May 24, 2006

Full Moon Party!

On Sunday, we went to a manyue celebration for Baby Brandon. He's the newest addition to the family of Daddy's & Mummy's good friends and we, together with other friends, went to celebrate his full moon baby party. Yay, got another di-di to play with me liao!

But before we left, the usual routine applies... I must pose for Daddy in my new clothes for the camera first. But I think I was more interested in pushing the sliding door. kekeke...

Here's Baby Brandon! So cute hor? Just like ME!!! :)

He slept through most of the time when we were there. Darn, maybe next time then I can get a chance to play with him. But I got sayang him! Hee hee...

Then after along the way home, I got inspired by Baby Brandon amazing sleeping skills... So I also do the same lor...

...but with the milk bottle still stuck to my mouth. :P

Haiz, so unglam right??!?!?!?

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