Jan 30, 2005

I'm one month old!

Today is Ashton's first month party or what the Chinese term as full moon party. Full moon party... haha, this sounds like some happening party happening at the beach in Ibiza with booze, bikini clad girls and all. But no, this full moon party is held at our home... with pretty girls in attendance, no doubt :)

Ashton's face seems to have changed so much, from a squashed, wrinkled, prune like, bluish newborn just out from the tummy to one soft, pink, handsome face of a little boy. He has a rather boyish look, I feel.

He's got really small hands and feet but with really long nails, somewhat like that of a girl. When he's hungry, his nails are his "weapons", scratching mummy everywhere. However, we were told by the nurses that we shouldn't cut them at this point in time, as it will peel off by themselves. Nature is really amazing. The self peeling mechanism is just so that we do not cut his fingers accidentally, I suppose.

His feet are so adorable too with toes that looks like pudgy little balls from underneath.

He's got a mass of brown, fine hair that daddy nevey fails to comb it in funny styles when he bathes him.

He makes funny noises when he is picked up as if he's telling us that he likes our hugs.

His forehed and chubby cheeks are so irresistably kissable. So are his small rosebud lips.

I love holding him and watching him sleep and looking at him stretch and be wide awake.

Hmmm, guess I just love everything about him and I feel so lucky for both baby and Kel :)

From this...

to this... all in a month's work

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