Feb 3, 2007

Colourful & Crowded Chinatown

Ang Pow time is coming! So Daddy & Mummy brought di-di and me down to Chinatown at night to soak in the atmosphere, and also soaking in sweat too. Haha...

There were loads of people who had the same idea as us, so it was elbow-to-elbow and face-to-armpit stuff. Heh. Ok lah, I exaggerated. But you get the picture lah. Still it was quite packed but what's the spirit of Chinese New Year without the usual throngs of people, bustling activity of stalls and colourful decorations right?

It was definitely an eye-opener for me. 'cos I still couldn't appreciate the sights and sounds much when Daddy brought me here last year. So this time I was straining my neck just to look at the lighting decorations above my head. And di-di? He just slept through it all. Hee hee...

Then we came to this shop that was selling one of my current fave CNY goodies - kueh bulu! I just love eating it and I just had to get my hands on it. Only $2 per packet leh... cheap cheap!

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Anonymous said...

hey ashton!

any idea where to get crispy-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside kueh bulu?

it's one of my favs too but i dunno where to get it =(

Cheekiemonkies said...

hi grasie_me,

hmmm....I'm not really particular abt my kueh bulus... but the one which we got at Chinatown was quite nice... slightly crispy outside but very soft & moist inside. :)

it's from this shop called 'Da Zhong Guo'.

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