Dec 10, 2005

Look what came in the mail...

Fierce or not? I like this jeep leh, but I think green colour more rugged. But Daddy said I too young to drive lah.

So I sent an email to this jeep company to ask them why they so unfriendly one, never make smaller jeeps for babies like me. So that we can also zip around mah...

And so 1 week later...


HAHAHA...not bad huh? My very own jeep! And green colour somemore leh!


Okay, just kidding.

Truth is, I got this from the M&M's Aunties. Hee hee... Details will be up soon lah, 'cos now very late already. Today had been a very busy day for me; went to test-drive my new jeep, went to a pre-Christmas party and also went to snip my hair! Better go park my jeep properly and go koon. I'll promise to update soon, with photos of course! :)

Email to a friend


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashton, super kewl jeep man. Am sure it will be a chick-magnet.
Any idea where your aunties ordered it from?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hee hee...thanks! Yes, I'm hoping the jeep will attract me some chicks. :p

I think they got it from Toys 'R' Us.

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