Jan 4, 2005

Ashton Ang is my name??

Hi all.

Hmmm... this place called earth is really strange. It's so much noiser and brighter than my earlier womb home. I also hear many frens in the same room as me. Strange, seems that they cry when they are wet or hungry. Maybe that's what I should do too. After trying out for a few times, I realise that that's how I tell the nice nurses to bring me to mummy for some nice warm milk... yummy!

I have so many visitors and pressies these past few days. They all coo at me and call me Ashton. Hmmm.... maybe that's my name.... Ashton Ang. Yeah, now I've got a name! I like the name!

All cleaned up!

Daddy keeps taking photos of me... I'll be naughty and foil his plan!

Papparazzi alert! Shield the face!

Dr Chang came in this morning and explained to mummy that I was "forceped" out as my head was too big to fit into her pelvis. That's why I have the mark on my forehead. Everyone was wondering if that's my birth mark. Better take a pic of that quickly as Dr Chang says that it will fade with time...

See the Harry Porter mark on the left forehead!

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