Nov 7, 2006

Back to work

Today's the day that Mummy's long holiday has finally come to an end. Yep, Mummy's going back to work today... so that she can buy more toys for me. :P

Me know Mummy will miss di-di and me more now, so I'll be an angel and post some of di-di's photos here to let her see... :)

Di-di's neck is getting pretty strong now; so whenever it's time for his tummy time, I'll also love to kaypoh and lie on my tummy as well. Hee hee... must encourage di-di mah. That's one of my many copycat acts nowadays.

One of my other copycat acts include lifting up my shirt and placing my soft toy doggie to my chest. Why ah? 'Cos I always see Mummy breastfeed di-di lor... So I also follow. Simple as that. :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following your blog everyday! You simply have the most adorable kids. I really love their smiles and they can influence a reader like me to smile as well.

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