Oct 14, 2005

Things I can now do

Let's see some of the stuff that I'm able to do now...

1. Stand up on my own for slightly more than 10 seconds.
2. Cruise along my playpen edge.
3. Roll off the bed and bump my head on the floor.
4. Climb back onto the bed.
5. Go down the bed - head first. Again.
6. Scream loudly.
7. Make small talk by babbling (But nobody understands me!).
8. Go "Mumm-mumm-mumm..." when I'm eating.
9. Look at the fan when Grandma says "Fan"; among other things too.
10. Play hide-and-seek with Aunty Karen on my walker.
11. Wave bye-bye (only when I'm in the mood :P).
12. Pick up a ball and roll it to someone.
13. Look away when I'm being scolded.
14. Play with Baileys by pulling out his hair & kiap his nose stroking him.
15. Drive Daddy & Mummy crazy by crawling all over them in bed.

That's a pretty neat list, don't you think?

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