Nov 18, 2006

Of trains, sushi & ice cream

Today was back to school once again and of course, I was elated to see my buddies, Dylan & Timothy, again!

Usual stuff at school; but I have to say that I enjoyed the painting session the most! :)

Then in the evening, as Mummy wasn't feeling too well, Daddy decided to bring me out to gai-gai so as to let Mummy have a good rest.

Since I'm currently in my 'train' phase, Daddy decided to bring me to Changi Airport, so that I can sit the Skytrain until my bum pichar. Somemore free one ah... Hahaha, so cheapo... but I like!

Dinner was first duly settled at Sakae Sushi. Which I have to add, I was an absolute angel while Daddy was having his meal. Hee hee... Of course, I had my usual fillings of chawanmushi, fried tofu and also an Ashton's First - the Handroll!

I must have thought the handroll was some form of ice cream too, 'cos I licked at it initially. Ok lor, so I suaku. But hey, I got it right in the end and I was relishing my jap nasi with the occasional cucumber shreds. Shiok I tell you...

I went on the Skytrain next; and we went to and fro the 2 terminals not once but twice! Hahaha... I like sitting trains mah. And since I didn't make Daddy choke on his dinner and was such a good boy just now, I got an extra free treat thrown in - ice cream!

And in ever-continuing role as a good boy, I decided not to let Daddy pile on the extra kilos and so finished more than half of the ice cream. Hee hee... It was yummy! Hmmm... we must do this again some other time. Daddy onz boh?

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