Nov 30, 2005

Montage Madness

Daddy went bonkers with his cam when we had our lunch at Coffee Club last week. And here's the result. :)

As usual, I had to make do with my own Gerber puffs (my fave flavour is the strawberry-apple one by the way) and the occasional bread crumbs from Mummy.

But at least I had the waiters and waitresses to keep me company. I think I not paiseh wan, anybody also can play with me. Hahaha... so there I was, smiling and laughing at them whenever they make funny faces at me. But these adults kind of funny also lah, make funny faces 1 time or 2 times I still will smile lah. But too many times of course I don't find it funny liao mah... *roll eyes* :P

Daddy reckons that instead of us having to pay for the 10% sevice charge at the restaurant, they'll have to pay me instead! Since I kept the people there entertained and made them happy... HAHAHA...

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