Dec 27, 2005

Happy like bird!

Yep people, I'm BACK! From my 2 day birthday celebrations that is. :)

It's been really fun, but I also think that it had been tiring for my Daddy & Mummy too. Oh well, it's my celebration anyway so I can't be the one doing ALL the work hor? Hahaha...

We took lots and lots of photos but I think I must give some time to Daddy for him to compile them and write the entries for the blog first. Cannot be too kancheong and hurry him too much lah, sekali he never return my angpow money then cham liao lah...Hee. So in the meantime, here are just 2 photos from my chalet getaway over the Christmas weekend!

And oh yes, I received loads of prezzies too! Gotta go and play with them now...Heh.

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Dylan and Evans said...

Hi Ashton. Happy Belated Bday. Can you ask your mummy where to buy the poster "The Party's here" please. Thanks!

Cheekiemonkies said...


We got the banner at a shop at The Concourse, at Beach Road.

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