Oct 3, 2005

Happy 9 months, Ash!

Hi son,

9 months ago, you were brought to this world oblivious to whatever was around you. You were so small and fragile then. But you sure packed a strong pair of lungs (actually, you still do now). Life for you then was just all about cry, milk & sleep.

8 months ago, you had learnt to smile more often and melt more hearts in the process. You were looking more often to your bath times. No matter how loud your crying can get, once you are in the water, the world became a better place again, in your eyes. :)

7 months ago, you were slowly learning to lift you neck more when lying on your tummy. It was such a joy looking at you trying to make the effort to lift your neck and steal glances at us. You had also enjoyed yourself tremendously on your first cruise holiday, with us, Grandpa & Grandma and Aunty Karen.

6 months ago, we brought you for your first swimming experience. Our worries of you being afraid of the water proved unfounded. The tiny you in the float kept trying to splash the water around you, while smiling at the camera at the same time.

5 months ago, you reached 2 major milestones in your life. On the day when Mummy returned to work, you decided to flip onto your belly unassisted. The very first time! It was also the first time when you had tasted solid foods. Although it was quite a messy experience, you had taken to your rice cereal more easily than we had thought. Yes son, you ate quite a fair bit then and still do now.

4 months ago, you were becoming more and more professional in front of the camera. Everytime I want to take a picture of you , you will readily look in my direction and flash your megawatt smile. Coupled with your cheeky eyes and face, your photos never fail to light up those who are close to you.

3 months ago, you have learnt how to sit up by yourself, although you were still a bit wobbly then. Whenever you played with your toys, you would insist to sit up. And you had only one way of playing with your toys then - putting them into your mouth. I know you can't help it, because the real culprits were the bottom 2 teeth that were forcing their way out of your pinkish gums.

2 months ago, you started crawling - though not on fours yet. Your favourite game was peek-a-boo; a game best played with Grandma or Aunty Karen. You also started to recognise people, especially Grandpa whom you associate with playtime. Whenever you see him, you will smile broadly and start flapping your limbs about excitedly. No wonder you are the little precious one to all of them.

1 month ago, you were demanding more and more attention. We could never leave you alone in your playpen for long before you start bawling. Before you slept, you had the habit of climbing all over us in bed, treating us as some obstacles you had to climb over. Only when your conquests were complete, you could then drift off to sleep with a satisfied smile on your face.

Now, you are trying your best to stand on your feet, unassisted. In fact, you are able to stand on your own for a good whole 5 seconds. You are getting good at crawling, and can push yourself to a sitting position from the tummy position.

You have always been a smiley baby and although you laugh at the silliest things that we do, it always warms our hearts whenever you do. No matter how many times we wake up in the middle of the night or how many hours we spend to pacify your crying, it's all worth it.

Daddy & Mummy love you, Ash.


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Anonymous said...

Ashton's parents are so creative. Like the collage. Have thought of doing one for Ainsley but wanted to wait till she's one year then will have the whole 12 months. :)

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