Oct 7, 2006

Outing with Daddy

Yesterday afternoon, Mummy was granted her time off and so, off she went to yum cha with her friends together with di-di. And me? I was stuck with Daddy lor... hee hee.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining lah. Not when I get to go gai-gai again! And after some serious discussion, we decided to do something very touristy...

We went to the Esplanade to look at the Merlion - I think hor, he's one confusing poor fella, always wondering whether he's a lion or a fish - and also to take a little walk by the sea.

Besides jalan jalan, Daddy confirm will take lots of photos of me too. And he decided to teach me one pose that he often used while taking photos when he was little. A pose he said is a sure-fire way to attract the babes...


Yah, that's Daddy in the above photo. Wah, the pose is erm... super retro can. Hahaha... But never mind lah, since Daddy asked me to do it, I do it lor.

How's that huh? Macho or not?

Think I sure look cuter than Daddy lah. Hee hee... And since I had already gotten started in posing with my fingers, I couldn't stop! :P

Next, we took a leisurely stroll to where the Merlion was doing the stuff he does best. And I could only stand and look on in awe...

Now I know what Daddy or Mummy meant when they say I sometimes do a merlion, after my meals. Heh.

After a while, my legs were getting tired from all the walking. Daddy said I must stepped on some lemon, 'cos my legs very suan. Biangz, so corny lor... Anyway, to take a rest, I did what all self-respecting ah bengs will do.


But I still need to find time to pose for photos of course... :)

It was fun just standing by the sea and watch the small boats go by. I even started waving at the people on the boats, and some actually waved back! Make me so happy only...hee hee...

Mummy's favourite photos above; especially the second one. She said I smiled so sweetly; her teh si no need add sugar once she saw my picture liao. Of course lah, I ALWAYS look so sweet what. Hahaha...

Speaking of sweet, it was time for a rest. And since Daddy promised me a treat, I had ice-cream!

That's me, having a go at my beloved ice cream while on the steps of Marina Square. And boy, did I absolutely enjoy it.

The ice cream melted at a faster rate than I could lick it though. But as you can see, I was already trying my best to keep up with my ice cream...

Seeing the mess I was creating, Daddy offered his help. I nodded and suddenly, my ice cream just disappeared into his mouth. Just like that! Haiz...kena conned.

See, that was all that's left of my ice cream. Hahaha... but it was still enough for me lah. :P

Time for one last kawaii pose of the day! Hee...

Soon, it was time to go pick Mummy up and I stuffed the remaining cone into Daddy's mouth. It was a fun outing once again and I shall eagerly look forward to my next ice cream cone outing with Daddy!

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