Feb 9, 2006

Happy Birthday Ku-jie!

Today is my ku-jie's birthday!!!

I love my ku-jie a lot you know; 'cos she plays with me everytime. Hee hee... Whenever she comes back from work, I'll be so happy to see her and will follow her to her room. Then when she bathes, I'll wait in front of the bathroom door; just so that she can play with me once she's done. Hahaha...

I also like to play hide-n-seek with her, especially when she hides behind the sofa. Erm, 'cos probably that's the only place I know to search for now. Hee... But no fair lah, 'cos everytime she chases me, I confirm lose wan. :P

Ku-jie also buys me many many toys!!! My recent toy from her is this cooking set, complete with a stove, frying pan and fake egg & chicken. So now I know how to cook liao, and also lick my lips when I'm 'frying' the egg. Hahaha... so fun! :)

So, have a happy happy happy birthday, ku-jie!

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