Mar 20, 2005

Another developmental milestone...

Noticed recently that Ash had started to grasp objects and learnt the concept of cause and effect. Nope, not the buddhist teaching of cause and effect but rather that for every action, there is a reaction. He has started to hit at his toys and he loves looking at them when they move.

His favourite toy now has to be the tinylove gym. Yes, it's really called a gym, though he is lying down... hehe... if only, adults gyms are that comfortable coupled with the added advantage of weight loss :)

He would constantly kick and moves his little hands and legs excitedly when placed in the gym. Kel likened him to a upside down cockroach when Ash does that. haha, how apt! Allow mummy to brag... hehe, he even knows how to aim at the windchimes attached at the leg portion of his gym so that he is able to elicit the chiming music! How smart my little boy :)

No wonder he is always so tired at the end of the day cos he spends 1/2 hour at the "gym" daily. Hmm... wonder when the six packs would appear :P

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