Dec 27, 2006

Christmas Day walkabout

On Christmas Day, we all went to jalan-jalan at the mammoth shopping mall - Vivo City. It was a sensible decision, with all the downpours that we have been having so far.

Actually it was more for the huge spaces for me to run about lah. Hahaha...

Look like model or not? Heh. I think I look quite hip. :P

Then in one of the shops, I tried my hands on this smart-looking cap.

Mummy said I look good in that. But too bad I don't like to keep my caps on my head for too long. I keep taking them off and putting them off. Many times.

Oh well, at least Daddy caught me wearing a cap on camera. Hahaha...

It was just a short window shopping trip lah; we didn't buy anything significant. It was just the adults' ploy to get me out of the house so as to let me expend my energy. Ok lah, I can't complain.

Yah lor, Daddy copied my dressing. Wonder how he managed to stretch a tee similar like mine to fit him???

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