Nov 3, 2005

Ashton & the voyage to Bangkok: Vol. 1

Finally, THE day has arrived.

I was to embark on my very first maiden flight voyage to the Land of Smiles. Actually hor, I think Mummy is so much more excited than me lah 'cos of the shopping lor...Hahaha...

We had to wake up really really early because our flight was at 8.25am. Not that I mind of course, since I was usually up at about 6am. :) Reached the airport at about 6.50am and it's off to check-in. There was a queue so I entertained myself on the trolley. Hee...

Check-in was quite swift and soon we were in the departure lounge, waiting for boarding. Daddy & Mummy took the chance to have their breakfast at Macs and I got to try some hotcakes too! Yummy!

And I also got a Snoopy Toy too, courtesy of Daddy who had a Happy Meal. Haha...The toy not bad lah, it kept me busy for a grand total of 5 minutes! Considered quite good already hor...

The departure lounge was quite a nice place to bum around, while watching planes take off and land.

And there was even a playground there for me to play! Wee Hoo!!!

I love the big big car the best! 'Cos I can turn the steering wheel right and left...very fun!

There were also some gigantic colourful balls where I can spin them. I dunno what they are for leh... they looked like some big candy balls but it felt hard and tasted bland when I licked them leh. Mummy later told me that they are used for counting. Ahh... I see I see...

See? Me having fun with the bola bola...

Soon it was time to board the plane! So exciting!

Wah, being a baby really has its privileges you know... Daddy, Mummy & me got to go onto the plane first! All because of me! Hahaha... So anyway, since it was a budget airline and hence, free seating onboard, we got to choose the front row of seats. It had more leg room space for all of us, especially Daddy's fat legs.

Daddy & Mummy had inititally hoped that I would fall asleep throughout the flight. HAH! First time on plane leh... how can koon??? Heh... So I was WIDE AWAKE throughout the flight. Heng there were enough things to keep me entertained.

One of which was the seat belt buckle. :P

I simply enjoyed playing with the buckle, which came as a relief to Daddy & Mummy 'cos it kept me busy for quite some time. Hahaha...

There were also these 2 air stewardess who kept making eyes at me leh... make me so shy only. Hee hee. But they were quite nice lah, making me laugh and playing with me.

2+ hours on the plane passed by pretty fast (for me). And we were in Bangkok! And it marks the beginning of Mummy's shopping spree... Heh.

To be con't... :)

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