Jul 10, 2005

Playtime...with my friends

Yesterday, we went to Uncle Zhihao's & Aunty Sharon's place. They are good friends of Daddy's since secondary school days, and they have a 1 1/2 years old son, kor-kor Benji. Daddy's other friends were there too; Uncle Yongqing; Uncle Kasi, Aunty Su-lin & their 2 months old daughter, mei-mei Clara.

So many new playmates for me!!! Yippee! :)

But when they were either drinking milk, or napping...I kept myself busy with this green ball. Nothing fails to fascinate me these days...maybe that's because I keep trying to put them to my mouth. Hee hee...

Kor-kor Benji on his Subaru Impreza WRX STi; while I look on, contented to be the passenger...

Mei-mei Clara, who's looking for her mummy; and me. :)

Daddy had a hard time taking the photo below; primarily because it's no joke asking 3 young kids to look his way AT THE SAME TIME. hee hee.... So in the end, I guess mei-mei Clara was a bit shy lah... Probably because of the presence of 2 hunks taking a picture together with her for the first time. hur hur hur... :P

Check out kor-kor Benji's playarea siah...so very the colourful right???
I was so happy playing there....heh.

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