Aug 15, 2006

Kissing a baby

I must have forgotten to brush my teeth lah... :P

Daddy & Mummy have finally let me carry di-di in my strong masculine arms! But I must sit on the bed while carrying him though... Oh well, better than nothing hor...

And the verdict?

I simply adore carrying him! He's so nice and cute to hold them in my arms - just like a toy doll. Hee hee... But seriously, I love to carry him, while stroking him at the same time. And when Mummy asked me to kiss di-di, I did it without any hesitation - many times in fact! :)

So how can you tell I'm obsessed with carrying di-di?

Well, I refuse to let Daddy or Mummy take him away from me! ROARRR! Hands off! Nobody comes between me and my di-di... so when Daddy or Mummy tries to carry him away from me, I just clutch di-di really really tight and refuse to let go! Hahaha...

But in the end, I still relent lah... 'cos they very clever... entice me with my current fave - Elmo's World VCD. So I just happily let go and go watch my show lor... Yah, I'm hopeless. :P

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