Oct 16, 2005

The zoo

Yesterday was my first visit to the ZOO! Daddy & Mummy had told me lots of things about the zoo and I was so excited to go there and see all the animals for myself. Mummy and I went with Aunt Maddy and Aunt Mala; Daddy didn't go with us 'cos he got work to do. :(

Nevermind lah, Daddy, I go once already lao-jiao liao, next time I can go with you and tell you about the exhibits there. Hee hee...

Before we went for our excursion, Aunt Maddy gave this 'little devil' headband (plus a T-shirt) to me.

Aiyoh eh, make my head so itchy only... But for the sake of entertainment and the camera, I agreed to wear it lor...so that these moments can captured digitally...haiz... See the sacrifices I make for the amusement of adults? :P

But I must say I look quite cute hor? HAHAHA...

Soon, we were off to the zoo! Yippee!

Finally reached!

But the adults wanted me to wear my headband IN THE ZOO. PIANGZ! So malu leh! So I secretly took it off when they were busy taking their stuff from the car...hee hee hee...

And so begins my zoo adventure, with my trusted personal bodyguard in tow. Hahaha... :)

Wah...the zoo is a really nice place! Got so many animals...some 4 legs one, some 2 legs one... But I don't know most of the animals' names now leh...so can only show you the pictures... paiseh ah. :P

AHH! I know this one!!! He's called AH MENG. I remember because Daddy's dialect name also got one 'meng' word one... Maybe I'll call him Daddy Ah Meng next time. HAHAHAHA... Ehh... Cannot lah... if he besar orangutan, then means I kecil orangutan lah... Eee, I dowan I dowan...

Think Ah Meng found some lice in Mummy's hair; so he's busy taking them out for her. Hee hee hee...

Fwah, all these sightseeing has got me so excited. I was really in a good mood and smiling most of the time. Yes yes, I know it's not that difficult to make me smile lah; just whip out a camera can liao... heh.

See animals also can get boring after a while; especially for such a hyper kid like me. :p So I was pleasantly surprised to find a playground! YAY! Aunt Mala (aka PBG or Personal BodyGuard) was tasked to put me on this roller slide. It was pretty alright but as you can see from the pictures, I wasn't too impressed with it. Hee...

Next up, a place filled with colourful balls. When Mummy put me down into the sea of balls, I was pretty shocked and had that 'shocked' look throughout the time I was in there as you can see from the photos below. Hahaha... I also don't know why leh... Maybe it's because I'm afraid I'll drown in there.

I was planning to 'kope' a green ball home you know. Yep, the one that I'm holding in my hands below. But Mummy took it from me and threw it back into the playarea although I was protesting that I was bringing it back as a souvenir for Daddy. Honest! :P

All these activities finally took a toll on me and when I reached the chimpanzee enclosure, I was fast asleep liao... Hee...

Oops, zao geng!

Speaking of sleep, I've to go and koon too. My short stubby fingers are getting tired from all the typing liao. Will continue with the rest of my zoo adventure tomorrow.

Find out what happens when I'm picked up by an older girl (yea, quite chio lah) in the zoo! By an ang moh girl somemore ah! Hee hee... And also what happens when I go for my first ride in a swing. See ya people tomorrow! :)

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