claw your way into the Cat Interactive Zone, or jump around in the bouncy nets and woosh down mega slides into massive ball pits! Even better, hone your sharpshooter skills at the Air Gun Zone or let the little ones run wild in a treehouse-themed toddler play area.

Address: The Central @ Clarke Quay. 6 Eu Tong Sen St, 04-63 Singapore 059817

Opening hours: 10am - 8pm daily

Admission: Child $25 | Adult $12 [Playground Entry Ticket]

*Opening Promo - $25 [Playground Entry Ticket for 1 Child & 1 Adult]



*Shops are still undergoing renovation, and will progressively open from late June 2024 onwards.

New Bahru, Singapore’s first creative cluster, is a refurbished school building home to a community of change-makers in each field.

Some tenants include Dearborn, Beyond The Vines Design House, soilboy, and Morning. Iconic areas across the space have been carved out for pop-up programming and events. These include the Lawn which comes complete with a playground in partnership with Oatside and landscaping by botanical design studio, This Humid House, to the Factory on the first floor of an old garment factory and the School Hall which harkens back to a time when it was the nucleus of activity for Nan Chiau High School.

Address: 46 & 58 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239351

Opening hours: Various tenants

Admission: N.A.


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