Sep 18, 2006

di-di & me... best of buddies!

Here are just some more random pictures of me and di-di taken quite sometime back...

So far, Daddy & Mummy are pretty pleased with the way I'm taking to di-di.

Well.... other than the fact that I tend to shake the playpen sometimes when di-di is sleeping inside ('cos I wanna touch and sayang him mah). And also the fact that I can't really gauge my own strength yet, and will sometimes give a harder than normal pat onto di-di's stomach. Oh, and also the additional fact that I will sometimes scream at the top of my voice for no apparent reason (actually it's because I'm happy :)) when di-di is peacefully sleeping in the room.

Yup. So really, Daddy & Mummy are pretty pleased with me.


I'm really enjoying my role as a kor-kor. A kaypoh kor-kor actually. 'Cos I wanna be involved when di-di's bathing, feeding, playing, poopoo-ing... erm, ignore the last bit there. But best of all, I love to wake up every morning and say a big 'Morning!' to di-di and stroke his tummy!

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ling said...


I really enjoy the pix you take for your boys... Really very well taken..

May I check which camera are you using as well? HEHE :D

Cheekiemonkies said...

thanks! :)

My daddy's using a 3 year old digicam... Canon A80 i'm told.

Ashjumummy said...

Hi Ashton!

My mummy call me Ash too cos my name is Ashley =) Mummy occasionally will come to your blog. Last time when she 1st came here, she find both of us quite alike, maybe our name is alike. hee.

Btw, these pics are v arty. Ur daddy did a great job! You guys quite look alike leh. Happy Gor Gorhood! =)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hahaha.... thanks Ashley! :)

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