Oct 6, 2005

I love to read...

...my storybooks. :)

Well, OKAY OKAY... technically speaking I can't read yet. So I just love to look at the colourful pictures in my storybooks! :)

My storybooks are very interactive... some have flaps which I can flip open to reveal hidden pictures; while some have flaps which I can pull to see pictures pop out... There's even one book which has a squeaky hippo! Hee hee... So very fun!

YAY! It's reading time again... Me happy like bird! Haha...

That's me with my 'current-flavour-of-the-month' book!!! I gotta read it at least once a day you know... :p

It's a touchy feely book that allows me to feel the different texture. My fav page has got to be the last page where I get to touch the furry ears of the bear... see my fingers in the pic below :)

There was one morning last weekend where I actually woke up the earliest; Daddy & Mummy were still snoring away. Hee hee... And I just picked up my book at the side of the book and flipped the pages! Then I just started talking to the pictures in my book. Think Daddy & Mummy were peeping at me, but they just bochup me and let me do my own thing.

Ok ok ok... Cannot talk now...must tak chek liao... hee.

Mummy Ash rambles:

I've always loved reading since young... One of most vivid childhood memories has got to be the time spent reading story books at a second-hand bookshop at East Coast hawker centre while waiting for my mum to pick me up. The, we'll lug back loads of enid blyton, secret seven, famous five, nancy drew, hardy boys, sweet valley twins. sweet valley high...Although I must admit, as I get older, esp after starting work, the only books I read are trashy romantic novels.... hehe, but that's besides the point.

I always believe that the love for knowledge and learning stems from the love for reading. That is one of the basic buiding blocks for acquiring knowledge. So, since Ash was a small bb, I've always tried to introduce books to him. At first, it was quite discouraging cos he seemed disinterested and restless. But progressively, we saw improvement in him. So happy, now he can sit still and let me finish a book. He can even anticipate where the pop-ups, flaps, texture will appear in each page... hehe, so proud of him :)

For interested mummies, some local sites to get bb books:



Okay, here's something totally unrelated to books...

Just the other day when we were out shopping, Daddy just had to let me try this cap...

AIYOH EH!!! Why like that?!?!?

Look like char-boh right? Hmph!
Me think Daddy must be wanting a daughter badly leh...

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