May 19, 2006

Kiddie Rides...I LIKE!!!

Nowadays, this kiddie ride thingy bug has gotten to me.

Whenever I see one at a shopping mall, I'll signal to Daddy or Mummy that I want to ride in it.

But lucky thing I will be contented to just sit in it. No need to put any coins in it to make it move lah; nowadays it's quite expensive you know...either 50c or 1 buck for like 3 minutes of shiok-ness. Boh hua me toys better ah. HAHAHA...

So anyway, there was this one time when I was 'driving' in my police car; when one jie-jie deicided to hop on to join me for the ride. Hee hee... See the photo above? We were having quite a bit of fun pressing the flashing buttons in the car.

Then I got sian of driving a car; and so I decided to become a bus driver instead! Hee hee...

Kiddie rides are really fun - even though they are not moving. Hmmm...maybe next time I can go to amusement parks like Disneyland and go sit on ALL the rides liao... So exciting!!!

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