May 31, 2006

swim swim time again!

Yep, it was swim time again - my most favourite activity currently. After last week's fracas, where I refused to come out of the water to shower, Daddy & Mummy promised to bring me back to the pool if I was a good boy. So being the good boy I was am, here I am - back at the pool again! Woo hoo!

Yep, I need to test-test the temperature of the water b4 I take the plunge mah...

This time, I brought along my ball with me to the pool. And I had a great time throwing it all around and wading in the water to retrieve it. Something like what Baileys does too...but he doesn't do it in the water lah. He no like water...HAH! That coward... :P

And then, I did something very gross...

What happened was I accidentally gulped a mouthful of water and so I started coughing non-stop. As I coughed and coughed and coughed, I suddenly felt the irrepressible urge to throw up. So YES, I vomitted.

In. The. Pool.

Into the Water.


But it was only a small mouthful lah; not the merlion-always-non-stop-forever-flowing kind. So it was quickly diluted away by the water. Heng nobody saw ah...erm, I like to think that nobody saw lah... HAHAHAHA.... And then I just happily continued my wading and ball-throwing. Hee hee...

So except for that tiny episode, it was a nice day out for swimming. Sun wasn't too scorching, clouds were out in full force, so yep... I had a great time once again. And this time, I followed Daddy out of the pool willingly to the shower room. So guai right? I also say... :)

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