Feb 12, 2006


Me got a slight fever. Haiz... But I think it's coming down gradually liao. The last I took my temperature in the evening, it was more or less normal. But Daddy & Mummy said must still monitor in the middle of the night.

Anyway, today's the cheena Valentine's Day! And heng I got foresight, told Daddy & Mummy to bring me to that River Hongbao last weekend liao. If not, this week kena fever confirm cannot go ah... :P

So here are the belated photos from last weekend...

There were so many people there! All taller than me somemore ah; so I gotta strain my neck to see some of the lightings. Hmph, wait til I grow taller next year!

There was this giant Cai Shen Ye (or God of Fortune) there too and it was confirm way way taller than me. Hahaha... But I saw something funny; it wasn't raining but many people were holding up their umbrellas high up in the sky leh. Not only that, the umbrellas were upside-down somemore! Very very strange...

Anyway, I bochap lah 'cos I wanna take a photo with my fellow monkeys nearby. Hee hee... but something was distracting me by the side. I think it was a little mei-mei. Quite chio somemore you know... HAHAHA.... :P

Oh, soon it was time for the highlight of the evening! The FIREWORKS!

It was my first time seeing these bright specks in the sky and boy, was I mesmerized by them! Even when Mummy wanted to take a photo of me with the fireworks in the background, I bo hiew her lah. Heh heh...

The fireworks were really very pretty; like huge flowers in the sky. My eyes were fixed upon the fireworks ALL the time and I kept pointing my finger at them.

So nice and colourful hor? Pity it only lasted for a few minutes. And when it was over, I did my 'no-more' hand gestures thingy... just to show my disappointment. Hee hee... Oh well, but my sources tell me there'll be another fireworks display come August. For what I dunno lah, but you can bet I'll psycho Daddy & Mummy to bring me to see again. :)

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