Jul 18, 2006

Terok news!

My cough doesn't seem to be letting up, so off I go to the doctor at TMC again. Haiz... Doc said the phelgm in my lungs is quite bad, so TEROK News #1: I've got to undergo something called the ventolin nebulisation! ARGHH!!! I hated it so much; especially the stupid mask covering my nose and mouth. Heng only need to put there for 8-10 mins only... 'cos I was wailing and screaming away.

But Daddy just bochup me and placed it over my face while Ma-ma pinned my hands down. See already also heart pain. Daddy said lucky Mummy not there ah... if not, confirm she cry along with me. Hahaha... I know it's for my own good lah. But then hor, after that, I didn't want Daddy to carry me... Who ask him to put the mask over my face? I donch friend him liao... must wait til he say sorry tonight first. :P

And so TEROK News #2: Doc said I can't to school this coming Saturday liao!!! Must stay home until next weekend then can go. DOUBLE ARGHH!!! I've got to miss my favourite water play session. What a total bummer.

And if that isn't enough, TEROK News #3: Daddy's digicam has konked out yesterday, and is now presently in ICU. Daddy says it'll be in there for a week or so. *sniff sniff* Jialat lah! How to take my photos??? But also good lah; since I still a bit sick... not glam to take photos. Heh heh...

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Anonymous said...

get well ashton! nice bumping into you and family yesterday. :P

Anonymous said...

thanks! nice to meet you too! :)

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