Jan 24, 2006

Ainsley turns one!

Last Saturday was Baby Ainsley's one year old Birthday Party and I was invited! Of course Daddy & Mummy too lah; if not how I go? Haha...

Her house was decorated so prettily; with little butterfly cut-outs hanging from the ceiling. There were other babies there too; but I soon realised that I was the only boy there. How shiok is that??? Hee...4 pretty girls for me to choose from! :P

Well, not that the girls were able to totally distract me from the other temptation - food - of course. Which, as Daddy & mummy would tell me later, was very very yummy! Too bad I only sampled the tea leaf egg, baked rice and Ainsley's birthday cake. *burp*

After filling my tummy, I decided to play with balloons - to Mummy's dismay. HAHAHA... So I went around the house chasing after the colourful balloons but that got a bit tiring after a while. So I decided to try my hand at blowing balloons. So I just put the balloon in my mouth and waited for it to grow big. But it never did leh.

Then I tried to make small talk with Baby Jolene.

Acutally, I was more interested in her chain around her ankle lah, so I was trying to distract her. But that too failed. :P

What's a birthday party without a group shot of all of us babies right? But it sure was tough work for the adults trying to put all of us at one single place. Heh heh...

Well, not surprisingly, I was the only one looking at the camera. HAHAHA...

It was really a fun birthday party! Lots of food, balloons and babies - a sure way to have a fun-filled (& tiring) party! :)

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