Jan 2, 2005

The night before

(Blogs written in lilac are from mummy's perspective)

I was tossing and turning in bed. I cannot get to sleep, knowing that I would be "opened up" the next morning, yet at the same time, I'm so excited at having to see my baby. Many times during the pregnancy, I have dreamt about my baby... at times, he is smiling at me, at times, he 's even babbling at me. Of course, there were times when the dreams were more like nightmares, when I sae baby being taken away from me. Tomorrow, I will see my baby at last! All this 9-month of anticipation.

Ashton is actually not due for c-section until 6 Jan. As he was not moving much in the womb, the gynae decided to have him out earlier since he is already of a good weight and considered full-term. Of course, we had no objections, anything for the good of baby. Also, 3 Jan is the day Kel propsoed to me... hehe, nice date to share with mummy :)

Here I am playing games on Kel's phone.... it's a simulation game on grooming the character to be a model. At least it keeps my thoughts off the op... On no, why did I opt for epidural c-section, really hope that I wouldn't feel any pain at all, as claimed. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed...

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