Mar 9, 2005

We're going on a holiday....

I'm all dressed up and ready to go or a holiday! We are going on a cruise ... wah, that's so exciting! Ain't I lucky, getting to go on a cruise before I turn 1. Before I get on the cruise, I get to take the MRT and LRT...another first time for me! So many first time on a night...

All dressed up and ready to go

That's the ship I took!

Heard that there are a lot of good food on board the cruise, but too bad, I cannot eat. Never mind, I'll have them in milk form later... from mummy!

The room has a cot catered for me as well but mummy says that the mattress is too soft and she's afraid I'll suffocate so I got to sleep with her on the adult's bed. Boy, makes me feel all grown-up, yippeee!!!

That's a picture of me in the pram whilst the rest of them are eating ice-cream. See how happy I am knowing that I would be eating the ice-cream later. Hmmm... chocolate flavoured milk... yummy!

Look at what I'm eating :P It's just a camera trick!

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