Aug 25, 2005

Dumbo ears???

Mummy Ash rambles:

Hubby use to say that he likes my mickey mouse ears cos he finds them cute. When I was preggers with Ashton, he mentioned that he hopes baby will inherit mummy's ears! Another one of my friend said the very same thing.... and I think the "curse" was laid :P

When Ash was born, the first thing I noticed was that he's got nice ears like his daddy... the kind that glues to the head such that when you take a frontal shot, you cannot see the ears. (When I look at my wedding photos, my ears were the firth thing I saw :P)

BUT.... as they say, a baby's look will change and they sure did! I found Ash's ears peeping out more and more. Haha, guess daddy is the winner afterall! He has got his Minnie Mouse and now Mickey Mouese. My consolation is that people with dumbo ears will still look pretty... see Ivy Lee. As for the male celebrities, have yet to think of one.... let me know when you have :)

A pic of Ashy with my ears and the only family pic we have (besides the neoprints)

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