Apr 3, 2006


Over the weekend, Mummy & I made this! :)

Nice boh? Hee hee... Actually I just helped Mummy to tear the crepe paper into tiny pieces, while Mummy was in charge of sticking them onto the paper. Hmmm... this thing called glue is such a fascinating invention you know. Everytime when Mummy was sticking the paper bits onto the paper, I happily just tried taking them out again. WAHAHAHA...just so that I can get my hands sticky. Hee hee...

Of course I also have my Arts'n'Craft sessions at Ma-ma's house too! I have big pieces of mahjong paper there and 1 box of giant crayons for me to draw with. But I can't draw beautiful pictures now lah, unless you consider colourful worms as masterpieces. :P

So I also need Ku-jie's & Ma-ma's help in my drawing session. Wah, they so solid...can draw so many things other than my tiny miserable worms; like triangles, circles, flowers and many many more!

Better admire my masterpiece now ah, sekali next time become valuable, then got money also can buy already. HAHAHA...

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