Feb 9, 2005

It's Chinese New Year

This is my first Chinese New Year. Mummy and daddy were saying that "lucky thing he came out in time to collect ang pows". Looks like I helped them recoup some losses :P

Daddy dressed me in a fox T-shirt. Yes, that's daddy's favourite store. He geos ga ga everytime he steps into the store. He ends up with so many sets of clothes for me. He really loves me, you know, cos he usually doesn't buy many clothes for himself but for me... whoa he bought loads. Mummy was telling him that luckily I'm not a girl, if not, we would have been bankrupted.

Hey dude, don't I rock

Anyway, these parents of mine decided not to let me wear pants cos they said it was too leh cheh, with my emptying myself about 8-10 times a day. Aiyah, my digestive system good what, cannot help it!

Oops the secret is out... that I'm not wearing anything below. How embarrassing! Mummy, daddy, look what you did!

Chinese New Year is good. It's like hug fest. I'm carried practically the whole day long by the aunties and uncles. A lot of them also wanted to take photos with me. Hmm, it's good to be a baby. Hopefully, their ang pows would be bigger if I smile for the photos :)

Grandma, Grandpa and me. Look how small or rather how big the ang pow is compared to me... hee hee

Good night all... I'm really tired. It's hard work working for one's money to buy milk powder :)

Zzzzzz time

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