Jan 6, 2006

*koff koff* *sniff sniff*


I'm sick.

Actually I have the running nose and cough since the beginning the week. But though it's better now, it still continues to bug me leh. Haiz...

Worse thing is Daddy & Mummy also kena from me. Mummy got the runnies and cough too, while Daddy got a slight cough. So that explains the lack of pictures & updates here. :P

Daddy & Mummy say the most jialat is when a baby gets sick, 'cos that's when the baby gets cranky, and also very uncomfortable especially at night. Take one night for example, I couldn't get to sleep til about 1am! And after I finally slept, I kept waking up every 20 minutes because of my cough. Poor thing hor?

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal by this weekend; so that I can play with my new toys again! :)

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