Jul 29, 2006

At long last! My 2nd time to school!

Finally! After an agonising 2 weeks of no-show, I'm back for my weekly lessons at Pat's Schoolhouse. Today only got one of my kaki, Timothy, attend as well 'cos my the other friend, Dylan, go jiak hong. Good life eh? :)

Today's main topic was about wheels... those round things found at the bottom of cars, buses, bikes... you get the idea lah.

And I particularly took fancy to this nice little bus toy, and I hogged it ALL the time. Until Daddy had to peel it away from so that other kids could play with it as well. At least my teacher, Miss Phobe, said I was a good boy 'cos I shared the toy. But I never tell her is my Daddy take away from me wan. Hee...

Then we had a storytelling session called 'The wheels on the bus', complete with the famous song that everyone with kids should know by now. Hahaha... I only sat still to listen for a grand total of 1 minute though. Then I was up and about, walking around the classroom. Somehow, I found myself drawn towards the tables 'cos there were toy cars on them. Yea, lame excuse I know. :P

It turned out that the toy cars were to serve a purpose for our arts and craft session. We were also given bright colourful paints and we were supposed to dip the wheels of the car into the paint and roll the car along the black paper in front of us. Something like this lah...

Racing toy cars & bright paints; a potent & fun combo! I like! Hee hee... So how's my masterpiece? Soleed or not? Daddy even made me leave my thumbprint at the corner of my artwork ah. Hahaha... so boliao right. Not say can sell at ebay. Heh.

Teabreak time was next! And today we had some kueh-kuehs and milo... yummy! And this time, the adults lagi jialat... got nothing to eat or drink! Hahaha... but I very guai lah, got share my kueh with Daddy & Mummy. I scared I eat too full, later will doze off at the music & movement session lah.

The music session was good; I responded much better this time compared to the previous one. At least this time, Daddy didn't have to carry me and dance with me. *cringe* I just held onto his hand and we skipped, marched, danced and tip-toed around the room.

Then my fave session as next - playground time! Hehe... and this time, we even had bubbles!

I also went on the slide many many many times, although I still can't climb onto one by myself yet. But who cares... coming down part is the most shiok part anyway. :P

Timo & me! Both of us had just recovered... and both of us also lost kind a fair bit of weight. But never mind lah, we both still look yandao right??? Hee...

Can't wait for next Saturday again! :)

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vi said...

Congrats!! Have not visited your blog for a while. Just found out u r expecting no. 2! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

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