Jul 6, 2005

Farley Rusks Make For One Happy Baby!

Sorry for the lag in posting, 'cos Daddy's still in reservist and he's usually the one updating...hee hee...

Mummy was reading the singapore motherhood forum and found out from the mummies there that babies from 6 months onwards (THAT'S ME!!! *waves excitedly*) can eat biscuits already!!! Yippee, but of course, it's not those kind that you adults eat cos I still don't have teeth.

Instead, Mummy and Daddy got me Farley Rusks, Original Flavour. It's really very yummy, and it melts in my mouth.

See how I'm relishing it??? :)

I heard mummy said that they made it this way so that it does not break into pieces and I do not choke on it. Hmmm, what's this thing called "choke" that Mummy keeps mentioning? Is it that's why she refused to give me the small piece of rusks left, after all my licking and sucking? She said that so long as I can stuff the whole piece into my mouth, then I have to throw the small piece away. Throw away?!?!??!?!? NO!!!! Better hold on to my PRECIOUS...

That biscuit is so very yummy, so when mummy took my biscuit away, I started wailing....I was inconsolable....Til Mummy gave me a BRAND NEW one! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think they added a small amount of sugar in this biscuit, no wonder it tasted so nice. Anyway, Mummy was saying that there's no way of ruling out sugar totally, even the unsweetened Cheerios has some, so she'll allow me to continue eating my rusks! Yippep yippee, yeah yeah!!!

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