Sep 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Pappy!!

Hi Baby,

It’s daddy’s birthday today. Pity, you’re too young to know how to say “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”. Ok, this year mummy will do up the pressie for you, by telling daddy on your behalf how blessed you are to have a pappy like him. Next year, you’ve got to be the one to give him a big big wet kiss :)

When you are a newborn, pappy took the effort to bath you every single day, though you were so small and fragile. Pappy, with his big, strong hands, scooped you up and slowly bathed your head, hair and body. Then, carefully dressed you up. Boy, mummy was impressed that someone so big could do that… hehe! I looked at him in a different light after which….

When you turned 2 and 3 months, you were such a “spolit brat”, always wanting to be carried to sleep, if not you’ll start wailing. Though pappy is normally quite impatient, he was really patient when carrying and rocking you to sleep. He carries you, walking about the house, till you fall soundly asleep. Baby, I think you were sent to train pappy patience :P

Pappy is also the laundryman of the house. He would without any complains do the washing for the family. Yeap, I know, we’ve got the washing machine but doing the washing still takes effort, with the hanging the clothes to dry, folding them and putting it into the cupboard. When you popped out, the laundry load increased so much more because pappy never stinged on the washing. Once slightly dirty, pappy will say “wash”. He didn’t want you wearing any dirty wear. Now, pappy has even tried to iron the clothes…though not rod straight, but still a good effort nonetheless :)

Pappy also fetches you from grandma’s house everyday, without fail. It must be quite tiring, driving 70km everyday, but he doesn’t mind, just so that we may spend a little more time with you each day.

He is also your dresser. He would go all bonkers everytime he steps into FOX. He moves around really fast and starts holding up clothes and imagining you in them. Before we know it, he is off to pay for it. He’s got a really weird logic that $20 is expensive for adult wear but reasonable for baby’s wear. Same logic applies to toys as well, it seems *confused*

Now at 8 months, you are beginning to show a preference for pappy when it comes to play. You seem to know that pappy stands for fun while mummy is for comfort. Every evening when we step into grandma’s house, your legs and arms will start failing about and you would break into a big grin when you see pappy. You must love him lots!

Just the other day, pappy scolded you and you know what you did, you hanged down your head and didn’t dare look at him. Then, you slowly inched your fingers towards hjs face and caressed him, as if to say "sorry". So adorable!

There are so many things I can tell you about daddy… I’m sure when you grow up, you’ll realize what a great daddy you have! In the meantime, mummy will help you wish daddy a “Happy Birthday!”


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