May 10, 2006

Messy Feeds

Just another for the milestone records - I can self-feed better now. In fact, I'm getting better at it everyday, though it's still a messy affair. Hee...

But I do insist on having my own spoon & fork and a bowl when I makan now. And course, some kind of food has to be in it for me to attempt to scoop. If not, I'll be really... let's just say, it's not pretty. Hahaha... And don't you adults suka suka take away my utensils before I'm done ok? I must put them down on my own accord, THEN only you can clear them. :P

Oh another thing, Ma-ma thinks I'll most probably be a lefty. 'Cos I'm using my left hand to do most of my stuff now, like feeding. Does that mean I'll probably be smart too? HAHAHAHAHA... I also dunno lah. Maybe I'll switch back to right hand later leh?

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