Feb 19, 2006

Breakfast & Borders

Today, Daddy & Mummy decided to have something different for breakfast.

Yep, so we went to Swensen's for some yummy breakfast! I heard their ice-cream also not bad leh, but too bad it was too early lah. Daddy took lots of photos (hardly surprising); in fact he took a total of 55 photos! Just for breakfast?!?!??? Hee...

So since got so many photos, then I save my energy and don't type so much liao. You all just see the pictures can liao hor? Hahahaha... And remember, if your computer is slow in loading the photos, it's my DADDY'S FAULT! :P

HAR? What do you mean you never order anything for me again??? How can like that?!?!

HMPH! Bochup both of you liao lar!

Nvm, I got my own Gerber puffs can already...

But in the end, when the food came, of course I had my share to makan too! Hahaha... And it was quite sedap! The pancakes and scrambled eggs were good; at least to me lah. Maybe that's because I hardly eat these so-called adult food. Heh... Everytime when I swallowed my mouthful of food, I would tug at Daddy's hand to signal that my next mouthful is due liao. You see I so nice ah; prevent Daddy from eating too much! HAHAHA...

And halfway through the meal, one kind (& pretty!) waitress passed me this balloon thingy. I think it was shaped like a dog lah, but I left see, right see; also don't look like Baileys leh. *shrugs*

As with all my other toys, I began my 2-step QC process. First, to check its durability, I had to shake it violently. Second, it's the mandatory taste test. But as soon as I tried to put the balloon into my mouth, Daddy snatched it away. How very rude!

Of course, I grew bored with it after a while and felt like getting down from my baby chair liao. I need to walk mah, 'cos must digest the food. Hee... Lucky for Daddy & Mummy, they were also just about done.

Once we stepped out of the restaurant, 2 kiddie rides caught my eye! To the Batmobile - and the Bananas in Pyjamas rides!

But Daddy & Mummy cheapskate lah; only let me sit inside shiok shiok a bit niah. Also never put any money in; in the end, I had to shake my body in a bid to try to get the machine to move ah... So malu. :P

Bye bye my friends! Here's a good bye kiss...MUACK! Cya again soon!

Then in the late afternoon, we went Borders to jalan-jalan. Wah, so many people there! A lot of people were sitting on the floor, reading books. And I thought that Daddy & Mummy were the only cheapskate ones. HAHAHA...

So Daddy & Mummy just plonked me down somewhere in the children's section and got me some books to read.

And I was pretty obedient you know. I just sat there quietly on my own, and flipping the books that Daddy put onto my lap while Mummy was busy looking for books to buy for me.

There were these 2 older girls seated behind me who started to make small talk with me. Hee hee... The elder one was pretty nice; she took this Winnie the Pooh book, started flipping the pages in front of me and tried telling me the story. But you know what I did? I took the book from her and closed it! HAHAHA... yes yes, I very rude. :P

In the end, Mummy only bought 1 book for me - some scratch'n'sniff book. She told me she'll read it to me tonight when we get home. Ohh... I can't wait!!!

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Sharwyn and Shaynnen said...

ashton didi, you shld ask ur daddy/mummy to bring you to Cafe Cartel @ Bishan for breakfast. Really se-dap...and best of all, got free flow bread for us....tik my daddy oso says got free Straits Time to bring home leh. Remember is before 11am on weekends only.

Cheekiemonkies said...

wah, really ah! okok, me gotta go there and try someday too! I have no need for newspapers leh; I also dun know how to read yet. So if got free magazines or toys to take home, lagi best ah!

Anonymous said...

Where is Cafe Cartel @ Bishan located?

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