Dec 1, 2020

Hiking the Mandai T15 Trail & finding the famed Fallen Trunk

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Ever since the family started on the weekly hike habit, I have been wanting to try out the famed Mandai Track 15 (or T15) trail which stretches from Mandai to Chestnut Nature Park. But because the total diatance is a good 7km long, I do not know if the kids, especially Ale, will be able to complete it.

We decided to take the plunge over the weekend. And when I say we, I really mean the wifey and I because the kids were dragged out of bed at 7am. 😅 By 8am, we were at the starting point of the Mandai T15 trail.

Commonly also known as the Gangsa Trail, the easiest way to start on Mandai T15 is at the Central Catchment Park Connector entrance, near the T-junction of Mandai Road and Mandai Lake Road.

Mandai Lake Road is the road which will take you to the Singapore Zoo so just look out for the huge Singapore Zoo/River Safari/Night Safari sign at the road entrance and you will find the Mandai T15 entrance slightly on the right.

In any case, the trail is hugely popular with mountain bikers so even if you can't find the entrance, just head towards the congregation of bikers. 😁 Speaking of bikers, there are NO separate trails for hikers and bikers. The single trail is shared and is a two-way traffic, which means that if you are bringing along kids, do remind them to keep towards the side of the trail and not stray to the centre of the trail without looking both ways.

Having said that, our experience while hiking along the trail was a pleasant one even if there were plenty of bikers whizzing past us. We will always hear a shout of "Bike!" whenever a biker approached us from behind and we will naturally step a little to the side.

Back to the trail proper - Mandai T15 is a relatively straightforward route that is marked by relatively easy terrain. Nothing too daunting even for young kids, as long as they can last the distance.

Of course, there is also the choice of getting onto some muddy paths if you feel like it. 😄

But the main kick of the trail is deviating slightly off the trail to locate this piece of beautiful scenery.

It sure doesn't feel like Singapore, right?

This Fallen Trunk is located at the edge of Upper Seletar Reservoir and it was apparently felled by lightning. Soon after, it became an Instagram star in its own right, appearing in many IG-worthy photos.

But more than posting on IG, I took it as a personal challenge to locate the fallen trunk. Before going on the trail, I had a slight idea where it is located. But because there is no clearly marked trail on Google Maps, I didn't know where I should make that detour.

So we ended up bashing through the jungle in an attempt to locate it. 😅 But at least, the monkies gamely followed. (Not that they had a choice)

But in the end, WE FOUND IT! 😊

And it was truly spectacular.

So serene and peaceful... and the wifey had to go on it so that I could take my photos. LOL.

And of course I had to spam photos.

It was only when we wanted to make our way to join the Mandai T15 trail again that I found out that there was actually a well-trodden path that leads from the trail to the fallen trunk. 😅😅😅

So do NOT be like us if you are intending to head down. There is no absolute need to bash through the jungle! We have done the hard work for you so all you got to do is the refer to this map for the entrance to the track that will lead you all the way to the fallen trunk.

The opening is right beside the BKE. Once you are on it, follow the trail which will take you to the reservoir edge. There are 2 paths there: take the one that brings you across a small stream. Then, simply follow the trail to reach the trunk.

Once you are done with your photo-taking, retrace your steps to head back to the Mandai T15 trail to continue with your hike.

Which was what we did, where we finally ended up at Zhenghua Park.

We exited there because there was a kopitiam and of course, a bus to bring us home. In total, we clocked 6km which hopefully, will be the start of my family's long distance hikes! 😁

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Nov 27, 2020

10 Interesting Things about Fostering in Singapore you probably didn't know

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Becoming a foster parent is a remarkable way to make a big difference in a young person’s life. In Singapore, the Fostering Scheme is administered by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and it aims to provide an alternative care arrangement for children who are below 18 years of age and are in need of a safe, stable and nurturing home.

Typically, children are placed in foster care because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned. In these cases, they  are no suitable kin carers and they are placed with a foster family as temporary care arrangements. 

Munifah Binte Abdullah and her husband Omar Bin Shaik Ibrahim. are a couple who has taken up fostering since July 2019. They are currently caring for two female foster children, aged 13 and 14. They  have a biological child, aged 24. She shared with me that she first heard about fostering when one of their relatives, who was working at a Social Service Agency at that time, introduced the idea of fostering to her. She started googling to find out more about fostering and when she shared about fostering with her husband, he was fully supportive of the idea. They decided to foster as they love children, and they wanted to do their part to help vulnerable children who needed love and a stable home environment.

Similarly, Ms Darshenee Devadass, a Senior Foster Care Officer at MSF, was drawn to the work when she graduated from university. She had seen officers tear while recollecting their cases and also glow when they greet the children under their care.

Photo courtesy of Ms Darshenee Devadass

It reminded her that she could make an impact on someone’s life and a child’s life in particular, especially since children have limited control or say in the decisions made for them. So when the job opportunity arose, she took it. And after 3 years, she admitted she still cannot see herself in other fields.

I had the opportunity to interview both Munifah and Darshenee, and I have to say I learnt new things about fostering in Singapore that I never knew before. Most importantly, I also had the chance to clear up certain misconceptions that I had.

And I have the feeling that you may share some of the similar misconceptions as me.

Via Flickr

Here are ten interesting things about fostering in Singapore that I found out:

1. You don't have to be an existing parent to foster

SURPRISE SURPRISE! Yes, you dont need to have your own kids to qualify as a foster parent.

You have to be married and apply together as a couple. Both of you have to be at least 25 years old though. Other criteria that comes into play include:

• Medically fit to care for children

• Minimum monthly household income of S$2,000 and a Per Capita Income of at least $700

• Attained secondary school education

• Experience caring for children and/or with strong parenting skills

• Willing to ensure a child-safe home environment

• Not be dependent on the fostering allowance as a main source of income

The thing is, foster parents comes from all walks of life. Although having another child in the household can provide additional support and company for the foster child, couples with no children can still provide a happy and nurturing home environment as long as they have the heart for vulnerable children. Trainings, resources and toolkits would also be provided to equip foster parents with the knowledge and skills to help them in their fostering journey.

2. The foster application process isn’t difficult

Put off by the application process? Don't be, because the process is pretty straightforward and support is provided at every step of the way. In fact, the scenarios asked during interviews are experiences one would expect to go through when they become foster parents.

Munifah recalls that after submitting their application to become foster parents, the application and assessment process which included interview sessions and a medical check-up took about 3 months. During the application process, they were also able to indicate their preference for the foster child’s age and gender.

"We indicated that we would prefer to care for an older child between 7 to 12 years old, as they would be more independent. After we were approved as foster parents, we attended training sessions conducted by Social Service Institute for foster parents. The whole process went very smoothly for us," she shared.

Application forms can be submitted online, by post or by email. Click HERE for more details. 

3. You don't need to be well-off to foster

While it is important for foster families to be financially stable, becoming a foster parent in Singapore doesn’t depend on having a bulging bank balance. There is the criteria of a minimum monthly household income of S$2,000 and a Per Capita Income (Total household income / Total number of people in the household) of at least $700, but what is more important is being able to provide a safe and stable family environment for the foster child to grow up in.

In addition, MSF provides foster parents a monthly Fostering Allowance of S$936 or S$1,114 (for a child with special needs) for every foster child under your care. The allowance will help to defray the daily expenses of the child such as food, clothing, education, tuition, transport expense, etc. There are also Childcare and Medical Subsidies that foster parents can tap on.. MSF also provides every foster child with a Medical Fee Exemption Card (MFEC) to cover all medical expenses at polyclinics and Government hospitals.

4. Working foster parents are entitled to childcare leave too

Ok, this is something I didn't know.

As of 1st July 2020, foster parents enjoy childcare leave benefits for their foster children, just as natural parents do under the Child Development Co-Savings Act and Employment Act. A foster child will now be considered in the same way as a natural child of the foster parents. So if your foster child is below 7 years old, you and your spouse can each enjoy 6 days of paid child care leave over a 12-month period too! If your foster child is between 7 and 12, you are eligible for the 2 days extended childcare leave too! With the leave benefits, foster parents who work can utilise the leave to take care of their foster children. For example, they can bring their foster children to see a doctor when they are ill. 

5. Foster parents receive ample support throughout the entire foster period

Training for first-time foster parents? Check.

Financial support? Check.

Childcare leave benefits? Check.

But beyond all these, foster parents also need both physical and emotional support. Foster parents are never alone in their fostering journey. Support will be provided by MSF and the existing network of foster parents.

A Foster Care Officer will be attached to every foster parent to provide guidance and support. Your officer will maintain contact with you and your foster child through regular phone calls and home visits. Darshenee shares that  the frequency of the visits is tailored to the different needs of the child and the foster family. The purpose of each visit may also vary. For some visits, she would check in with the foster family to find out how they and the child have been doing. For other visits, she would spend more time with the foster child to teach them different skill sets. There have also been occasions where she spent time playing board games with the foster family and foster child to help them bond when the child first arrived.

Photo courtesy of MSF

"We also help to manage the relationship between the foster family and the foster child. This means understanding the needs of the child and helping the foster parents navigate the intricacies of building a relationship with them. In some cases, this relationship may take time to form and it is important that we are there to support them," she said.

She then recounted a particularly case which warmed her heart. "I was managing a 6-year-old foster child who had difficulties settling down in his new family - he would often fight with his younger brother at home, and was aggressive towards his classmates in school. Our team of MSF officers had regular sessions to teach him to manage his emotions, and we worked closely with his foster parents to set ground rules for him at home. It was initially challenging to retain his attention during the sessions that we had. After a while, I decided to try different strategies to hold his attention, for example, using a pictorial chart to illustrate the ground rules and using his favourite toy car to explain concepts to him through stories. These seemed to work because when it came to looking at colourful pictures and his favourite car, he was much more attentive and engaged! It is an ongoing effort working with this boy and his foster family, but seeing how he has improved so much from day one makes it all worth it and goes to show how important creativity is when engaging a child."

Munifah added. "Throughout our fostering journey, our Foster Care Officer has been supporting us and providing guidance on how we can better manage and interact with our foster children."

In addition, Support Groups have been formed  by some foster parents. These support groups provide an avenue for foster parents to share their experiences and best practices with one another, as well as offer a source of emotional support and encouragement. And in case of emergency, foster parents will be able to obtain immediate support via MSF's 24/7 emergency hotline.

6. Fostering can be challenging at times, but it is immensely rewarding too

Munifah's biological son was already an adult when they decided to foster a child so when they first raised the idea of fostering to him, he was quite hesitant, and asked why they wanted to foster. They explained to him the background of these vulnerable children and shared that these children needed foster families to meet their daily needs and shower them with love and care. Eventually, they managed to convince him, and he supported their decision to foster.

But even then, they had challenging and stressful moments as well. When their first foster child came, she had difficulties adapting to the new environment and was afraid of sleeping in the room alone at night. So every night, for the first week, Munifah had to sleep in the same room to accompany her. She was also very reserved and quiet when she first came and would not initiate any conversations with her. Even up till now, one year later, she is still learning to open up. But Munifah and Omar believs in giving their foster daughter the space she needs. The role, as a foster parents, is to encourage and comfort her whenever they notice that she is feeling down.

Munifah added, "Fostering may be challenging, but the satisfaction you get when you see your foster children growing and learning would make it all worthwhile."

And she wouldn't trade it for anything else because she told me, "One of the happiest moments was when my first foster child asked if she could join in to help me bake pineapple tarts during the Hari Raya festive season. I was surprised that she was interested to learn how to bake. Since then, she also developed an interest in baking, and we would spend time baking together." She also said that she enjoys spending time talking to her foster children each day after they return from school.

In fact, Munifah feels that her foster children have made her a better person. "My foster children have taught me how to be more patient, to be a better listener and to try to understand things from their perspectives. It is a continuous learning process," she remarked. "There are many ups and downs in our fostering journey, but I always remind myself that these children need our care and protection and that has given me the strength and motivation to continue."

7. Fostering is NOT a waste of time

Munifah shared with me that one of the misconceptions that people have is that fostering is a waste of time, and people do not see the need to foster.

"However, people need to understand that there are vulnerable children, children who may have been abused, neglected or abandoned, who require a safe and loving home environment. On the contrary by  becoming foster parents, we are providing a positive environment for them, and giving them an opportunity  to achieve their dreams," she continued.

Another misconception she  shared was that it is more difficult to foster a teenager. She feels that caring for a teenager is not necessarily more tougher because there are different sets of challenges when it comes to fostering children of different age range. For example, when caring for infants, the challenge comes in the form of night feeds and bathing the child. For teenagers, they are more independent and can manage their own daily needs. "Our role as foster parents would be to provide the safe emotional space for them, to understand them and to build a meaningful relationship with them."

Via Flickr

8. It is perfectly fine to take a break

In the fostering ecosystem, the well-being of the foster children and the foster family are equally important. "The children who are in foster care have been removed from their natural families because of safety concerns. So there are usually heightened emotions and stressors that the officers and foster parents would have to look out for. It is thus important for foster parents to understand and meet the care needs of the child, which contributes to their holistic well-being. Foster Care Officers work closely with foster parents and we also have regular sessions with the foster children to ensure that their needs and well-being have been met," Darshenee explained.

For foster parents, she often reminds them that they cannot fill their foster children’s emotional jar if their own jar is empty. She encourages foster parents to take a break to rejuvenate. So foster parents may request for respite care from other foster parents whenthey are unable to care for the foster child for brief periods of time.

Munifah offered a piece of personal advice, "I think it is important for foster parents to learn to manage challenges and stressful moments and find time for self-care. Whenever I feel stressed, I would take some time off to dance, sing or bake. I enjoy doing those activities and it helps me to relieve my stress."

9. Fostering is HEARTwork > Hardwork

Potential foster parents should know that foster children have needs like any other children. They need love, shelter, food, education, security and an opportunity to play and interact with other children. As such, they must be committed to ensure that these needs are met. Qualities that contribute to good parenting such as patience, understanding, perseverance and firmness, will help the foster parent to forge a good relationship with the child. Also, as some children have been abused or neglected, they may have more needs and may thus require special attention in terms of coping with their feelings. Foster parents’ patience, care and attention will help the child to cope and in time, heal and overcome their difficulties.

In addition to the potential foster parents, everyone living in the household, including children, parents or in-laws, must also be on board with the idea of fostering and agree to play their part. This is because everyone in the household will be involved in the life of the foster child. Each household member must understand what fostering is about and how they will make a difference in the life of the child.

Darshenee further shares, "Some applicants come into fostering bearing the same expectations of the foster child like they would expect from their own children. However, it is important to understand that foster children come from vulnerable backgrounds and some of them may have had traumatic experiences. Hence, when foster children first come into foster families, there may be some differences in their habits, thinking and behaviours. Especially during the initial periods, foster parents cannot and should not expect the foster child to be held to the same standards as other children. Instead, foster parents should be patient and have flexibility when managing their foster children. They should also be ready to spend time to slowly gain the trust and build a relationship with their foster child. With the aid of the foster family, the child can grow and flourish just the same."

"Secondly, some people have shared with me that they would never be able to love someone else’s child, especially an older child, and hence they are hesitant to foster. However, I believe, like all new relationships, the foster parent-child relationship just needs time and nourishment for it to develop. Through the day-to-day activities and quality time, the bond will grow organically. Foster parents would also be able to build strong and meaningful relationships with an older foster child / youth. At the end of the day, foster parents will find that what they have developed is a lovely human connection - one that ensures the well-being of the child and fulfilment for the foster parent."

Munifah perhaps hit the nail on the head when she said, "As foster parents, it is important to have patience, grit and to be good listeners."

10. Fostering doesn't have to be daunting

Darshenee summed it up perfectly when she said, "To put it simply, it would be to let your faith be bigger than your fear. Often times, I hear from foster parent applicants about their concerns surrounding the uncertainties and worries they have about fostering. However, all that the potential foster family truly needs is an open mind and a willing heart. It is a journey of discovery that brings great meaning and purpose to the foster child and the family. It is also a journey that Foster Care Officers, other professionals and the fostering community will walk alongside with you every step of the way."

Munifah concluded, "Always remember what motivated you to foster initially, and that would keep you going as foster parents."

Ready to find out more about fostering? Sign up for one of the upcoming sharing sessions in the month of November or December. For more details, visit HERE.

Munifah has a final piece of advice for you:

"Mentally prepare yourself before you apply to become foster parents. It is a continuous learning process, and there may also be sacrifices that you have to make along the way, for example, making adjustments to your daily routine. However, if you feel that you have the love to shower upon these children, do consider becoming foster parents."

To learn more about becoming a foster parent in Singapore and/or to apply to be one, you can call 6354 8799, WhatsApp 9645 8231 or email  For more details, visit our fostering website HERE.

In collaboration with Ministry of Social and Family Development

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Nov 26, 2020

4 Secrets of Suntec City to give your Festive Shopping, Playing & Eating a Head Start!

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I don't think I need to tell you what a massive shopping mall Suntec City is. And with the festive season upon us, you can be sure that Christmas shopping is going to feature heavily in all of our To-do lists. So while it is never a good idea to drag the kiddos along for shopping expeditions - unless they know they are getting the presents! 😂 - heading to Suntec City for your Christmas shopping this year might change all that.

Because quite simply, parents can save themselves the hassle of travelling to different malls and just plan a full day’s worth of things to do at Suntec City - from shopping to playing to eating to relaxing to kiddy fun to eating some more. And make sure you READ UNTIL THE VERY END TOO because I will share 4 secrets of Suntec City that will kickstart your festive shopping on the right note!

But first, I got to admit the last time I went to Suntec City was waaaaay before Circuit Breaker (where did all the time go this COVID-19 year???) so when I brought the family to the mall, the first thing that struck me was a lot of things (and stores) have changed. Do you remember where Tony Roma's used to be? I have many fond memories of the place because my parents used to bring my sister and me there only on special occasions.

A meal there wasn't cheap so it really had to be something special when we got to sink our teeth into those soft ribs. Well, that restaurant is no more but in its place, the entire B1 area which it used to occupy has been revamped to include many more modest yet delicious selections which includes MOS Burger, The Salted Plum, Fluff Stack and many more. 

"YASSS! There's Jollibee!" exclaimed my monkies when we were deciding what to eat for lunch. 😅

But more on our lunch choice later. Because it's time to get serious about play time.


Cow Play Cow Moo

#03-372, East Wing & B1-150, Fountain Court

No matter how old you are, chances are you will feel like a kid in an arcade! Whether it is blasting battle ships, shooting hoops, maneuvering claws to snag a plush toy, or hitting the jackpot by winning an endless stream of tickets, spending time together as a family at the arcade will be an enjoyable and fun one.

Just ask the monkies.

Or Ale who had all the beginner's luck in the world when she won 800 tickets with just 2 tokens on her first try!

Even for the teens in my family, they were only all too eager to blast away on the NERF arcade machine.

Ditto for the wifey. LOL.


#01-330, West Wing

In times like these, there is nothing like being a tourist in our own country - and rediscover some of the sights that Singapore has to offer. And nobody does it quite like BIG BUS & DUCK which brings you on a tour on land AND water!

Known as Singapore's original DUCKtours and Big Bus open-top double-decker tour operator, BIG BUS & DUCK operates the famous amphibious vehicle which takes you on a city tour of the historical Civic District, before splashing into the water and swimming off like a duck for a picturesque harbour tour. Definitely a unique experience for the kids!

Or if you prefer to stay dry, you can also hop aboard the Big Bus with a Hop-on Hop-off ticket which gives you unlimited hop-on-hop-offs along different routes, linking from hotels to attraction to even ethnic districts.

Psst, here's a tip: did you know you can use your Singapore REdiscovers vouchers for the tour as well? Just book your tour via one of the five booking platforms to secure your slot before heading down!

The Polliwogs/ Mummys Market

#02-728, East Wing

Have younger kids? Then a play session at The Polliwogs will be music to their ears! The Polliwogs has certainly come a long way since when my monkies were still toddlers. I remember bringing them to its first outlet along East Coast Park and they loved it!

While my kids have since outgrown these kiddy indoor playgrounds, I will forever be grateful to them for giving my kids a space and place to release their pent-up energy while I get to indulge in a little down time while they go have fun.

The Polliwogs at Suntec City is great for kids with a wide range of play structures for kids. There is even a padded play area for even younger kids and toddlers. Best of all, there is a lounge area for parents to take a break from all the shopping while being able to keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

Or if your kids are old enough, you can pop over to the newly-opened Mummys Market which is situated just beside The Polliwogs. Take your pick from a superb range of parenting necessities, toys and gear!


#02-713, East Wing

I think this certainly needs no introduction.

Which kid doesn't love to be surrounded by rows and rows and rows of toys?

Even for the boys, who zoomed in on NERF guns and LEGO building sets immediately.

Ok ok, so me too.

How can I resist Baby Yoda???

The great thing about this TOYS "R" US store at Suntec City is there are plenty of hands-on toy samples for kids to try out. For sure, it's a great place to do your Christmas shopping or even just occupy some time... if you can resist opening up the wallet! 😅


Suntec City has a wide array of health, wellness and fitness options not only for parents, but for kids too! And the thing I noticed about the layout of the tenants in Suntec City is those for adults and those for kids are usually situated close to one another, if not side by side.

You know what this means, don't you? Simply drop off your child and enjoy some me-time at a nearby health and wellness centre . If that's not maximising your time, I don't know what is. 😁 Parents can choose to attend classes at Platinum Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Yoga, Fight Zone or just simply relax at Spa Infinity or The Thai Spa while kids can take their pick from Aureus Academy, Jody Marshall Dance Company, School of Music Clef, or even attend swimming lessons.

Yes, Suntec City is actually home to a swimming pool AND a swim school! State Swim Swimming Schools (#04-02, North Wing) at Suntec City focuses on how children best learn the skills required to make them stronger, safer swimmers by allowing them to learn effectively in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


At Suntec City, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to meal times. Because I know we were.

It eventually turned into a Adults vs Kids situation where the monkies wanted burgers for lunch while the boomers wanted something more erm, traditional. Guess who won?

To be honest, I didn't know beforehand that Shake Shack had opened an outlet at Suntec City. So I admit my heart was swayed when we stumbled across it. But don't tell the wifey that.

If burgers and fries are not so much your kind of thing, no worries because there are plenty of dining options at Suntec City - from Chinese to Italian to of course almost every kid's fave, Japanese.

And the good thing about these restaurants is they are family-friendly which offers child seating options. Not only that, restaurants like Hoshino Coffee and Ichiban Boshi also offers kids meal options ( more savings!) while Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo lets kids eat for free with every paying adult (even more savings!).

Even with all the PLAY, RELAX and EAT options, Suntec City has always pride itself as a family-friendly mall. And it's evident by having ample common space (including lifts on every floor) within the mall and the availability of spacious Nursing Rooms.

And getting to it is also a breeze even with public transport - it is directly linked to 2 MRT stations, which means pushing that pram from the MRT station to the mall is seamless!

But wait, THERE'S MORE!

To make your time at Suntec City even more worthwhile, let me share FOUR SECRETS to give you a headstart in your Christmas shopping:

1. Claim your free $3 transport 'allowance'!

That's right, enjoy $3 off your Grab ride to Suntec City when you apply the promo code ‘SUNTEC’! No minimum spend required and valid from 10am to 10pm daily.

2. Download the Suntec+ app to receive 2,000 points instantly!

For users who are signing up for  the Suntec+ app for the first time, just enter the code '2000POINTS' to receive 2,000 Suntec+ points instantly! This is  equivalent to $2 worth of carpark dollars . Don't say I never share, ok?

3. Want an even better reason to download the app? You can unlock even more rewards and accumulate points for redemption!

And there is no better time to do so than now because you earn 2x points when you shop and dine at Suntec City every Friday from now until 25 December 2020! Simply upload your Friday receipts with a minimum spend of $20 each via the Suntec+ app.

4. Want to locate a shop in Suntec City at an instant? Just look out for one of the large QR codes on the floor within the mall and scan it.

You get directed to a webpage for a quick navigation of Suntec City's shops on your phone... without the need to download any apps! Even better, let me save you some time by giving you the link right here now - simply go to for easy navigation!

So if  you are looking for an all-in-one place to bring the family this festive season, Suntec City has got your back. Not only will you get your Christmas shopping done, the kids in the family will be kept happy and satisfied too. Win-win for all, if you ask me.

I could probably continue to share many more ways that Suntec City has got your back from now until the end of the year with merry rewards like vouchers and gifts but I think you would rather be rushing down to Suntec City to kickstart your Chirstmas shopping! So just keep the poster below handy in your phone - you'll thank me later. 😉

Click for more details!


Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

Opening hours: 10am-10pm


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