Sep 15, 2006

My new pets!

Let us all welcome the 2 newest additions to the family!

Technically, they should be called terrapins... but tortoise is the name I associate them with. For now.

Anyway, I love them to bits. For now. Too. Hee hee... Every morning when I wake up, I'll run outside to the living room and greet them 'Good Morning!'. Then in the afternoon, Daddy will also let me feed them with tiny pellets.

But there's something very odd about them.

Sometimes I can see their heads. But sometimes I can only see the shells leh. And that's when I'll go at my loudest voice and say 'EHH???' :P

Oh well, donch talk about them liao... talk about myself.

Recently, Mummy had been letting me try self-feeding more and more often. And here's ample proof why I STILL need MORE practice.

Hmmm... my yoghurt looks pretty appetising don't you think? Feeling hungry yet? Hahaha...

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