Jul 11, 2006

Happiness & Sleepiness

Last night, I went to Uncle Gerald's & Aunty Yvonne's Wedding Dinner at the Marriot hotel; which actually was the first time that I've been to one ever since I learnt how to walk (and make a nuisance of myself too).

And so when we arrived, I was in high spirits and started to wander about nearly everywhere. The stage was especially interesting and I had great fun climbing up and down the stairs, on and off the stage. Yes, remember I'm Ash-buay-paiseh-ton? Hee hee...

Other times when the stage was unavailable, I resorted to using chopsticks to make music with the delicate china bowls. But the adults were not exactly too impressed with my kind of music, so they confiscated my chopsticks. Bummer.

At least this time, I can eat some of the dinner food liao! So it served as a distraction for me. But not for too long lah... 'cos as the night wore on, I became more and more sleepy... and cranky too... Cranky means must carry... so I was passed around from adult to adult for the remaining of the night. :P

Congratulations Uncle Gerald & Aunty Yvonne! Hope that I'll have more playmates soon yah? *wink*

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