Apr 13, 2005

My first swimming trip!

I went for my very first dip in the pool at S'pore Swimmming Club today. I was a bit apprehensive of the water but when mummy and daddy put me in the float and placed me in the water....It was FUN!!! Better than bathing in the tub cos there's just so much water and space.

Mummy, being kiasu, bought me the thermal swimwear... hehe, doesn't it look like the scuba diving suit. And look at my float, it's orange in colour, that's daddy's favourite color!

Erm, the float is a bit the big hor....

Looking a bit worried at first...will I fall off the BIG float?

Then thoroughly enjoying himself

even happier with my thumb in my mouth..

mummy, hold me tight ah, don't let go..

well done baby! you deserve a kiss!

Bye, that's all folks...

Zzzzz, swimming always makes me so tired. good nite!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashton's parents, may I know where u bought the thermal swimsuit & float from? I've got a 3 month old and thinking of taking him swimming one of these days...

hope u can reply to me at ruthwan@pacific.net.sg

er...better yet, u thinkin of selling ur swimsuit??

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